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Kick it Soccer Trainer

Kick-it Soccer Trainer Review

Kick-it Soccer Trainer: Do You Want to Improve Your Shot Strength?Can you kick it? yes you can

Please answer these quick questions before you leave the page for good.

  1. Are you having trouble with how hard you can kick a soccer ball?
  2. Do you need to improve your soccer shots with your weaker foot?
  3. Are you a parent that have children kicking the ball around the house all the time?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then this Kick-it Soccer Trainer will be just the thing you are looking for

Having a powerful and controlled soccer kick will certainly improve your overall gameplay and goal scoring so it might be worth investing in one of these

Pictures used with the permission of Groth LLC

What is a Kick-it Soccer Trainer?

The kick-it trainer is a patent-pending piece of soccer training equipment that is made from a strong steel frame and cord that holds the soccer ball in place so you can practice taking shots at goal with a soccer ball to improve your power with both feet, indoors and outdoors.

Kick -it Soccer TrainerKick-it Soccer Coaching Kicking TechniqueOverview

Product Name: Kick-it Soccer Trainer

Materials: Base Unit = Hardened Tempered Steel / Sling = Braided Steel Cable Tether

Includes: Ground Screws – Soccer Ball Sling – Metal Gooseneck – Metal Base Unit

Weight: 16lbs

Dimensions: 30 in x 11 in x 4 in

Soccer Ball Included: NO But You Can Find One Right Here

Recommended: YES

Price Rating: 8/10

Overall Rating: 9/10

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Kick-it Soccer Trainer Reviewed

This Kick-It Soccer Trainer is suitable for both indoors and outdoorsTwo kick-it soccer trainers side by side

So you won’t have to worry about anything valuable getting broken like I have had in my house with a ball being kicked about

It’s very durable as the frame is made out of hardened tempered steel

And the cord sling is made out of braided steel cable tether which should last your children for quite some time.

Even though the frame is made out of steel it is unbelievably lightweight

It can easily be carried and moved around with one hand for when the noise just gets too much for you when it is being used as an indoor soccer trainer

You might want to move it further from the house when you are trying to relax!

It’s brilliant forSoccer Kicking Training Aid

  • Improving kicking strength
  • Shooting power
  • Developing the weaker foot
  • And great for both left and right-footed players

It’s also ideal for all ages that want to improve their skill and form without having to chase after the ball all the time.

Now I know what your thinking, but in all my time writing reviews I have never, ever given something a high rating if I really didn’t think it was worth it

It is only my opinion though so you might feel different

My boys love it and the only thing they don’t like is that it hasn’t got something on there to measure how hard they kick the ball!

All you have to do to use it is to place it on a flat grassed area and stick the metal pegs, which are provided, into the 3 holes on each of the legs and straight into the ground and  that will keep it securely in place

Makes a great gift and they also gift wrap it for you!

Kick-it Pros & Consa young boy about to kick the ball that is attached to the kick-it soccer trainer


  • It’s ideal for all ages so as long as they love soccer they will love this kicking trainer
  • It is very lightweight so if you need to move it around the garden or in and out of the house you will be able to do so easily
  • The frame is made from hardened tempered steel and the cord is a braided steel cable tether which makes it very durable and will take a pretty hard kick
  • Ideal for both left and right kickers so you can improve your kicking strength with your dominant foot or work on developing your weaker foot
  • Can be used both outdoors and indoors so it can still be used and you can improve your soccer kicking even on a rainy day


  • The ball isn’t on the ground completely flat so you can’t really practice taking free kicks or penalties properly but it is less than 0.25 inches, so outdoors on grass, it typically is similar to sitting on a tuft of grass, Also, if the ball did rest directly on the ground, then Kick-it would not be able to diagnose mis-hit kicks (Only a Slight Con About This Product)
  • My sons didn’t like the fact that it doesn’t measure how hard you can kick the ball but rather than see how hard you can kick it, practice hitting the ball correctly and accurately

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Heres a Couple of Quick Videos of The Kick-it Being Used

Before You Shoot Off

It really is the best soccer trainer that I have personally used in a long time so if there’s anything more you need to know about the Kick-it then ask away in the comment section and I will happily get back to you

Or if you have already got one what do you think of it?

Has it improved your child’s kicking strength?

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16 comments on “Kick it Soccer Trainer


My son is still 8 but I was wondering if this would be good for him or if he’s still too young?


not at all, this would be perfect for your son


Brilliant product. I’ve been looking for something like this to help improve my sons kicking strength. We been using one of the ball on a string and repetitive kicking. This will work much better.
Thanks for sharing.


its much better than the ball on a rope and much more durable



This looks pretty good. My football skills were always terrible, I can see how this would benefit kicking power and accuracy. With continued use, I’m sure you could train muscle memory. I like the fact that you pin it to the ground too. Does it get a bit frustrating after a while, as the ball doesn’t really travel anywhere? 


Not at all 🙂


I’ve been coaching junior soccer for longer than I care to remember and last year I came across a problem I have never encountered before. I had no left footed players in my squad at all – apart from the goalkeeper! Getting players to play on the left side of the team was a real problem and therefore a real weakness in our team. I tried lots of drills to encourage them to develop their left foot but nothing seemed to be helping.

I think something like this will really help. With kids I think having a “device” to work with helps to focus their attention on developing the skill.


That is a strange thing to happen to a soccer team but the Kick-it Trainer will soon solve your problems 🙂

Fahim Shahriar

Thank you for your article about soccer training equipment. This is a great review. It really improves kicking strength. I am a soccer lover. Actually, I used to play football a lot when I was young. But I really like this product. I will recommend to others who are in need to improve their kicking power. Thank you for the article again. 


Thanks for stopping by 🙂


When you say “braided”, what does it mean?

I am very interested with this Kick-it Soccer Trainer as my nephews are training for the national competition on Soccer in high school level here in the Philippines. Looking at the device, I am thinking about the steel that holds the Soccer ball. From what I can see, it is coated with foam. Is that what you mean with “braided steel”? I think it is important to have the steel coated with something soft that will absorb any shock if the foot of the player accidentally hit the steel.


Braided means intertwined and locked together to make it even stronger


I love it, not for me, but for my son who is always dribbling his soccer ball around the house which drives me nuts.  I am thinking of getting him this as a reward for the end of a good school year.  I have a few questions though.  You mention that it works both indoors and outdoors.  When describing setup, it mentions staking it into the ground.  I can’t do that indoors, so how can you use it indoors?  Also, again thinking on the indoor use of it, when your boys are kicking their soccer ball, does the ball ever come flying out of the harness?  If that is possible, I still really like the setup and have no problems with my son using it outdoors, but I am not sure about allowing the use indoors.  Do your kids use it indoors?  

I think it would make practice more fun and since my son doesn’t have anyone other than me to chase his balls down, he might practice longer when using the Kick It Soccer Trainer.  


The soccer ball will not come flying out if you kick it due to the very durable sling it will be kept in but as far as the indoor training with the Kick-it Trainer goes, if you need to keep it steady you can add some weights to it to stop it from moving 🙂


Awesome post. I always wanted to play soccer, but in our region soccer is not so popular as compared to other games. So, didn’t get access to any good mentors or have anyone who could play with me. 

After reading your review post on the Kick it soccer trainer, I’m much more motivated to practice the game by myself. Very much excited about it. It would be great fun in the evening. Do you think I’ll learn the game effectively through this? Do they also provide the rules of soccer game along with the product? Or, so I need to refer them from other sources? 

Thanks a lot for sharing this useful post. 


The Kick-it Soccer Trainer doesn’t come with soccer training advice but I have just the thing for you Right Here


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