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How to Rugby Tackle

how to rugby Tackle

How to Rugby Tackle: 5 Easy Tackle Bag Drill Videos to Improve Your SkillsRugby player missing a tackle on the opposition

Are you confident in your rugby tackling abilities?

Can you say you know How to Rugby Tackle perfectly and hit the sweet spot every time?

If you can then fair play to you, but there are many players, even professional players need to keep fine-tuning their big hits on the rugby field

There are many techniques and different types of rugby tackles that will enable you to be a tackling machine

But they all stem from the basics

In this post, you will start off with a video tutorial of an easy Rugby tackling drill for kids and then progress to more advanced videos

Do you think you will get to the final training video?

Let’s hope you can, but if not just keep practicing and you will eventually be the player that you have always wanted to be.

Just to let you know that the videos here are using tackle bags but you can still practice these rugby tackles by yourself

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It isn’t easy making a tackle on a fast moving player running towards you

Even if you are a veteran of the gameHow to rugby tackle

So if you are just learning how to do the perfect tackle

You need to work on your technique first before you go up against an 18 stone, 6ft 5 man mountain with that “killer look” in their eyes and no teeth

I have been Coaching Rugby to kids for a few years now and whatever level you are at in the game you will always be trying to perfect your tackling techniques.

Before I show you the tackling drills, I want to show you how to make the perfect tackle in this short video.

Don’t forget to turn up the volume on the videos in this post

How to Make The Perfect Rugby Tackle

It is essential whilst making a tackle that you do the following…

  • Don’t go in head first, your first point of contact should be your shoulders, then wrap around with your arms locking them together forming what is known as “the ring of steel”
  • Keep low, tackle from the waist down (avoid high tackles)
  • Try to drive them forward and land on them, don’t get caught underneath.
  • Keep your back straight
  • Commit to the tackle, don’t hesitate and keep focused on the shorts (not the ball or legs)

Keep Your Tackle Safe

There are many types of tackle bags for different sports that you can practice with but which are the best tackle bags for rugby?

And what do you want to achieve using these?

Which Tackle Bag to Get And Why

Tackle bags are used during training to perfect a player’s tackles before they can put it into practice in a game or to warm up before a match

Made out of strong outer material and a padded inner they help to improve your rugby tackle without having another player involved and lessens the risk of getting another player injured

There are a few types of tackle bags, for instance…

  1. The Rucking or Tackle Shield
  2. Half Tackle Bag
  3. Full Tackle bag
  4. The Tackle Ring
  • RUCKING OR TACKLE SHIELD: Held in the hand of a coach or teammate to allow the tackler to drive against it safely without injuries.
  • HALF TACKLE BAG: Used mainly to help players to keep their tackles low and precise
  • FULL TACKLE BAG: Stands upright on the ground and is held loosely by either a coach or teammate allowing the tackler to practice a full on tackle without having to injure another player.
  • THE TACKLE RING: Perfect for practicing your tackling on a moving target without the need for another player

In-Home Training

Like I said above, I have been a children’s rugby coach for a number of years now and every single training session we use all of these with brilliant effect on the development of the children’s tackling and confidence going in for a tackle

I have 3 boys that play rugby and another one that is a bit too young to start yet, but the best investment I have ever made is buying my own tackle shield so my boys can practice in the house

Even though they train twice a week it still is a great piece of rugby training equipment to have at home so they can practice anytime they want.

I won’t lie to you, it normally ends in tears in my house when the sheild is out and my boys are all tackling each other!

If you just want a rugby tackle bag to keep at home to practice out the garden or even in the house if you have the room then I would suggest looking at getting one of these

Rucking/Tackling Shield

lack and Red Ram Rugby Blocking and Tackle Shield With a wedge at the top of the shield to stop players from slipping over the top of it and giving the person holding it a bit of a sore head.  It has been designed to absorb maximum impact as its made of a heavy-duty PVC cover and foam innards

Ideal For Practising Rucking & Mauling

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see other options hereTackle bags

Tall Tackle Bag

Black Tall Ram Rugby Tackle BagThe stand-up tackle bag contains a one-piece high-density solid foam core for those big hits

With its high tenacity waterproof PVC cover and reinforced seams, it is extremely durable in all conditions and can be held easily by its 50mm webbing handles

Ideal For Perfecting Your Big Hits

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see other options hereTackle bags

Here Are The 5 Rugby Tackling Drills

After watching these take a look at my bonus drill near the end of this post

Tackle Shields

A nice easy one to start off with and also for practicing presenting the ball

What you need: 2 tackle shields, ball

The Set up: Put the cones however far apart that you want, with a player holding a pad on each one.

Description: It’s best to work in three’s for this one although you can use more pads

A player stands in the center of the 2 pads and runs back and forth hitting each pad, remembering to dip the shoulder and protect the ball then go to ground and present the ball

Half Tackle Bags

This drill is very simple but very effective for working on your tackling and your speed of recovery out of the tackle

What you need: Half tackle bag, tackle shield

The Setup: The half tackle bag needs to be stood upright on the floor with a player with the tackle shield stood a few feet behind

Description: The player that will be doing the drill lays down with their belly on the floor, then on the coach’s call, they get up as fast as they can and correctly tackle the half bag making sure you hit it low and lock those arms around the bag

Once the tackle has been made they quickly get back on their feet and by this time the player with the tackle shield needs to be standing in front of him with the shield as if they were a defender and that’s when the player that made the tackle on the bag needs to drive the defender off

The Tackle Tag Going Into a 1 V 1 Competition

This is a great drill to keep all the players constantly moving except the ones holding the bags but you can keep rotating them every so often

What you need: 2 tackle bags, cones, ball

The Set up : Get 2 players to hold the bags upright however far apart you want them (depending how much you want to run) then a cone in the center of them a few feet in front, opposite that cone in front of the bags put down another cone, again the distance is up to you

Lastly, put a few cones in line with the bags to make the sidelines to practice staying in the field

Description : Using 2 tackle bags and a cone central to them a few feet in front like in the video, the player without the ball starts on the centre cone and needs to make a tackle on one of the bags and then run back to the centre cone ready to make a tackle on the player running towards them (remember the correct tackle technique) which will be lined up opposite them with the ball

Once that is complete they get up as quick as they can and make a tackle on the 2nd bag then join into the back of the queue that will be running with the ball, the player that was originally running with the ball and got tackled now becomes the tackler, and so on so forth

1 V 1 Ruck And Steal

What you need: 2 Tackle bags, ball

The Set up: Put the tackle bags alongside each other and the ball between them with enough room to be able to squeeze the ball out of.

Description: Both players lay on either side of the tackle bags face down, then on the coach’s call, they both need to get up as quickly as they can and try to be the first to take the ball from the middle of the bags.

Whoever takes the ball first needs to keep hold of it and protect it, and the other player needs to ruck over and start driving them back… SIMPLES!!!

☆☆☆ Bonus Tackle Tip ☆☆☆

The Tackle Ring

This isn’t a drill as such but it’s showing you the benefits of using the tackle ring and the many ways you can use it

How to Use The Donut Tackle Bag

Always remember the correct tackling technique, keep your tackles low, keeping your back straight, lead in with your shoulder and “The ring of steel”

Here Are The Tackle Bags That Are Shown In This Post

Blue and yellow centurion rugby tackle shieldBlack RAM rugby half tackle bagBlack RAM rugby full tackle bagBlack and red RAM tackle ring with a yellow rugby ball strapped inside

If you were all wondering Tackle bagsthe reason for having a half tackle bag isn’t for the short ass of the team to practice on, it’s for everybody to learn to keep the tackles low

Anything to Share?

If you have any other drills using tackle bags in rugby I would love to hear about them so leave a comment below explaining what they are. and how everyone can benefit from them

And always wear your rugby safety equipment 

Or if you have any comments at all feel free to do so below.


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4 comments on “How to Rugby Tackle

Hi Mat,

I think all those guys that play rugby are crazy! Having said that I follow Aussie Rules and they are just as crazy! Haha. I am a big fan now of Rugby League here in Australia and we just had the State of Origin Series here. Do you see any of it?

Jonathan Thurston, Cam Smith, Billy Slater, love those guys and really love SOO now. Some of the tackles there are huge. I love how you go through each tackle here. It has given me a better understanding of how it all works. I thought they just bulldozed through guys with no technique haha!

Great article. Keep it up bud 🙂



I can’t say I have ever seen an Aussie rules game but I’ve heard its pretty brutal!
Most rugby players do just bulldoze through the opposition with no technique but as a coach I try to get my players to get I right now at this age so they can do it great at a professional level if they ever get to that level. Thanks for popping by


Interesting I definitely want to get into rugby at some point to build up my strength. Looking at the videos of the practice it doesn’t sound so scary thinking about joining haha I thought you just got bashed about until you could take it. When you first start do you practise a lot before going into matches so you have a bit of resistance when someone knocks the wind out of you?


Oh of course, you should never go into a game without warming up and stretching first. It can be a tough game but the better you train the better you will get. Good luck


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