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Girls Soccer Coach

Coaching Girls Soccer

Girls Soccer Coach: Perfect Your Coaching Skills For Girls in Your Soccer TeamCoaching Girl's Soccer

Now let’s get this straight before you keep reading

Even if you think that there is no difference in girl’s or boys playing soccer at a young age

There still are slight differences between them that you should think about before you start being a Girls Soccer Coach

So, You have been a coach for a while now and all of sudden you have one or two,

Or even more girl’s joining your team and you are not sure how to deal with it

The main structure of your training sessions shouldn’t change all that much really

But you might have to change your attitude towards the new players

Especially if they have never played before

First and foremost, always remember you are still coaching the whole team and not boys & girl’s separately

Like all new players joining, you should teach them the basics away from the players you already have at the start

So that they don’t mess the balance up of the training session

Now I’m not saying just because they are girl’s they will mess things up

It’s because they are new players they need to be taught separately at the start like in all sports

There are some amazing female soccer players around the world and I actually grew up with and went to school with one of them

Former Arsenal Women’s Football Team and now Wales Women Football Team’s Manager Jayne Ludlow

And what a player she was in school!

She could run rings around any of us boys and would often joke about it to us

My Point Is…

Girls have the potential to be better soccer players than boys due to the fact that they are much better at multitasking than us men! Click To Tweet

Just Take A Look At Some Of These Women Soccer Players At Work In This Short Video

5 Things to Think About When Coaching Soccer to Girls

1. Emotions & Sensitivity

I’m not saying that when you are coaching girl’s they are always going to be crying

But there are not many boys that will show their emotions in front of their friends if you shout at them for fear of getting the piss taken out of them

The girls might not take the shouting as well as the boysgirl soccer teams

Although I have seen my fair share of boys crying because the coach had been screaming at them for messing up

So if you are a loud and mouthy coach then you might want to tone it down a bit, But not too much!

2. Technique & Gameplay

Now something that you should understand, especially if it’s your first ever time coaching a girl’s soccer team

Girls are just as capable as boys at pulling off some wicked skills on the pitch so don’t underestimate them

They will be able to master the tricky gameplay situations that you will have planned for them

Sometimes better than the boys as they tend to listen more

If you are worried about the strength that is needed when your players are fighting for the ball

Then don’t be, Girls think they have more to prove than boys and they will fight for that ball like a tramp would fight you for a sandwich!

Even though some boys are generally stronger than girl’s you have nothing at all to fear in that department

3. Competition

Lastly, as you are probably already aware, Girls are as competitive, if not more competitive than boyswinning the world cup trophy

So there is another thing that you don’t have to worry about

You know for a fact that if there is soccer match coming up then the whole squad,

Irrespective of their gender, is going to give you 100% to make sure they get the win for both themselves and their coach and maybe even the winning trophy

Just take a look at all the competitive sportswomen that are out there today

They all had to start somewhere and that somewhere could be with you as their coach

Dealing With The Parentssoccer moms rule

You might find that the parents of the girl’s in your team are a little bit more protective than they are with the boys

But that’s not to say you should treat them any different in the way you train them or shout at them

Parents of the children that you will be coaching might have issues with your approach as you can’t please everyone can you

But you must remain professional at all times and listen to what they have to say if they confront you before you start mouthing off to them

And whatever you do, don’t start arguing with the parents in front of the children

Let them know that you will speak to them after the training session, or soccer game has finished away from the children

Even though you are the one that is in charge of the team, and you will get those parents that think they know better than you

But you should always welcome any feedback, questions, or concerns they may have so that you will become a better coach and be able to deal with a lot more.

Visualizing The Win

Girls are normally better at visualizing a game scenario or a set-piece than boys and you could take advantage of this as a coach

Maybe you could try this technique with the whole team and hopefully, it might work for the boys as well as the girl’s
Girl's Soccer Coaching

  • Just before a game or even a training session sit the players down on the ground and get them to close their eyes…NOW RUN!!!… Only Kidding!
  • Describe your surroundings that they will be playing on to get them relaxed about playing on the soccer field. They might have played there loads of times before but this might take away the nerves that they normally get.
  • Talk about the distractions that they might come up against, like the sun in their eyes or the parents shouting from the sidelines, things like that. This will prepare them for what is going to happen and they will be able to block those things out and focus on the game at hand.
  • Get them to visualize that they are a confident, focused, and super fast-paced players that need the help from their team-mates to take the win.

This method might be a little different to what you normally do but it won’t hurt to try it at least once, would it?

Now I know that you have probably been coaching for a while and you know how to train the team

All I am saying is to give this a try and if it doesn’t work then you could always go back to your usual pre-game ritual

And it goes without saying that your team needs to have a warm-up before playing a soccer match.

Final Thoughts

As a soccer coach, the children will be looking to you for guidance and to teach them to be great players

You will need to be their Coach, Friend, Teacher, Guidance Counsellor, even their Therapist

So don’t ever abuse your authority and nurture them into the world-class soccer players of the future

Who knows, you might be seeing both the boys and the girl’s playing for their country someday and that could be down to the training that you put them trough.


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2 comments on “Girls Soccer Coach

This made me think back to my own soccer playing years. We were definitely not as competitive as the boys. My main goal for my soccer games was to make sure I didn’t get hit by the ball and enjoy the orange slices that they gave us at half-time! It all depends on the players that end up on your team. You will get a mixed bag at young ages. As they become more advanced, they will likely become more competitive.


That’s very true what you say about the young ages, you will get some tough girl players and not so tough boys so you never know what you are going to be dealing with 🙂


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