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Home Exercise Equipment For Rugby Players


Home Exercise Equipment For Rugby Players: 10 Best to Improve Your Performance on the Field10 Best Home Exercise Equipment For Rugby Players

Any athlete that wants to really succeed in his discipline knows that training is the key

And getting some Home Exercise Equipment could be the key to making you a success in your chosen sport

If you want to just jump on the reviews of the awesome equipment that is in this post then just click on the links below


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How to Get Better at Rugby

Depending on the sport and even the position, the way an athlete trains his body varies

A runner can’t train in the same way as a professional weightlifter

I think that statement goes without saying

But those are the extremes, in the middle, there’re thousands of different sports and exercises that require a specific training for their accomplishment.Black and white image of a rugby team in a huddle

Being in a solo or team sport also marks a lot of differences in the routine each participant has to do

But one secret that is up to any kind of athlete, no matter his actual conditions, his position, or even his sport

Is that leaving training only for the practices or the gyms is not enough.

Actually, the physical preparation that happens during the gym or practice hours is simply a refinement or specific work

But the truth is that this time is too short to locally train each part of the body in a way they’re all in the top condition

Nevertheless, functioning to the maximum needs that kind of condition

So it’s necessary to integrate extra physical training to the gym/practice routine

For doing this without spending your entire life inside a gym

A good solution is to bring some of the training back to home

Today, you can find incredible home equipment that will allow you to build your own gym inside your house

Take a Quick Look at This Short Video of The Equipment in This List

This is a great idea because you can still be with your family, watch that TV show you wanted, dinner with your spouse and be able to include your training in between.

Training at Home For Rugby Players

Rugby is one of the most competitive sports in the world Click To Tweet

Players need to be tough, agile, fast and resistant all at onceman standing in front of a chalkboard with two chalk drawn big arms one on either side of him

Those needed conditions make rugby one of the hardest disciplines to train

And as we’ve been talking, the fact it is a team sport, require the practices to focus on plays, combined training, team chemistry, etc

Leaving not as much space as needed for the local or general physical preparation

Rugby players need to be sharp both in body and mind, and also need to learn to endure a lot of physical contacts

Probably the most physical contact of all team sports

This requires their body to be really strong so the bruises and hits won’t penetrate their muscle mass and injure their bones and organs

See this superb post on that will show you how you can Prevent Rugby Injuries

It really is worth a read when you have time

In that matter, they’re the best candidates to be benefited from a home gym system

As the idea of succeeding demands them that they don’t get lazy with work

But, where should they start building a home-gym?

What are the machines that will be really beneficial for training at home?

Simply buying anything that you can take to your house doesn’t guarantee a complete training for a rugby player

You need machines that can locally and generally train every section of your body

And, if you want to excel in a specific position, you’ll need to take that into consideration too when exercising in the gym.

Take a look at this short video of some workouts that you can do with one of the pieces of equipment that is on this list.

What’s The Best Home Exercise Equipment For Rugby Players?

If you’re a rugby player, and you want to build the home gym that will take your training to the next level, pay close attention to these 10 gems that I have found for you.

20kg Adjustable Weighted Vestman wearing a 20kg DKN Weighted Vest

Agility and mobility are two of the principal skills any rugby player needs

Running through the field is sufficiently tiring as it is very large

But simply running it is not enough to excel as a player

You need to be able to dribble sprint, turn around, sidestep, slide, and perform all kinds of moves to avoid other players

While some of the opposition are following you with a killing instinct

That’s why you need to feel light as a feather when you’re running, but, how to accomplish this with regular training?

It doesn’t matter how much you run and practice, once you master your own weight, there’s little you can do by yourself to raise the level.

That’s why you need to train your mobility and agility with an extra weight

But can you imagine trying to run and move fast with an iron disk or a bar on your shoulders?

It would simply be too uncomfortable and you won’t be able to see the results before you choose to drop it

With this adjustable weighted belt, your training routine definitely goes to a whole different level

You simply put the vest on and add as many weight packs as you need to keep raising the difficulty.

Advantages and Features:

The back of a 20kg DKN weighted vest

  • It’s fit is designed so that it wears like any vest, allowing you to move freely as it won’t add any weird and uncomfortable objects that you would have to carry when running.
  • The vest by itself is almost a whole kg so, you can start progressively by only wearing the vest to adapt your movements before you start adding weight.
  • The weight packs are removable so you can change the weight and distribution according to your training needs.
  • If the weight packs become too light for you, you can buy heavier spares and keep leveling up without having to buy a whole new gear.
  • The pack slots are evenly distributed so you’re sure the weight won’t be located in only one place.
  • It includes 38 weight packs of about 510g each, so you can control the amount of weight exactly and add progressively.
  • The vest includes a Velcro belt that can be fastened tightly so the gear won’t be uncomfortable. It adapts to your body shape so you can also move very conveniently.
  • The whole gear is about 20kg which represents a great weight percentage for most athletes. This means that you will have a great period of training before you think about buying new packs.
  • It’s very convenient for packaging so you can use it for training home and also for transporting it.
  • If you use it as a daily gear, you’ll be training even when you’re not, without noticing it eventually.

Final Thoughts on This Weighted Vest

Mastering with easiness more than your own weight is the key to develop great agility and mobility

If you’re so used to running and sidestepping with this extra weight on your shoulders, you should be flying when you take it off and play on the field.

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A.C.T. Commercial 7ACT Commercial 7 Elliptical Trainer

Running is an undeniable part of any rugby player training

Actually, we might say that it is the core of it

This is because the main goal of rugby is running from one side to the field to the other in order to score a try

But, it’s a bit hard to run in a beneficial way if you’re training inside the house

When a rugby player trains to run, he needs resistance so the running really becomes effective

As well as the idea of training with weight, adding resistance to the running training is the only way to develop not only strength and velocity, but also agility.

The problem is that simply adding this to the ankles when running can be very harmful as the effort could be too much for the ligaments

And let’s not even talk about the impact that running will have for the knees

That kind of training could get you out of service instead of actually helping you

That’s why an elliptical is an indispensable piece of machinery in any home-gym

But we all know that rugby players are usually big and if they get too intense on the running they might even break a weak elliptical

So, a very stable and strong piece of equipment is needed to fill the running needs of these kinds of athletes

Among the available options, the A.C.T commercial 7 covers a huge range of advantages that go way over the fact of being strong.

Advantages and Features:Hi-tech digital screen of an elliptical training machine

  • The elliptical system allows you to run as fast as you can without generating impact on the knees, ankles, and ligaments. This means that you can surpass the regular measure of effort and develop your skills to the maximum.
  • This elliptical in particular counts with 24 resistance levels and 35 workout apps that can help you easily vary the intensity and direction of the workout. This way, you can use it for training back running skills, changing speed, suddenly stopping and several other variations of running.
  • The design is made for stability and also includes a soft grip on the pedals, so you can concentrate on training without feeling insecure about the machine.
  • The stride button is located in the middle and switches by a quarter of an inch, so you can easily adjust the position of the arms. This way the training will be fluid and the movement will be natural.
  • It also includes a screen with internet connection where you can check your heart rate (which is measured by a sensor in the arms) and other options. Also, you can download new training, read important information and study your plays while you train at home.
  • Maximum weight for using is 135 kg.

Final Thoughts on This Elliptical Trainer

Running will never again be a problem thanks to this elliptical that will allow you to take your home training to the next level without any impact

Also, it’s easily movable thanks to its wheels so you can practically do anything like watching television with the family, while you go for a run.Check Exact Price Button

Classic Pro SkierNordictrack classic pro skier machine

So, we already established that running is essential for any rugby player

But we also said before that being able to take a hit and stop some other fellas is also part of the game

This means that players need to strengthen the muscles on the back of their legs (hamstrings), even more than the ones on the front.

For stopping someone that comes sprinting towards you

You need to be really strong on those muscles, including the ones on your glutes

Unlike running, that needs a force that impulses you forward, when holding you to stop that force and for that, you need to be stronger than it.

But that strength can’t be reached solely by running, even if you add some resistance

That’s because as we explained when you run you move forward and the quadriceps are the main responsible for that movement, while the hamstrings double as a backup.

For achieving the right strength for tackling in Rugby, the hamstrings need to work more than the quadriceps Click To Tweet

And this only happens when you go up, like when you climb a mountain or run over a mountain trail, or of course, ski.

Even though we all love the idea of a ride on ski’s in the mountains, it’s possible that you don’t have the time to do that as much as you would like to

Or even live anywhere near where you can go skiing

And that’s what makes skiers another essential of a home gym for rugby players.

Advantages and Features:Classic Pro Skier front and side dimension drawings

  • Skiers provide a specific kind of training that is really hard to achieve with horizontal running machines such as elliptical and running band.
  • Nordic Skier, in particular, is really good as it offers a very natural motion that reduces impact to the minimum.
  • The cardiovascular workout on this skier is one of the best you could get from any machine.
  • It includes different levels of inclination and resistance so you can keep leveling up on your holding skills.
  • The Nordic skier includes separated controls and resistance in the skis and in the arms, so you can adopt different kinds of workouts.
  • It includes a LED screen that counts the calories and heart rate so you can keep count when you’re in your fit zone.
  • It holds up to 115kg of weight so, even when it’s not as strong as the elliptical, it still resists enough for a rugby player.
  • Unlike the elliptical, the kind of movement on this machine is very unnatural for the body (while not harming), this creates a higher concentration and trains small muscles that are really hard to train on regular exercises.

Final Thoughts on This Ski Machine

The particular movement on this machine will help not only develop the back resistance you need to hold the contrary players but will also help you develop a better feet management

This way, difficult back-steps, possible stumbling and inclined running will be much more easily performed.

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Studio 7400 Multi GymStudio 7400 Multi Gym

So, we’ve talked a lot about the lower part of the body, but any rugby player knows that you need to throw, to hold players, and to tackle, so the upper part of the body also needs to be in shape

The problem is that training every single muscle of the upper area requires an extensive series of exercises.

The upper area of our bodies counts with a great number of muscles as it globes the arms, shoulders, back, chest, and even the whole thoracic box

And, as the hands and arms are not designed to support own body weight, it could be hard to train it in a natural way

The most effective and fast method for increasing our upper strength without hurting ourselves is with lifting and is

That’s why the multi-gym or multi-force is an excellent machine to buy for a home gym

It includes all the basic localized exercises and the weight needed to do them in only one machine

The best part of this Studio 7400 Multi Gym is that it allows you to reinforce your lower body training as well, with the addition of lifting

This way, you will be able to add specific force-training to the running and skiing preparation we’ve seen before

Be the toughest and hold the contraries back with all the benefits of this multi-gym

Advantages and Features:

  • The most complete exercise machine available for a home-gym; it includes capacity for pull downs, bicep training, leg curls, leg extensions, chest press and peck deck.
  • The machine is composed of high and down pulleys, dual-action chest station and a preacher pad for biceps.
  • Additionally, it features a sturdy frame, multi-position seat, a comfy paddle and 80kg weight stack.
  • Unlike working with cuff links, that are uncomfortable to handle when you start adding weight, this machine is designed to be easily managed without any changing in the grip while adding weight.
  • Working with an extra of 80kgs could be really hard by hand or even with a vest, but the gym design of the studio 7400 studio 7400 Multi Gymmakes it comfortable.
  • The possibility of working every muscle in a localized way assures maximum profit of every repetition and top result for each muscle.
  • Combining lifting in the upper and lower body seals up the whole core of the player so it’s completely tight with no weak spots.
  • Supporting the lower strength with a strong core and thoracic box in general could be the difference between being unstable on the field or a complete steady rock.
  • With a resistance of up to 150kg of use, you can be sure that it will resist the leveling up to the maximum.
  • Even when you manage the 80kg the fact that you can work on repetitions makes it easier to keep gaining even without having to add other is..
  • But, In case you need to add it, you can install heavier is until some limit, without having to buy a new machine.

Final Thoughts on This Multi-Gym

Forget waiting in the gym to use every machine to boost your upper strength

Put on your favorite show, watch your plays or share with your family at home while you assure a perfect physical preparation.

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CAP Barbell 6 Tier Medicine Ball SetCAP Barbell 6 Tier Medicine Ball Set

Any Rugby player knows that the ball is a determining factor in the training

It doesn’t matter how much you train your body if you can’t get the mobility, agility, and handling of the ball, it’s worth nothing

But it’s really hard to replace the effect of the ball with regular is or cuff links

The way the body has to move when grabbing a ball, the change of direction, the grip at the tip of the fingers, hand use, and perception are highly triggered with a ball

So, how can you add this kind of fine motor skills to your regular training in a way that’s natural and integrates with your running?

Well, simple, with the Medicine Balls that are so popular these days, ball sports athletes can improve this particular agility in a way they have never been able before

And when it comes to variety and quality, the barbell 6 is a product that we need to recommend

Of course, they’re not exactly the shape of a rugby ball, but the effect is the same when it comes to moving as if you were grabbing one

Before you read on just take a look at this short video from MensHealth that will show you 33 awesome medicine ball exercises that will give you a great workout.

Advantages and Features:

  • The set includes 6 balls of different is; 2-4-6-10-12 lbs.
  • The different sizes and is allow you to strengthen your core in a progressive way, assuring maximum benefit from every level of training.
  • The gripping texture resembles the one on the professional rugby balls, so it makes it easier to control it for when rehearsing passes.
  • The balls bounce so you can use them for receiving training
  • When working passes and ball management with an increased weight, agility and precision are boosted when managing the real ball.
  • Balance and coordination are also improved with the regular training with these medicine balls.
  • It includes a portable and well-designed rack to store all your medicine balls in a comfortable way. They can fit your home gym in an organized way.
  • These tools are excellent for helping people regain strength after injuries.
  • These are one of the most versatile exercise tools available in the market, so by simply having these in your home gym, you can actually cover a great part of your training.

Final Thoughts on This Medicine Ball Set

Besides all these advantages, Cap medicine balls are beautifully designed with vivid colours that will add a touch of style to your home gym

Also, they’re ideal for a family training, you can have quality time with your family and maybe train the future players with this amazing equipment.

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TRX Training – Suspension Trainer Basic Kit + Door AnchorTRX Training Suspension Trainer Basic Kit + Door Anchor

TRX has become very popular in the recent years because of one solid reason

It’s one of the most integrate ways to really work out

The suspension system allows athletes to train their bodies from the core out instead of doing it backwards

This assures integral strength and stability, and with only the body weight added

But, how is TRX especially functioning for rugby players?

Well, the main advantage of working out in suspension, that can’t offer the other kinds of training we’ve described before, is flexibility

When you workout with an intense extra weight, the body tends to lose flexibility while gaining strength

But rugby players need to have mobility and be able to elongate their bodies for different kinds of plays.

TRX Suspension System obliges the muscle to extend to its maximum while It’s training

This means that you will be developing both flexibility and strength at a time

Of course, the kind of strength is different from the one you develop while exercising with weight, but that’s exactly why it doubles as a compliment.

Besides flexibility, TRX is so famous because it integrates HIIT with a lot of other capacities that are needed for becoming an integral player.

Advantages and Features:A detailed list of what the TRX Suspension System Kit contains

  • When working with suspension, your muscles are obliged not only to develop strength and flexibility, but also a controlled reflex to maintain the exercise line.
  • Agility and mobility are also highly trained with this TRX kit.
  • By using body weight, TRX is a combined exercise that allows players to burn fat while gaining muscle.
  • It’s very portable and packable so you can either use it for training at home or for traveling.
  • This specific kit is perfect for training everywhere as it includes a door anchor that allows you to install it in an elevated point including doors.
  • The suspension and constant tension on this kind of exercise is one of the best ways to increase endurance. Give the best of you until the end of the game with TRX preparation.
  • Stability is one of the best characteristics that are highly developed with TRX. IT will allow you to keep on your feet at almost any position and situation, even while holding the ball.
  • You can spot training with your TRX kit too, so it’s ideal for giving an extra boost to those muscles that usually lose flexibility when training with weight. A good example is the shoulders, which can be taken to the maximum elongation with the TRX system without hurting (that’s very difficult to accomplish when training with is).
  • TRX grants a solid core and strength training without necessarily bulking, so it’s ideal for runners that need to impulse their body to the maximum but still keep lightweight.
  • This kind of training has very low to non-impact on your joints and ligaments so it’s ideal for training injured players and gaining strength back very quickly and safely.
  • This complete package includes: RX Suspension Training Strap, best-in-Class 35 page full-color TRX Workout Guide & Two Bonus Workouts – TRX Endurance Circuit and TRX Metabolic Blast, TRX Suspension Anchor, TRX Door Anchor.

Final Thoughts on This Suspension Trainer

TRX is the perfect complement to the is workout and helps develop and increase some features that can never be reached by lifting

Also, this TRX kit grants that you can work out any moment anywhere and keep the resistance without injuring.

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Stamina 15-0120 InStride Cycle XLStamina 15-0120 InStride Cycle XL

As the name implies, this machine is made to develop stamina in a very light and comfortable way

Even though we know that for being an elite athlete it’s necessary to continuously train hard

It’s also true that some rest or light training is also necessary to let the workout settle in and the body to recover.

This stamina machine simply activates the blood flow on your legs and gives a very soft cardiovascular exercising with no impact

Of course, this machine allows to adapt the tension on the pedals, but comparing to all the previous equipment, this is without a doubt light training.

This doesn’t mean that working out with the Stamina InStride is less effective, It simply is a different kind of workout

Unlike many people think, training too hard can affect our organism a lot, and if we don’t give it a rest, it may result in varicose veins or other circulation problems, among other difficulties

Having a good cardiovascular and circulation is essential to avoid heart disease as well as other benefits such as lowering the bad fats in your blood.

Advantages and Features:Close up of the Stamina InStride Cycle Digital screen technology

  • This machine is ideal for warming up in a light way before starting the HIIT. This way you improve the elongation limit and avoid suffering injuries on the joints and muscles. By providing a natural soft weight-less movement to your knees, this cycling machine keeps them in shape to endure stronger training.
  • It’s ideal for knee-injured players that need to slowly go back on track. It’s complete impact-free as you don’t even have to rest your own body weight on the knees. Besides, the movement is so delicate and natural that it won’t stress your joints in any way.
  • You can use for both your upper and lower body, simply put the machine on a higher platform to use your arms or on the floor for your feet.
  • It includes a digital screen that monitors your heart rate and fat-burn.
  • This kind of lightweight-cardiovascular training incredibly increases the capacity, ideal for those players that used to smoke or have any kind of breathing problems. At the same time, the soft and controlled way of training avoids over stressing the lungs while expanding them.
  • This kind of training improves digestion and metabolism in general.
  • The best part is that the machine is so easy to move and small that you can take everywhere and keep growing your stamina even while working at the computer or watching TV.
  • Forward and reverse options for improving your feet mobility.
  • It includes non-slip rubber feet to assure you can accelerate the pedaling as much as you want without it moving from its place.
  • It’s an excellent active rest for those days when your body is simply too overloaded to keep the training intensity.

Final Thoughts on This InStride Cycle

Cycling is without a doubt one of the best exercises when it comes to cardiovascular improvement, it helps feet and legs feel lighter and free

Besides, it assures a lot of healthy factors besides the workout per se such as better blood pressure and circulation

Give your HIIT a resting day with the Stamina InStride.

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Stamina InTone Oval JoggerStamina InTone Oval Jogger with arm resistant bands attached

Being agile, sidestepping, and avoiding the opponent are essential parts of playing rugby

But the traditional ways to train this kind of agility are always of very high impact on the joints

Especially if the player is heavy and slow, when jumping the rope, jogging, or skipping, the knees and ankles will suffer

That’s why this Stamina InTone jogger is such a revolutionary gear for home gyms

Consisting of an elastic bed with holders and TRX-style handlers, this equipment is very complete for agility and mobility training and it’s completely impact-free

Another important factor that may be hard to train for rugby players without impacting is the ankle/feet stability and strength

Imagine a player that bulk, fast, strong and agile with his hands but that very often loses balance, steps wrong, or hurts his ankles

That would completely damage the integral efficiency of the player as well as his value when it comes to statistics

To avoid this kind of circumstances, it’s necessary to give the proper training to this area while making sure you don’t overload it

This machine is precisely ideal for that kind of training, and the fact you can add the stretching TRX handles for a complete training, makes it indispensable for any rugby players home gym.

Advantages and Features:Features and advantages of the Stamina InTone Oval Jogger

  • Rebounding surfaces are completely different to what the body and feet are used to; to adapt to them, the body needs to make use of its maximum balance, stability and core. Just like the example of running with and without added weight, being able to dribble, jump and manage yourself over a bouncing surface will dramatically increase your agility and mobility when it comes to flat, hard floors.
  • Strengthen your ankle, feet and knee joints without impact and prepare them to give the maximum on the field.
  • Improve your reflexes and never stumble again on hard floor by developing a quicker time of reaction to wrong-steps.
  • It’s an excellent tool for both training and having some fun with the family; your children will love the idea of a bouncing bed and you’ll be able to train while still sharing with them.
  • The bouncing bed includes a digital screen monitor that takes track of how many jumps you take per minute, total jumps, workout time and calories burned.
  • The holder allows you to vary the type of exercising without falling out of the bed. With time and practice you’ll be able to quick-skip on the bed, and once you can do it fast while bouncing, your feet mobility on the ground will be dramatically improved.
  • You can combine lower and upper training thanks to the TRX elastic handles.
  • It includes a blue-colored border to keep you inside the bouncing pad. This improves your eye-feet coordination and obliges you to keep concentrated to remain inside the pad and not hurt yourself.
  • Increase stamina and cardiovascular resistance in a fun and impact-free way.

Final Thoughts on This Oval Jogger

Keep your whole body toned and develop you general reflexes while having fun with the Stamina Intone Oval bed. Once you’ve mastered the art of bouncing, the effects will be greatly seen on the field.

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Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power CageMan standing next to the Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage

One of the major necessities for any athlete that plays a running sport is the body weight managing

If a rugby player or other runner can’t hold his own body weight, this decreases dramatically his abilities to move quickly and have an immediate response to any direction change

Or maybe he will be able to figure out the moment but the whole body reaction time won’t match that reflex.

The thing is that, for really managing your body weight, it’s necessary that your core and thoracic box surpass the strength needed to move alongside with the legs

But for achieving this result, is are not enough; you need to work in suspension

That’s why any rugby player home gym needs a bar/parallels installation that allows him to train his upper region and his abs with elevation.

That’s why we recommend the Fitness Reality Power Cage

This cage is a very complete structure that supports heavyweight and has enough space for a big player to move comfortably, without occupying so much space that you can’t have it at home.

Advantages and Features:Super Max Power Cage with a bench and weight bar

  • Lifting exercises such as squats, curls, and shrugs can be dangerous to train at home if the is are too heavy and you don’t have a support structure. The sets of safety bars allow you to safely train with the confidence that they will hold up any weight in an emergency moment. Also, they’re adjustable and you have 19 height-levels for installing them so you can customize the safety according to your needs.
  • Pull-ups and chin-ups are essential for gaining a complete core and upper body weight control; working on suspension is the only way to achieve this. With the Multi-position bars, you’ll be able to do these exercises with different open levels and hand positions so you can also train each muscle in particular. Also, you can practice leg raise for a full abs training.
  • With the lower bar, you can also add push-ups and raised push-ups to your training.
  • With an extra lifting bed (next item) and the support bars, you can also perform bench presses in a very safe way. Remember you can adapt the safety bars as lower as you need.
  • The cage includes two stabilizing safety rear bars to assure that no matter your weight and the intensity of training, the cage will remain on its feet and support you.
  • The structure is 83.5 inches height so even tall players will have enough space for training without complication.
  • This cage is essential to have at a rugby player’s home gym, it’s perfect for a very complete physical preparation and suspension workout. It also gives several options for extra attachments to keep growing your personal routine without having to buy an entire machine separately.

Final Thoughts on This Power Cage

It’s also good for weightless training for the family and children could find it especially fun to play with it, while strengthening their core too.

As it doesn’t need to be attached to the floor, you can install it and move it easily according to your space needs.

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Weider Ultimate Body WorksWeider Ultimate Body Works exercise machine

We’ve finally reached our last item to build up the perfect home gym for rugby players

And it’s of course, the complement to all the mentioned equipment and exercises, the lifting bed.

An essential for a complete workout and indispensable for weight training, designed to cope with all kinds of exercises (those that you can do on a simple bench and those that you can’t.)

But, the best part is that this specific bed, the Weider Ultimate, is much more than a simple bed that doubles as a support for lifting

This bed includes a series of extra features that will give your workout a plus that otherwise would represent a whole new machine.

Very much resembling the TRX equipment, this lifting bed includes a cable pulley system that allows you to include countless exercises to your routine

Let’s see the advantages of this compliment

Advantages and Features:

A topless man working out on the Weider exercise machine

  • Exercises such as paddle rowing are very difficult to perform if you don’t have the right equipment. With the pulleys on this bench and the adjustable weight, you’ll be able to add this essential exercise to your home training without any extra gear.
  • It’s the perfect complement for all the previous equipment as it doubles as a lifting bench that can be installed with the cage.
  • The four resistance bands allow you to increase the weight up to 50 pounds.
  • It’s very compact and adaptable so it can be easily stored.
  • The inclination and height of the bench are adaptable and it includes wheels so you don’t only work the upper area but also the lower abs with the sliding movement.
  • The machine allows 7 easy-to-change incline positions to adapt your workout according to the intensity you need.
  • The pulley system is ideal for training the whole thoracic box including oblique, lower and upper abs.

Final Thoughts on This Weider Ultimate

This bench is the completing piece for the home gym that will grant you the physical preparation you need to excel

Use it for a heavy lifting and get ready to hold the opponent back at any cost

Bulk up and build muscle mass and strengthen your core and the results will speak for themselves.

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Final Thoughts on Rugby Exercising Machines

Being an integral athlete is something that requires much more than practice; you need to really take the most of every part of your body

The good news is that the human body has an incredible capacity to continuously surpass its limits, all it needs is the right effort.

Solo gym-time is essential for any rugby player and also any team-sport because the work of the practices and the coach is mainly to make the teamwork

Also, generate good physical condition but in a way that it serves the team chemistry or specific capacities.

A rugby player running full speed with a rugby ball on a rugby field

But the responsibility of generating maximum physical conditions and general health is on each player

The problem is that it can get hard to conciliate solo gym-time with practices and having a normal life, family, business, social life in general

That’s why a home-gyms is so essential for these athletes, so they can really focus on working out without leaving aside their responsibilities and life as a person.

Just Remember…

Dedcation to a sport means giving up a few luxuries in order to gain the luxury of being a great sports person! Click To Tweet

So get yourself at least one of these in the list.

With the equipment that we’ve presented before, any rugby player can assure a complete training for both the upper and lower region, as well as the core

But furthermore, if used correctly, the elements selected can also improve the general skills that any player needs to excel on the field.

If you’re looking for the way to perfect your physical condition and still enjoy family time, these items are the perfect solution for you

Build up your home-gym with the best home exercise equipment for rugby players.

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8 comments on “Home Exercise Equipment For Rugby Players

I have been looking into rugby here and there and came across this article. I don’t know why, but it never dawned on me the amount of training that goes into playing the sport. This was an excellent read, I am definitely letting my friends who play know about this site.


Any sport you play requires a serious amount of training if you want to be the best that you can be, it just all depends how great you want to be at your game.
Thanks for dropping by and I hope to see you and your rugby friends back to read more of what this site has to offer



I not a rugby player but I’m amazed by their strong performance and like to train like them.

The vest you mentioned seems like a good start for me and with all the post and reviews you have here I can start learning more about how they train and what equipment they can use.

Do you know what type of muscle the rugby players train the most?

Regards, Jan


Pretty much all muscle groups are equally worked on as a rugby player but it depends on your position.

Richard Hoffmann

Hello Shwni,

As someone who comes from a Rugby crazy nation (South Africa) I have an appreaciation about how big and strong these professionals are. Even 15 years ago, they were big and fast but nothing like they are today. 

There is a lot of equipment on your site and you have covered so much ground but I would like to know, should one like to start training like these athletes, what would be the essentials to start with and build from there?

Thanks for a great post.



Hi Richard, The Springboks are an amazing team so you have a lot to live up to if you want to be t0like the players in the team, lol

I would make sure that you start with getting a decent fitness level first and you can do that without any machines or gadgets

Go for a run or fast-paced walk to start off with which doesn’t cost a penny and then maybe progress to one of these awesome training equipment pieces, who knows, we might be seeing you on the field one day 😉


I’m afraid I am a bit of a couch potato and don’t play rugby, I prefer to sit behind the scenes and watch.  I found your article and it is a really interesting read.

I love the idea of the weighted vest.  I can imagine how much lighter a player would feel on the field if he is used to running, or even training for that matter, with one of these vests on.

I wonder if this would benefit ordinary walkers trying to put some extra work into their daily walk.  I like the idea that you can build up the weight gradually. I will definitely check this out.

Thanks for the tips.


Of course, it would benefit people just wanting to walk around wearing the weighted vest, it just gives that extra weight to make your muscles work a bit more but check with your doctor first if you have any back issue that might be made worse by wearing one 🙂


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