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Football Memorabilia For Sale

Football Memorabilia For Sale

Football Memorabilia For Sale: All Authentic & Genuine

Authentic Signed Football Memorabilia For SaleYou never go to a football match thinking…

“I wonder if I can get something to add to my football memorabilia collection at the game today?”

No, you don’t!

You are better off looking for a genuine place online that has Football Memorabilia For Sale

You go there just praying that your team wins and you don’t have to keep jumping up every 10 minutes because a group of drunken idiots think its great to start a Mexican wave!!!

Picture The Scene…
Football fan holding his arms up in the air celebrating at a football match

The game is nearly over

He shoots, He scores in the final minute of the game giving your team the win

Your favourite football player celebrates madly and takes off his sweaty match shirt and throws it into the crowd in your direction to celebrate

But is it going to reach you?

It doesn’t look like but when is it going to be the next time you actually come this close to being able to suck the sweat out of the shirt of your favourite football player?

It’s Now or Never…

It feels like it’s in slow motion as you dive for that football shirt knocking over 2 children and 3 elderly men in the process

You have your fingertips on it…

Finally, it’s in your grasp!

But oh no!Young football player holding a football and holding his thumb up

So has a young boy who idolises this player and one day wants to be like him

You look down at him with the beaming smile on his face thinking he has won still with the shirt held tight between you

You want that shirt…

You NEED that shirt…

Then you remember…

I’m bigger and stronger than him

The football shirt is yours woohoo!!!

Well the boy has to learn that life isn’t always fair hasn’t he?

Just need to get the autograph put on it by the player and you have yourself some football memorabilia to add to your collection

What is Football Memorabilia?

Football memorabilia, also know as souvenirs or keepsakes are usually collected by fans for either sentimental value or the fact that it might increase in value, personally, I would put money on the latter

With the Fifa World Cup continuing to spread even further worldwide

It is attracting more and more international fans seeking out rare and valuable football collector’s items making the market for these things hard to come by

The Start of Collecting Sports Memorabilia

1 old baseball next to 1 new baseballIt is said that collecting sports items from the big stars started in the 1920s

The legendary baseball player BABE RUTH used to give out the baseball to fans that he used during the games and they often asked him to sign them…

Well back then not many women would get their breasts out for him to sign, would they?

Speaking of Babe Ruth

The most expensive singular item of a signed sports collectable was a jersey that Babe Ruth wore through the 1920 season and it was sold for a massive $4,415,658 in 2012

And in 2016 the most expensive collection of 10 signed items of sporting cards and memorabilia was sold for a whopping $12,186,294

Not bad if you have that kind of money laying about

Signed items by the sports personality are generally more valuable Signed Pele football jerseythan items that haven’t been signed or if they have been personalised for a specific person i.e

“To Mr Smith get well soon from Pele… P.S… I hope your leg grows back”

Something like that

Signed items that have been worn during a game or match are sometimes even more valuable

And a genuine authentic certificate with the items just add a bit more value

Footballing Legends!

Footballer Pele running with the ball on the football fieldLooking at the stars of football we have today and the legends of the game that have sadly past there’s no wonder we all want an item that they have touched or even worn

It is sad to say though that if there was a world-famous player that has given you an autograph or you acquired it elsewhere and that player sadly passed away

That item that has his or her signature on would suddenly probably be worth 10 times more than when they were alive

Anything from “The Beautiful Game” we call football can be autographed and called a keepsake

Whether it be a football program from the game or a jersey if it has been authenticated by a specialist it can, and probably will, make you more money in the future

Think of it as an Investment

Best Football Memorabilia For Sale

Here is a list of the top 10 that I have found to be the most wanted and sought after of signed football memorabilia, but not in any particular order.

  • La Liga
  • English Premier League
  • Bundesliga
  • Signed Footballs
  • Football Jerseys
  • Football Photos
  • Football Boots
  • Magazines and Programs
  • Trading Cards
  • Autographs

Or you could choose your favourite players autographed items.

  • Lionel Messi
  • Pele
  • Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Zinedine Zidane
  • Diego Maradona
  • Bobby Charlton
  • Cafu
  • Neymar
  • Wayne Rooney
  • David Beckham
  • Steven Gerrard
  • Paul Gascoigne
  • Geoff Hurst

Who is you favourite footballer of all time from this list?

Who is Your Favourite All-Time Footballer?

View Results

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Those are just a sample of what’s on offer that I have found

For me it’s Lionel Messi, and this short video will show you Why

I have seen online that people even buy jars of footballers breath…

Yes! You read that right… BREATH!!

And sometimes even little plastic bags that “supposedly” contain the hair of a player

So What do You Think Would Make a Good Investment?

Let me show you a few things I have found that you could buy

Some of these are a “One of a kind”

A piece of history if you will

So you could have it knowing that it is only you in the whole world that has it states that

"Every product listed comes complete with a certificate of authenticity and fully backed by authenticity guarantee"

Best Seller's Under $1000

Final Conclusion

These are just a few items that are out there for you to get from and maybe make a profit in the future

Is there any signed item that you would love to have?

Let me know which one caught your eye

Or even if you have any signed football memorabilia that you would like to show the world

Or even if you have any comment at all about this post, feel free to do so below

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10 comments on “Football Memorabilia For Sale

I love your football shirt story! I had to read it twice too laugh again! I am always amazed at how much people are willing to pay for sports memorabilia. Great list of memorabilia investments to consider.


It is a bit mad how much people spend but I don’t think you can really put a price on something if you really really want it. Thanks for your comment, I aim to please 🙂


How about the legend George Best one of the greatest players of all time? I am quite surprised he has not made your list and no I am not a Man utd fan lol.


Excuse the pun but I was keeping the “BEST” for when you click onto the links to see what else is on offer.


Hi there,
I am a huge sports fan and have been collecting sports items since I was a child. I will admit the older I got I didn’t collect as much but I still collect here and there. I have signed items like cards and what not, but I never have gotten an item signed by the athlete personally. I love this article and thanks for sharing.


you’re very welcome yancey. Just think how much more you would love it if you had the cards signed personally by the athletes.


Hi there,
Thanks for a great review and it looks like what was just a hobby once upon a time, is now serious big business.
There has been a serious shift in how business is done in this sector and nowadays its unfortunate that the sports memorabilia is so difficult and expensive to accquire.
I know that there are genuine people who collect this merchandise, but there are others who have a different agenda and this is where the problem lies.
Thanks again for a great review
Chees Phil Browne


it is a big business these days but there are people out there who are willing to pay whatever it takes to get an item from their favourite football player


I remember like 6-7 years ago I went to the football match to support my own country against the Russian football team. There weren’t many people, but what was still impressive in my eyes, it’s the energy it produced when I saw everyone yelling.

Believe it or not, one of the attacker missed the goal, and the ball flew right to me. For some reason they just took another ball, and I managed to keep the one I went after it bounced to front lines. Luckily not many people were in the stadium to steal it from me.

I should have asked a football player to sign it for me. That would have made my year.


if you had got that football signed by one of the players there’s no doubt it would have been worth some good money now and a great FREE investment


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