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Indoor Soccer Shoes For Kids

Indoor Soccer Shoes For Kids

Indoor Soccer Shoes For Kids: Best 15 in 2019Indoor Soccer Shoes For Kids

I hope you don’t think that you can just wear any old pair of trainers to play soccer indoors, Do you?

Well, you can but you probably wouldn’t perform as well as you would like to

There is a huge range of Indoor Soccer Shoes For Kids out there

And here at shwnisports we have searched high and low to find you the best ones (in our eyes) that might even change your gameplay

What is an Indoor Soccer Shoe?

Now I don’t want to sound condescending but it’s basically a soccer cleat/boot without the studs or blades on the bottom of them

Just wearing normal trainers will be OK but proper soccer shoes for indoor would be a lot better for you

They will have a much tougher sole with a better grip than your average shoe which will give your feet better traction on the indoor facilities that you used to play on

Read About The Advantages of Them Right Here in This Post by

There are actually quite a few things to think about before buying the soccer shoes

Buying Indoor Soccer Shoes For Kids

Like I said, there are a few points to consider first, you shouldn’t just rush into buying a pair and get the first ones you see

Obviously your skill level will be the main reason you play good or bad but owning a pair that will compliment your playing style will make one hell of a difference

If you really want to improve your soccer skills you should check out this pretty cool website called where they have Training tips for Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders & Strikers

But Just Think About These, And in This Order…

1. Budget

Now it’s not always the case that the more money you spend on something the better they are so don’t go worrying that you need to spend a fortune to get a quality pair

There are some very decent soccer shoes out there at very reasonable prices so shop around first rather than just grab the first nice ones you see

2. FitA black fitted adidas soccer cleat on a players foot

Like any shoe, they obviously can’t be too big or small but with soccer shoes you shouldn’t leave an inch or so at the front for room to grow

And also, some shin guards have an ankle strap that fit around your feet so you need to take that into consideration

You want them to fit snugly around your foot like a sock would but make sure you can wiggle your toes and that they are not cutting the circulation off anywhere on your foot

I know soccer is a passion but it's not worth losing your foot by getting the wrong shoes just because they look nice #soccershoes #indoorsoccershoes Click To Tweet

Just remember though that natural leather will stretch over time and synthetic materials won’t

3. Cushioning

Look, you need proper cushioning on all your footwear but when you are running around on a hard surface like an indoor sports hall then you need to find an insole that offers you the padding and comfort that you need to prevent any injuries that you might get with indoor soccer

You could even buy extra padded insoles to add to the shoes if you wanted to

4. Flexibility

You don’t want a pair that is ridged and hard otherwise you won’t get the movement in your feet that you need to pull off those soccer skills that you are used to doing on the pitch

Find a pair that has Flex Grooves on them as that will give the shoes extra flexibility

5. Weight

With playing soccer indoors you get fewer players on the pitch at the same time so it tends to be a more past paced game so having a lightweight shoe will make all the difference to your speed of play

Most indoor boots are very lightweight and feel like you are just wearing a pair of socks

6. BreathabilityPair of old blue soccer cleats with blue plasters on them

Being indoors playing soccer will probably be warmer than playing outside and of course your feet will get sweaty so having a pair that has air holes would be much better for you in the long run

Just think about that sweat ruining the material of the shoes and how much longer you could keep them if your feet sweat less

7. Design

This should be the least of your worries but we all know what kids are like when it comes to designer labels

Some shoes will be designed a certain way to improve performance so don’t totally rule out the look of them altogether

There are 3 basic designs for indoor soccer shoes which are…

  1. Low Top – Having low top shoes has both pros and cons for soccer. The pros are that you will have a wider range of movement for your feet but the cons are that you won’t have any ankle protection so you might be more prone to injuries.
  2. Mid Top – Mid Tops are not as protective as the high tops for your ankles but you will still get some protection and a very good movement with your feet which is quite important if you play indoor soccer.
  3. High Top – Now I’m not saying that you won’t be able to move in these but that extra ankle protection is going to do you the world of good and also probably give you a bit more confidence in those twists and turns you pull off when you use those soccer skills that you “think” you have.

8. Upper Material

You probably just want a soccer shoe that looks the best and not care what its made of but in a matter of fact what the upper material is made of some very different material and what you want from you gameplay can really change depending on the upper material that you have

Just Take a Look at The Different Materials You Have to Chose From…

  • Natural Leather – Light and thin as a material but very durable nonetheless.
  • Genuine Leather – When you hear of genuine leather you will be using either Kangaroo, Cow or Calf skin, Or the full-grain leather that will be talked about soon.
  • Synthetic Leather – This is a very durable material and very light but it should keep the animal rights off your back while you wear them… Which is always good.
  • Full-Grain Leather – You might find that this is much heavier than all the others but you should know that it’s much more durable and stronger than them all also.
  • Kangeroo Leather – Also known as K-Leather and also known as the most expensive of all the leathers, But don’t let that deter you from paying the extra, they really have a very comfortable fit and it will stretch and mould to your feet like the other leathers that are spoken about above.
  • Synthetic – Breathable, Durable, Waterproof, Lightweight, and did I mention… Made for comfort and style.
  • Mesh – Not a material I prefer but I suppose they are OK as long as you keep out of the rain with them on as they are not waterproof at all.

Taking Care of Your Indoor ShoesA pair of black soccer cleats next to a soccer ball on the grass

Obviously the better you take care of your shoes or boots the longer they should last you, well, in theory anyway

Here are a few tips on how you can keep them in great shape

  • Make sure all dust and dirt has been removed from them after every game by either banging them together or hitting them gently against the floor. Obviously there shouldn’t be too much mess on them as you are playing indoors but it won’t harm you to do this.
  • After doing this use a damp cloth to remove stuck on dirt and grime.
  • Use a soft brush to clean the upper material in the hard to get to places like the seams and lace area. You could even use a toothbrush which I find works really well especially inside the sole of the shoe.
  • Do not use water every time you clean them as it can damage the material by getting it wet all the time. If you need to, use a small amount of soap/hand-wash with some lukewarm water to remove tough stains.
  • Tap dry the boots after washing with a clean bit of material or a paper towel, you can even stuff them with newspaper to soak the water up from inside them.
  • Whatever you do, do not use a hair dryer or radiator to make them dry quickly as it will damage the material. Dry them in natural air and keep them out of the sunlight to prevent ruining them.

Here Is A Quick Video Of The Shoes That Are In This List

Now Here is What You Came For…

15. Adidas Performance Mundial

Black and White adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat
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One of the heavier shoes on the list but these have been around for quite some time and still making the top of most soccer players lists

They are turf shoes but work well on an indoor pitch with the rubber rivet grips on the underneath that will give you better traction than shoes with flat soles

Made of 100% K- Leather with TRAXION outsole material you will be getting a very durable soccer shoe with a pretty good grip on the front to be able to control the ball better

A Black Adidas Performance Mundial Soccer Shoe Outsole
Adidas Performance Mundial Outsole

Pros & Cons of The Performance Mundial


  • The K-Leather material is super strong so they should last you longer than most other indoor soccer shoes.
  • Having the TRAXION outsole material you will have better control of where you want the ball to go.
  • They have a synthetic lining inside and also a pre-moulded EVA midsole to stop chaffing and blistering of your feet giving you a sturdy, yet comfortable game of soccer.


  • Some people have said the that the sole grips wear away easily if used indoors rather than on turf but like any pair you use they are going to get worn down over time, unless you float around like a butterfly.

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14. Adidas Performance Samba

Black and White adidas Performance Kids Samba Indoor Soccer Cleat
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Another similar shoe from Adidas that has a lot of the features that the Performance Mundial has but much lighter on your feet

These have a flat gum rubber sole on them which are better for indoor use than the small grips on the shoes above

As they are made from full-grain leather with suede overlays they might feel a bit heavy at first but you will soon get used to them and they will stretch and conform to the shape of your feet

The Samba shoe has been out for quite some time now and there hasn’t been many changes to it since it was first brought out, and to be honest, theres no need either

You can be assured that the soft & lightweight EVA midsole will make your game much easier on the feet

A Brown Adidas Performance Samba Soccer Shoe Outsole
Adidas Performance Samba Outsole

Pros & Cons of The Performance Samba


  • They have a pre-moulded EVA midsole for a lightweight cushioning so every step won’t feel like your slamming your feet onto the ground hard.
  • The full grain leather upper material will mould and stretch to the shape of your feet and will last longer than synthetic shoes.
  • The Sambas are classic Adidas shoes that have stood the test of time and keep getting chosen by many soccer players around the world so you know they can’t all be wrong.


  • The nylon laces can be a bit temperamental and keep coming undone if not tied tightly.

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13. Adidas Originals ACE Tango 18.3

White and Pink adidas Originals Kids ACE Tango 18.3 Soccer Shoe
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Yes I know, another pair of Adidas indoor soccer shoes but in my opinion they are the leading brand in soccer footwear so you will be seeing a few more of them in this list

Now if you are like me then you are going to love these, the reason being is the elasticated sock fit that fits perfectly around the ankles providing you get the right size

They are made from a synthetic material but don’t think that they are not going to last because they will

If you Keep Them Clean after every time you wear them then they should last you a while

Especially with the tough rubber sole with the durable grips you should at least get a season out of them, if not more

They also come in an all black colour with the famous 3 white stripes down the side but I much prefer this colour

A Pink Adidas Originals ACE Tango 18.3 Soccer Shoe Outsole
Adidas Originals ACE Tango 18.3 Outsole

Pros & Cons of The Ace Tango 18.3


  • They have a tough & durable rubber sole that have amazing grip on the indoor courts which can help you turn on a sixpence and run rings around your opponents with the ball.
  • A very lightweight pair that are stronger than they look but be prepared to have those glistening white shoes targeted by your mates, Who can resist not standing on a brand new shoe.
  • The front of the upper material have a moulded ridged grip for better ball control when taking a shot at goal.


  • They can be a bit too narrow so they are no good for people with wide feet.

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12. ROONASN Soccer Cleats

Silver ROONASN Kids Outdoor and Indoor Soccer Shoe
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Not really a brand that I’m super familiar with personally but after reviewing them I have learned what a fantastic shoe they are

Roonasn has a high top fit collar that really keeps them snug around the ankle area which makes them feel part of your feet

That with the ultra soft leather upper material that moulds to the shape of your feet and the fabric knit will get you dribbling the ball around the indoor pitch feeling like you aren’t wearing any shoes

Looking at the sole you can see the rubber moulds with a rotational traction configuration that will help you change direction without slipping

They also come in 8 different colours and designs and even though the design won’t improve your game you can still look cool whilst playing

A Green & Black ROONASN Soccer Shoe Outsole
ROONASN Soccer Shoe Outsole

Pros & Cons of The ROONASN


  • They have a high top collar fit that will protect your ankles slightly which could prevent serious injury.
  • The upper leather material will mould to your feet making you feel like you are playing without shoes on.
  • Having rubber moulded soles can help with quick acceleration and precision turns.


  • They need a bit more padding on the front of them as they tend to wear away where you kick the ball.

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11. Larcia Soccer Shoes

Orange and Black Larcia Kids Indoor Soccer Cleat
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This Larcia pair of shoes took me by surprise when I looked more into detail with them

In my opinion I thought they looked quite cheaply made and wouldn’t be worth looking into

But boy was I wrong…

They are made from both synthetic leather and fabric material on the upper which makes them surprisingly comfy, and more importantly, lightweight

They also have a very durable outsole giving them superb floor grip and they won’t leave any marks on the indoor pitch which are ideal for kids

Speaking of ‘perfect for kids’ they have been specifically designed with a padded tongue and toe area and they also support the children’s delicate bones in the feet which are still developing

A Black Larcia Soccer Shoe Outsole
Larcia Soccer Shoe Outsole

Pros & Cons of The Larcia


  • Specifically made for kids with the strong and durable frame to keep their growing bones from serious injury.
  • They have a tough outsole with amazing grip so they will last you quite some time.
  • They are made slightly wider than normal soccer shoes for you to be able to wear thick soccer socks and not have them feel tight.


  • The only real issue I had with them that I ordered a size 3 for my son and even though they came in a box with size 3 written on there I opened it to find a size 1. I did get the correct size in the end with no problems at all but my son needed them asap so he had to wait a bit longer.

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10. ALEADER Indoor Shoes

Green and Black ALEADER Boys Athletic Turf Indoor Soccer Shoes
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How nice are these ALEADER shoes?

I absolutely love the style of these and they come in 3 other different colours but I prefer these the best

Made with a durable rubber moulded turf sole with a rotational traction configuration they are ideal for indoor training and games

They have an ultra soft upper leather for a comfortable fit and a state-of-the-art high top fabric knit that not only looks good and is a supported fit but is very lightweight and easy to run around in

Even the insole has a molded cushion design that will make you feel like you are walking on marshmallows and they fit like a glove

A Green ALEADER Indoor Shoe Outsole
ALEADER Indoor Shoe Outsole

Pros & Cons of The ALEADER


  • The stylish and state-of-the-art fabric knit will make you stand out on the court and make you light on your feet.
  • Having the durable rubber molded outsole will help your feet grip better to the floor and make you play a more controlled game.
  • The perforations in the upper fabric act as both traction grip for a better ball control and air holes to let your sweaty feet breathe a little.


  • The ankle sock fit is a bit tight to get over your foot but that’s the same with all soccer shoes like that I have noticed.

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9. Puma Adreno

Orange Black and White PUMA Adreno Indoor Jr Soccer Shoe
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Showing you a Puma pair now and even though you might not think they look designer and cool enough

What it lacks in style, it makes up for in durability and value for money

My 9 year old son has these but he wasn’t happy with them at first and now I struggle to get them off him

They come in 3 different colour schemes which I think are all quite nice

You do need to get either a half or full size up though because they are a bit narrow and have some great insole padding that does makes them a tiny bit smaller

Made from 100% Synthetic leather with a ‘Non-Marking’ rubber outsole which makes them very durable and strong

The soft sleek design with a padded collar & low-profile tongue will be both comfortable and long-lasting

Absolutely Perfect For Kids!

A Brown Puma Adreno Soccer Shoe Outsole
Puma Adreno Outsole

Pros & Cons of The Adreno


  • The padded collar and low-profile tongue makers them really comfortable so there shouldn’t be any rubbing or chaffing around the ankle area.
  • Awesome value for money so you can spend the money that you save on other things, like a new soccer ball maybe?
  • The soft synthetic leather upper looks quite stuff but it’s surprisingly flexible and will form to your feet just right.


  • In my eyes, They aren’t as ‘Designer Looking’ as some of them are here but at the end of the day you will be wearing them to play soccer, not to walk down the catwalk in them.

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8. Adidas Fortarun

Black and White adidas Kids Fortarun Running Shoe
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You might be a bit surprised to see these adidas Fortarun trainers in here as they are running shoes

But bare with me on this one as I think they are brilliant for indoor soccer

Running around on a hard floor for an hour is going to take its toll on your feet so having the right insole padding should be at the top of the list of priorities for you

And that’s exactly what this shoe has

They have a cloud foam midsole and a sponge like insole that makes wearing them feel like wearing a comfy old pair of slippers

And what makes it even more comfy is the Eco OrthoLite sock liner which covers the whole inside of the shoe

Looking at the rubber outsole, they obviously need to have a fair amount of grip to be able to handle all the running so they are going to last you

Then to top it all off, the seamless mesh upper material is breathable so your feet won’t get too sweaty while your playing

They might not appeal to you but I can promise you that they will work well to player soccer in them

A White Adidas Fortarun Soccer Shoe Outsole
Adidas Fortarun Outsole

Pros & Cons of The Fortarun


  • The breathable upper mesh material will ensure that you will keep your feet cool during a game or training.
  • Probably the comfiest trainers here in this list and even though they are running shoes you will not be disappointed.
  • Having the tough rubber outsole will help your feet grip better to the indoor pitch reducing the fear of slipping and sliding all over the place like Bambi on ice.


  • They are not a soccer shoe but I hope you trust my judgment that they will work perfectly.
  • Some people might not like the velcro closure instead of laces but they are very sticky.

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7. Adidas Originals Samba

White adidas Kids Unisex Originals Samba OG Shoe
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The adidas Original Samba is the granddaddy of all indoor soccer shoes

They were actually created in the 1950s for players to train on hard frozen pitches

Obviously they have been tweaked a bit over the years but not too much to be honest

Currently the 2nd best-selling adidas footwear that has ever been made so they must be doing something right

Made out of a soft full-grain leather upper which is one of the strongest out there and will to your feet perfectly over a bit of wear

They have a gum rubber outsole which is very durable and won’t leave a mark on the indoor pitch

A White Adidas Originals Samba Soccer Shoe Outsole
Adidas Originals Samba Outsole

The midsole is made with a lightweight die-cut EVA material that will give your feet a comfortable and secure feel whilst wearing them giving you a bit more confidence in your gameplay

Pros & Cons of The Samba


  • The tough upper material will stand the test of time and will let a bit of airflow through to your feet so they won’t sweat as much.
  • Has a very comfortable midsole so you can enjoy playing rather than them rubbing on your feet all the time.
  • The gum rubber outsole is a No-Marking material so you won’t ruin the floor of the indoor court.


  • They have quite a big thick tongue on them which might not be to everyone’s taste…(excuse the pun)

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6. Adidas Predator Tango 18.4

White and Peach adidas Kids Predator Tango 18.4 Soccer Cleat
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Need I say more about the adidas Predator range?

They have been dominating the soccer shoe world since they first came out in 1994 and they just keep getting better

These are the slightly newer version of the Sock Fit I Have Shown You Above

Just lace them up and take control of the game at hand

The Tango 18.4 are made with a structured prime mesh upper material which just fits to your feet just like a pair of socks

They have a flexible control embossing synthetic upper material that has a great grip and will give you more control of the ball

Now with that better ball control you might get a bit carried away and that’s where the molded rubber outsole comes into play giving you amazing traction making your ball dribbling even more precise

White adidas Predator Tango 18.4 Outsole
Predator Tango 18.4 Outsole

Pros & Cons of The Predator Tango 18.3


  • Predator boots have always had a good reputation and the Tango 18.4 is no exception with the precision design of every aspect of them.
  • The prime mesh upper material will fit just like a pair of socks making every game you play a comfortable one.
  • The control embossing upper material makes dribbling the ball easier and will make you look more like a professional player.


  • They are not ideal for players with wide feet.

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5. Nike SuperflyX Academy CR7

Red Nike Youth CR7 Jr. SuperflyX 6 Academy Indoor Shoe
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The first Nike indoor soccer shoes on this list and what a cracking pair they are indeed

Nike can be hit or miss in my eyes but the SuperflyX CR7 are definitely a hit as the CR7 as they are part of the Cristiano Ronaldo soccer boot range

The rubber sole and the dynamic ankle collar fit are built to reduce the stress on your knees and ankles when you are making those twists and turns with the ball at your feet

Ideally perfect for AstroTurf play, but after many hours testing them out myself I can honestly say they work brilliantly on an indoor pitch as the mesh upper material will form to your feet giving you a comfortable and lightweight fit

A Grey & Black Nike SuperflyX Academy CR7 Outsole
Nike SuperflyX Academy CR7 Outsole

Pros & Cons of The SuperflyX Academy CR7


  • The Dynamic ankle fit collar will protect your ankles and reduce the risk of injuries, but they are also flexible enough to be able to make those sharp twists and turns.
  • Having the soft and comfortable internal lining and the lightweight synthetic outer material will make you feel like you are just wearing another pair of socks.
  • They have a rubber outsole that will improve the traction that you have on the hard indoor court so your slips and falls should be reduced quite a lot.
  • For the quality of the boots the price is very reasonable.


  • Some reports have said that the finger hold at the back of the boot to help get them on tends to break easily, but after 3 months of wearing them I haven’t witnessed any damage yet.

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4. Diadora Cattura

Blue Diadora Kid's Cattura Indoor Jr Soccer Shoes
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Now I know what you’re thinking, Diadora hasn’t been cool since the year 2000 but don’t let that put you off these

Indoor soccer shoes don’t get ruined as quickly as outdoor soccer shoes but having a durable pair on your feet will make all the difference

And that’s exactly what you will get with the Diadora Cattura

They have a “fairly soft” polyurethane upper material and a brushed Nylon ankle collar lining that will protect your childs still growing bones and highly reduce injuries to the top of the feet and ankle area

A Brown Diadora Cattura Soccer Shoe Outsole
Diadora Cattura Outsole

Pros & Cons of The Cattura


  • They have a Non-Marking, anti-abrasion, gum rubber outsole that will absorb the pressure of the hard indoor floor and won’t mark the court.
  • The brushed Nylon ankle collar lining will reduce the risk of injuries that tend to occur in soccer.
  • The shock-absorbing EVA foam and fixed cotton lining really does absorb the impact your feet make on the hard indoor soccer pitch giving you a more enjoyable & comfortable game.
  • You will be getting a very, very durable shoe for an amazing low price which is ideal as we all know that kids ruin shoes way to quickly so the lower the price, the better.


  • They aren’t as designer looking as the rest of the shoes in this list but still a quality pair that deserve to take the #4 Spot on this list.

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3. Nike HypervenomX Proximo II

Red Nike Youth Hypervenomx Proximo II Indoor Shoe
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The 2nd Pair of Nike shoes here in the top 5 and they have every right to be in my opinion

Like all of Nike merchandise they come with an authentic Nike Gear guarantee so be careful if you try to buy them elsewhere and make sure that they have the guarantee as here at we pride ourselves in showing you only authentic & quality products

These are undeniably a very good-looking pair that any child would want to have on their feet and to be able to show off to their team-mates but its not all about what they look like

Try Telling That To My 13 Year Old Son!!!

They have a tight dynamic fit collar that will form around the top of your feet keeping your ankles secure and reducing the risk of injuries, but not totally protecting you so do not think you are indestructible wearing them

The FlyKnit upper material forms to your feet like a 2nd skin and is lightweight & aerodynamic making dribbling the ball easy and effortless making you think that you are better than you actually are

Also, the raised grips on the front and sides of them will help you keep the ball close to your feet while you are going through the opposition’s defense

I really love these boots but the price tag can be a bit on the steep side if you are looking for a pair of soccer shoes just to kick about in

Excuse The Pun!

A Blue Nike HypervenomX Proximo II Soccer Shoe Outsole
Nike HypervenomX Proximo II Outsole

Pros & Cons of The HypervenomX Proximo ll


  • The durable Non-Marking rubber outsole will ensure that every game you play will be spent mostly stood up instead of laying on the floor after slipping on the wooden indoor pitch.
  • The FlyKnit upper material is both comfy and aerodynamic making your gameplay faster and more enjoyable.
  • You will have more control over the soccer ball with the raised grips on the front and sides of the shoes so you might be able to pull off some moves that you weren’t able to do before wearing these.


  • Even though I personally think that you really do get your moneys worth with these boots, the price tag might not be within everybody’s budget.

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2. Adidas Nemeziz Tango 17.3

Black and White adidas Kids Unisex Nemeziz Tango 17.3 Soccer Cleat
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Probably the lightest boots that are on this list, The Nemeziz Tango 17.3 has an awesome reputation for being one of the most worn indoor soccer shoes amoungst soccer players to date

They are made with a very durable textile upper material that will make you feel every touch, pass and shot of the ball and make you feel more connected to it

And as you can see the design of them they are sports tape inspired which means you will have a greater lateral and medial support on your feet which will certainly reduce the risk of any foot injuries

All that combined with a tough and durable rubber outsole for maximum grip making you whiz around the pitch at maximum speed and skill with minimum effort

They come in 3 different colour designs but I personally think these black, yellow and white ones look stunning

What Do You Think?

A Brown Adidas Nemeziz Tango 17.3 Soccer Shoe Outsole
Adidas Nemeziz Tango 17.3 Outsole

Pros & Cons of The Nemeziz Tango 17.3


  • They are a low-ankle cut boot that are lightweight and durable making them feel like a 2nd pair of socks.
  • The sports tape inspired design will give your feet extra medial and lateral support reducing the risk of injuries.
  • Having a tough durable rubber outsole will help you stay on your feet and in the game.
  • Adidas very rarely make a pair of soccer shoes as nice as this with a decent price but depending on the size you need you will be able to get a great deal with them.


  • Some people do not like the low-cut design as they expose your ankles but you can get some Shin Pads that will cover that area if you are worried about that.

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1. Nike Hypervenom Phelon III (With Collar)

Black Kids Nike Jr. HypervenomX Phelon III Dynamic Fit Artificial Turf Soccer Boot
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Finally, at Number #1

Now you might think that these Hypervenoms look like a pair of comfy, flimsy slippers, but you would be totally wrong

The textured upper material might look like it could break and rip at the first contact you make with them but they are actually built with a Nike skin technology which is a soft mesh layer wrapped with a polyurethane film that is embedded into the synthetic leather and that makes them one of the strongest shoes here

The easy to put on dynamic fit collar will ensure that you get the most ankle protection and comfort like wearing marshmallows on your feet while you are playing soccer

If you notice, the laces are slightly off-centered giving you a much larger striking area on the front of the foot so you will have more control of the ball when you take a shot at goal

Another awesome feature of these are the Non-Marking rubber outsole as the stud pattern has an amazing traction both on indoor courts and AstroTurf and that’s exactly what you need from a quality pair of boots…

Not To Keep Falling Over During A Game!

OK, so you are probably thinking “A pair of shoes this good must cost a pretty penny”

Let me tell you now that I think you would be pleasantly surprised when you see how much you have to pay

And that is one of the main reasons that the Nike Hypervenon Phelon lll has taken the Number #1 spot in this list of Indoor Soccer Shoes For Kids in 2019

Black Nike Jr. HypervenomX Phelon III Outsole


Pros & Cons of The Hypervenom Phelon lll


  • The Nike skin technology is very strong and durable and should last you longer than most soccer shoes.
  • They have an easy to put on dynamic fit ankle collar that will keep your ankles protected much more than the low-cut designs.
  • They have a wider striking area on the front because of the off-centred laces so you will have more control of the shots you take at goal.
  • The textured upper material is covered in raised grips to help with ball control and curling the ball into the top hand corner of the goals.


  • These are actually advertised as indoor football shoes but they are also ideal for soccer also.
  • I suppose if I wanted to be picky I would say they could do with having more colour choices but that’s really being petty about it.

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Final Thoughts

Having the best looking shoes on the pitch isn’t what playing soccer is all about

Yes it’s nice to have top of the range ones but there’s no point in wearing them if they don’t feel comfortable or even help your game

Go for comfort rather than style no matter what other people think and make sure you take good care of them and you will get more out of them in the long run than you ever will with a stylish pair that only look good

What do you think about the soccer shoes here?

Can you see yourself banging those goals in wearing any of these?

Let us know in the comment section below or even if you have any more suggestions that you think should make this list



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Wow you really have put alot of effort into this review – thanks its going to save a whole lot of people a whole lot of time !


I love the design of these shoes, and I never seen an article talk about shoes so detailed! Thank you for those great informative about shoes, I will buy these when my shoes are broken.


I suppose they would work well off the indoor soccer pitch also


Wow, very complete list with lots of good information! My plan is to see what is available in my local stores, then go back to your article to compare them. My whole family has hard to fit feet, so buying on-line really isn’t an option.
You gave me a lot of things to consider that I hadn’t even thought of. For instance, leather stretches and synthetics don’t. Seems obvious, but I wouldn’t have thought of it. Thanks.


I’m glad you found it informative 🙂


This article definitely speaks to anyone that has children. The information on cushioning, flexibility, weight, and breathability was very detailed and important as proper cushioning on all your footwear is very important for comfort. The information about the 3 basic designs was also informative. I got a lot of information from the discussion about the different types of material as I was new to hearing about synthetic leather.

Overall, the entire article was very informative and the inputting of the pros and cons made the information very easy to understand. The Adidas images were also very colorful and attractive and make you want to take a look at the item on an actual website. Overall, I was very educated.


I’m guessing from your comment that you have really been informed about indoor soccer shoes, lol

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


Your articles are so informative. I once have a friend who had a problem with her foot because of wearing shoes that had less padding inside. It is very important to be careful on what type of shoes you are purchasing regardless of sports. But I will say those who are in to soccer they should read this article for I’m sure they will find help they have been looking for. 


Thanks for stopping by with your comment 🙂

Peter hanley

If you have kids and they play Soccer or Football depending on where you are this is necessary Knowledge.
your kid will want the brand because everyone has them ( not really) and colour really matters particularly if you are one of those fancy shooters. Cleaning is never a problem because Mum does that so they must look good.
Growing up is a new pair every year but don’t be stingy and buy them too big to last another year or too small so you cripple the Kid.


Haha, very true. I used to have a pair of indoor soccer shoes every year but I still kept them in good shape and cleaned them after every use


Hello Shwni

I like to thank you very much for taking your time to put all of this together.

You have cover everything that I need to know about soccer shoes. It must have taken you a long time to comply and write.

I like how you describe the soccer shoes where you highlight the best features in it.

Definitely worth bookmarking this page for future use. I will definitely comeback here for reference.

Wish you all the best,


Thanks very much Sam, I like to cover everything when it comes to writing about products 🙂



As a keen football player myself, I understand the importance of getting comfortable and snug fitting shoes.  They need to feel right and play right.  With children shoes, I can imagine you need them to get it right, otherwise, you can cause damage to a growing foot, especially if you kick a hard football.    The biggest problem I envisage is the frequency that you need to buy new footwear, especially as the child will be continuously growing, and you do not want the toes to be pinched.

The selection you have chossen all look stunning and I think this will look stunning.   What about teams that have dress restriction on what footwear can be worn, how do you overcome this?




Soccer teams won’t normally tell you which indoor soccer shoes to choose so that shouldn’t be an issue really


You’ve got the whole details on these shoes. I never learned so much about things to consider in buying indoor soccer shoes until now. With my son, i think the only thing he would consider is the design. He’s not really sporty but he still gonna need it in school for his PE class. The school doesn’t allow high top shoes so the probable option would only be low top and mid top. My son got this really thin and bony feet. Which do you think is a better choice from him. I hope you can also see the picture that since he’s not very athletic, he would rarely use it in a week. And which pair of leather is good for thin feet? I was thinking of Larcia because of the comfort it gives because og good material.Sorry to bother you with questions. 


Yes the Larcia would be a great choice for players with thin feet


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