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Full 90 Soccer Headgear

Full 90 Soccer Headguard Review 2019

Full 90 Soccer Headgear Review 2019

As a parent of 4 boys who love sports especially soccer/football

I know how important it is to keep our children as safe as we can during any sports

But whatever your opinions of head guards in soccer I just want to give you my point of view so here is my personal review on the Full 90 Soccer Headgear

Quick Overview

Black Full 90 Sports Premier Performance Soccer Headgear

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Full 90 Soccer Headgear Introduction

This very high standard design has an adjustable lightweight cross strap which makes it comfortable and will easily fit any shaped head

The inner lining is made with moisture management fabric that helps soak up your sweat quicker than just basic cloth

And the interchangeable occipital padding makes it one unique piece of soccer safety equipmentThe back of a woman's head with a ponytail wearing the full 90 soccer headgear

It also has the new x-band adjustable back padding so you have maximum comfort and padding around the whole of your head

Who is it For?

Works excellent for young children and adults with short hair

With longer hair you might want to try the full head protection with a chin strap as this band type tends to move too much with longer hair for some reason

My Opinion

As far as soccer head safety goes you won’t get better than this one

Some might not agree that they should be worn but it might be the law for all soccer players to wear sports head protection in the future

So you might as well get used to them now

How to Measure Your Head For The Full 90 Soccer Headgear

Full 90 Soccer Headgear Size Chart

You need to use a fabric tape measure and wrap it around the fullest part of the forehead keeping the tape quite tight and it’s as simple as that

  • Small/Medium – 19 to 22 inches (49 to 56 cm)
  • Large – 21 7/8 to 24 inches (55 to 62 cm)

A child’s safety is PARAMOUNT

Do you Think Headgear In Soccer Should Be Compulsory?

Just Take a Look at This Short Video Before You Decide

Vote Here if You Think Head Protection in Soccer Should be Compulsory

Or do you want to look at a different type of soccer headgear?

  1. Unequal Halo 3
  2. Storelli Exoshield

Quick Recap

Red Full 90 Sports Premier Performance Soccer Headgear

Full 90 Headgear ResearchBest Place to Buy: AMAZON



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Just Before You Leave

If you have ever worn one of these soccer head guards then I would love to hear what you think of them

Are they comfortable or are they just a pain in the ass?

Let others know your views or warn them of their problemsshwni signiture

Have any Questions or Comments?

6 comments on “Full 90 Soccer Headgear

Edrian Saguiped

I play soccer sometimes and I really need a pieces of new equipment. Maybe I can try the things you mentioned in this post and give it a go! It’ll improve my game and make me look stylish at the same time!:)


Thats great to hear Edrian, let me know what you think of the head gear


Do your kids where these no problem?


My 3 youngest boys are ok with them but my eldest who is 11 is a bit reluctant to wear his


Great information and I am so glad to run across your site.
I have an 18-year-old son with mental retardation. He loves to play soccer and does very well in Special Olympics soccer. He does not know how to protect his head like most people do. We have been told to purchase head protection gear. Would you recommend this for someone with special needs?
Thanks for the information and I will check back soon to see your answer. Thanks


First off thats excellent news that your son plays soccer for the special olympics, the full90 head gear would be ideal for him and yes i would recommend it but it might take some getting used to. let me know if you need any more help in finding the right one to suit your son. thanks for finding this site


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