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How to Clean Soccer Shoes

How to Clean Soccer Shoes

How to Clean Soccer Shoes: With or Without a Cleaning AidHere's how to make soccer shoes clean

It’s a Saturday or Sunday morning and you realise you didn’t clean your boots after last week’s game

You have only got 10 minutes to spare before you have to leave and you need to clean them

This post will not only show you How to Clean Soccer Shoes but how to keep them in the best condition for as long as you possibly can

What “NOT” to do

If it has been a whole week since they have been used they will probably be caked in dry mud and grass if you couldnt be bothered to clean them straight after the game

If you’re like my son’s you just take them out the back garden and give them a few sharp bangs against the concrete floorSoccer players having their metal studs checked by the referee

But belive it or not you are actually damaging the studs and if you have a strict referee he will be checking to see if your studs are safe to play football with

If they are damaged its back in the changing rooms you go

Washing them with a cleaning agent can also damage the material

Best Way to Keep Your Soccer Shoes Looking Brand New

  • After every game loosen the laces so they are easier to clean and tap the boots together (not on the floor) to get rid of the games mud.
  • Use a stiff (not wire) brush to clean the whole boot even the sole.
  • Use a damp cloth to wipe off any left over dirt and mud.
  • If your boots are wet (which they probably are) get an old toothbrush to clean the dirt out of any small creases in the material.
  • With wet boots do not dry them with a hairdryer or put them on the radiators as the heat will damage the material and it won’t be long before they fall apart.  Get some old newspapers and stuff the boots so the paper will draw out any excess water and put them somewhere to dry naturally.
  • If they are made of leather, once they are fully dry you can use some appropriate boot leather polish to shine them up and then leave them to dry again.

My son asked me the other day, Can you put soccer cleats in the dryer?

I nearly choked on my cup of tea!

Can you imagine the noise it would make, not to mention the damage it would cause to the dryer

Whatever you do, DON’T put them in the tumble dryer for god’s sake!

Take a look at these gold soccer shoes here

Maintaining Your Metal Studs

How to clean soccer shoes
If you have blades or moulded studs you can just follow the steps above but with metal studs if they get wet you might find that they will rust if not treated

So you need to remove the studs and clean them with a damp cloth

Also clean out where you have taken the studs from

Before you screw them back in just coat the thread with a lubricant such as Vaseline which is perfect for this so they don’t get too dry

Make sure they are not too tightly fitted or too loose

Check out this quick video made by Dick’s Sporting Goods which shows you how to care for your soccer cleats

3 Soccer Cleat Cleaning Kits

If you’re looking for something extra to clean your grubby boots you can try these out which are brilliant

1. The Bootclaw

Bootclaw Pocket Soccer Cleat Mud ScraperHow To Clean Dirty Soccer ShoesYou get 2 products for the price of one with The Bootclaw

They are both for digging out caked in mud on your soccer shoes or cleats but they fit together perfectly in a very handy pocket size that will also fit to a keyring chain

Another great feature of this boot cleaner us that it has a stud key built into the handle in case your studs come loose during a soccer game

Ideal for any gift or stocking filler for any soccer players

Check Exact Price Button

2. Tika Taka Sports Boots Brush

Tika Taka Sports Boots Cleaner BrushHow To Clean Muddy Soccer ShoesYou don’t need any cleaning equipment with the Tika Taka Brush

All you need is the Boot brush and some water, but you can add liquid soap to the compartment above the cleaning bristles

Just add the soap and water, spray the underside of your soccer shoes and get really deep clean of your shoes

The Tika Taka is a hugely popular choice for taking care of your soccer shoes but you need to know that it will take a good amount of water to get them perfectly clean

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3. The Boot Buddy

The Boot Buddyhow to clean soccer bootsIt might look like an item from annsummers but I can assure you that this Boot Buddy will give your boots a better cleaning than any vibrator that is out there today

It’s a portable boot cleaner that has been accepted by The Dragons Den

But who’s to say it’s perfect for this job!

  • It has its own compartment for easy cleaning
  • It’s been approved by the Dragons (The Dragons Den)
  • You can keep it discrete and in your pockets
  • No batteries needed
  • You get a full 1 year guarantee

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Any Tips on How to Clean Soccer Shoes?

Have you got any tips on cleaning your soccer shoes?

Or if you know how to clean soccer cleats that stink then we would love to hear them if you do

So get involved in the conversation below and leave a comment for everyone to see and try out for themselves

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10 comments on “How to Clean Soccer Shoes

I cant think of another sport that would mess up shoes as much as this one. I haven’t played but I have watched football/rugby and yea you need some good shoes for that. Keeping them clean is the way to keep them working well. Great post and useful info!


Oh these sports can certainly mess your boots up that’s why it’s so important to keep them clean


I wasn´t aware about tapping the boots to the floor could damage them, but it makes sense. All your tips are very useful. About the metal studs, you recommend that we coat them with a lubricant like Vaseline before we screw them back, can I use any general oil like WD 40?


I wouldn’t use wd40 as that could damage the material in the long run… it


This is some great information! I usually just throw my dirty shoes in the washer and then let them air dry out in the sun … I’ve literally never thought about purchasing a brush. I love to hike, and the Boot Buddy looks like it would do the trick, since throwing them in the washing machine is probably pretty hard on the material. Thanks for these super practical tips!


Oh it’s my pleasure, but I wouldn’t put them in the washer as that could really damage them


Any time you spend good money on a pair of shoes, it’s a good idea to maintain them. “Cleats” as we call them in the United States, are no different. These are great tips for maintenance. I love the part about not using a hairdryer or radiator! If you dry them out to fast, you can shrink the leather. I really like the Bootbro. It seems like a simple and effective way to the get the dirt and mud off. Thanks for the great information. I will check back soon!


Thanks, yes I’ve always wondered about the word “cleats” I’m not to sure why you call them that to be honast but the bootbro is a handy little tool to be fair



This is the perennial problem for any sportsman or women who play on grass. How do you clean your shoes to get all the sods of grass and caked mud off?  It is also applicable to rugby players, cricket bowlers, which can cut your fingers very badly. and golfers as well.  It is very difficult to clean by hand if you have large, sharp spikes.  I can imagine how brushes are very useful as long as they are long enough to reach the bottom of the shoe.  I can imagine using one of your suggestions.

The mess that soccer boots make are astounding, and you often wonder when they don’t clean them straight away.  I think the coach needs to be informed.




That’s true Antonio,  if the players clean their shoes after every game and training session that they have on grass then they will keep in good condition for longer


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