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How to Trap a Soccer Ball on your Chest

How to Trap a Soccer Ball on Your Chest

How to Trap a Soccer Ball on Your Chest And Direct it

Like any soccer skills, practice makes perfect

But I’m going to show you How to Trap a Soccer Ball on your Chest so you can impress your fellow soccer players next time you’re on the field

We have all been there right, you’re on the soccer field and out in the open with nobody marking you and you’re screaming for that ball

Then all of a sudden it’s coming straight towards you

It’s a little bit higher than you would have liked it to be and you start to panic

What do you do?


  • A… Hope the winger is running up behind you so you can leave it go past?
  • B… Run back a bit to be able to receive it at your feet and risk falling over in front of the crowd?

IT’S A DILEMMA YOU HAVE TO THINK ABOUT ON THE SPOT!How to Trap a Soccer Ball on your Chest

Now I know what I would do

But if you don’t know how to trap the ball on your chest you only have 2 options to go for

And both those ways could make you get abuse from the crowd and your fellow teammates for a long time

So why don’t I show you how to impress everyone and take it on the chest

When I first started practising to do this I used a smaller sized soccer ball than I would normally use

Thinking if I can do it with this one I should be able to do it with a bigger ball.

I was correct! but it took me ages to perfect it.

5 Steps to Trap a Soccer Ball on Your Chest

Step 1

  • Find somewhere with enough space and a wall to be able to kick a ball against but don’t kick it against next doors garden wall.

Step 2

  • Stand about 10 to 15 feet away with the ball and pick a spot on the wall about chest high that you want to be aiming for, just take some time just practising hitting the wall with the ball to see if it comes back at the hight you want it to.

Step 3

  • Once you have the ball coming back to you exactly where you want it to you can start by getting the feel of it hitting your chest but try not to kick the ball too hard.

Step 4

  • OK, so now you know what it feels like and what to expect, start to take the ball on your chest and just lean back a bit and move with the ball as it makes contact with you, but whatever you do, try not to fall over and keep your balance.


Step 5

  • Once the ball has made contact with your chest and you have moved with the ball you next have to control it and to do that you have to keep your elbows by your side and bend your arms upwards and slightly tense your chest muscles to make a bit of a dent for the ball to rest into.

So, Just to Recap…

Once the ball is coming towards you make sure that your hips and shoulders are facing towards the ball with your elbows & hands clear of the chest area. As the ball is making contact, lean back slightly bending at the waist allowing your upper body to control the ball and either drop it back down to your feet or direct it to either side of your body

Just Watch This Short Video Tutorial


If you want the ball to go to the right after the control, move your left shoulder to your right directing the ball that way, and vice versa for the ball to go to your left

Doing all this over and over again will help you get the feel for it and you will soon be a legend on the soccer field and controlling that ball every single time

Just remember that practice makes perfect

Let’s See How The Pro’s Control The Football Shall We

This could be you with more practice!

What to do Without a Wall?

I’m pretty sure you should be able to find a suitable wall

But if not or you would just like to practice in your back garden or anywhere for that matter

You can get some awesome Soccer Ball Rebounders that would work perfectly to help you practice this skill

>>> See What it Takes to Become a Professional Soccer Player <<<

Let me know if you have mastered it yet or if you need any more advice

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6 comments on “How to Trap a Soccer Ball on your Chest

James Hawkins

Great post I have been trying to get this move down for dome months now. This post really helped me a lot thanks!


yes it can be tricky but practice makes perfect

James Harvey

Soccer is a very fun sport to play. It is a lot that goes into the sport thou more than most people think. I have had the honor to be able to coach and play for many years. So I truly have a passion for the sport and this is a great instructional post. I will be sure to share it on social media.


I have always loved the game and always will.


Soccer is a sport I find very fun. However, I am not well coordinated due to eyesight. People go left and I’m barely going right. I have always stayed steps behind when it comes to sports. However, I truly enjoy playing it with thse who don’t knw how.  I believe this unique step is really advanced and perfect for team players. 


Thanks Linda


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