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How to customize trainers – Easy step by step walkthrough

Customizing your Reebok trainers

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How many times have you gone into a sports shop looking for a great pair of training shoes only to come out with a pair just because you need them not because you love them?

A few I bet?

You find a pair with the colour you love but not the style, then find a style you love but they haven’t got the colour you wanted…bloody sods law isn’t it.  What if I tell you that you could customize your the style and colour you want and even the material of your choice.

Wouldn’t that be great?

My son is always moaning that he doesn’t like the trainers I get him so I thought I would look if there was anything I could do rather than spend ages in the sport’s shop waiting for him to decide on a pair, then I found out how to customize trainers online without having to leave the house.

How can I do this?

REEBOK have an awesome online trainer customization page where you can choose everything, even down to what colour you want the eye’s of the laces.  In this post I will be showing you the very easy step by step of how you can do this for yourselves.

Seeing as my 10yr old son was the one moaning about his old, uncool dad’s choices in football training shoes, I thought I would get him by my side to actually design his OWN trainers on the REEBOK website.

Say hello to everybody trystan….

Nope….he’s too shy…….?

Let’s get on with it thenFree









Once you have gone onto the REEBOK  website you will find a “design your own” button in the header bar circled red in the picture.










Now for this demonstration I will be clicking the “kids” button circled red in the picture, but it’s up to you who you want to customize the trainers for.

Step by step





The next step takes you to this page where you can choose the colour, price range and what type of order you want them in.  My son has chosen the 2 colours circled red and I thought I would keep the price as it was and went for the top sellers that Reebok has at the moment, also circled red.

TrainersThe next page shows the trainers they have from the selections I have made in the previous page and that’s all you need to do now is choose the style you want, don’t worry about the colour for now as you will be able to change all that soon.  My son wanted the ones circled red. (Dont forget to keep note of the price in the bottom left corner as it could change with some of the changes to the trainer you make)


Th next page shows you a close up of the trainer ready to be customized.  At the bottom is where you can zoom in or rotate the trainer so you can see it from all angles.


Or there is an option to either share, save or rest are if your not happy with what you have done.


Step by step

Next up there will be a menu on the left where you have to click on each item choosing the colour and material you want.  It’s as simple as that.


With each option you can either choose from leather or metallic leather but with the metallic leather you only have a choice of 4 colours and not the variety they have with just leather.  He has opted for the iconic pink and just leather to start with on the toe area.

I’ll move on a couple of stages so you don’t fall asleep on me???


By this point it is starting to look like Joseph’s Technicolor Dream Shoes!

Now for the side check you have an extra option for the material which is ponyhair so that’s what he wants in the Blanco colour.


Next up is the REEBOK tag on the side of the trainers, you can either have a white tag with different coloured writing or vice versa, you can’t choose something like blue writing on a pink tag, it has to be white writing on any other colour.

Step by step

Moving on to the back end of the trainer where you still have the extra ponyhair material to choose from but he has stuck with leather and chosen the colours he likes.  You can even choose the colour for the REEBOK writing on the back.

Let’s move on a couple of stages.

By this point I had somehow persuaded my boy to ditch the gold colour on the front of the trainer (I thought it looked terrible and wasn’t going to pay for them if he didn’t change it)



Here you have the option of ordering extra laces, either regular, wide or no extra laces at all.  I have a drawer full of laces so I’m all set.


There are 2 options for which soles you want, either ARTIC or…


Step by step



Which ones do you prefer?



This is a great customizing extra at the end where you can have your name written on the back.  His first name wouldn’t fit so he went with his surname, there’s also a choice to have it written in greeklife aswell if you fancy that.

FreeNow all that left to do is choose the size you want, where your from and what gender they are for.


The next page is where you can check that what you have designed is right and that the price is ok for you.  Then you can either pay through PayPal or checkout which I will be doing.

Step by step

Here you have to fill out your delivery address information which I can’t help you with I’m sorry.


Then finally you have to fill in your card details if you will be paying that way or you still have the option to pay via PayPal.  Once that is done, check to make sure all your details are ok then you are good to go.


I have shown you how to customize trainers pretty much every step I have taken whilst creating my son’s new Reebok trainers and it is very simple to do.


All done

I hope you have found this step by step of customizing your REEBOK trainers easy to follow and helpful and I wish you the very best of luck if you have the same grumpy indecisive child sat next to you that I had going through all this.

If you are going to do this yourself and you do need any help please feel free to ask anything in the comment section below.



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12 comments on “How to customize trainers – Easy step by step walkthrough


This is awesome! I had heard people talking about being able to customize your own shoes, but had always heard that it was too expensive. I love this for me too because I have wide feet and always have a problem finding wide shoes to fit my feet. Thanks for making it easy to follow along with the page by page screenshots of the process.


you’re very welcome Austin, my son has the same problem with wide feet and often has trouble finding the right pair of trainers.  Hope you find the pair that you want


What a great idea. I’ve never knew this was an option. I’ll definitely show the family as it always happens that the pair that you want doesn’t have the colour you want or you find a colour scheme you like but that’s not available in the style you want. Thanks for sharing


I love this idea! You can always get the exact pair of trainers you want….every time 🙂


Cool guide Shwni! I have been pretty tired of the same old colors that are always available at my local Fleet Feet in Chicago. Seems like every year I get the same black and red design. This is really cool, I had no idea companies were offering this kind of service. Thanks so much for sharing!

Out of curiosity, how long does it take them to make the shoes and ship them out? Is there much of a lead time?


The time they make them and ship them out isnt any different as to just ordering a pair that are already made

Ronnie Jordan

This is too awesome. Why did they not have this when I was an active athlete. This is most needed when you really are concerned about what you wear when in training. My only question is how accurate will the sizing be? If they nail it this is the perfect way to buy a shoe.


The sizing is spot on to be fair, its only the design that will be changed, by you


Wow, I am very interested in this service.
I am going to order two pairs of shoes for my children.
Thank you.


Order as many as you want, but don’t forget that children will go through trainers and shoes quickly so don’t spend too much on them or just keep them for best


Haha I really enjoyed this post, particularly the input from your son! I had no idea that you could custom make a pair of trainers, never mind how easy it looks to do.
The screenshots really illustrate the process perfectly and you have given me a brilliant idea to order for my nephew for Christmas!



My children rule my house so it made sense to have one of them in charge of putting this post together and showing everyone how easy it is to design your own trainers. Thanks for your comment


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