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Football Goals For The Garden

Football Goals For The Garden: Best 8 For ChildrenGet your children playing football outside and not on the computer

I haven’t got a huge back garden to put football goals in but they are really handy to have

And they also give my boys a bit more incentive to get outside and play real football rather than play it on the Xbox all bloody day

In this post, I will be showing some Football Goals For The Garden that might be ideal for you and to suit the size of your gardens

I will tell you about…

  • Prices
  • Dimensions
  • Where you can get them
  • And whether or not your little cherubs are going to break them in the first 5 minutes

Football Goals For The Garden

Keep Your Children Active

The one thing that is going to get your children playing at a professional level in football is to keep practicing

And who know, someday they might be banging in goals like they did in the 2018 Fifa World Cup in Russia

Just watch this quick video of the top 10 goals from that World Cup competition

Children should be active every single day and it doesn’t matter how

All that matters is that they are not stuck in the house playing on the damn Xbox or PlayStation!

If your children are big football fans then it will be certain that scoring a goal will be on their list of things to do that day

Well, any day to be fair!

A child wearing just shorts ready to kick a football at football goals

I have 4 children, all boys who love to have competitions between them to see who can hit the ball the hardest at one another IN THE HOUSE!!!

I’m sure it would be better out in the garden, but if they do insist on doing it in the house

I sometimes try to minimise the damage by swapping the football with a balloon but they soon get bored of that

So hands up, who has ever had something broken in the house by the children kicking a football about

Or if you have yourself broken something in the house by trying to beat your record of keepy uppys?

I have my both hands in the air as I can answer yes to both those

My record is still 4 keepy uppys if you were wondering


I have spent quite a while looking at all the best garden football goals so you don’t have to do your own comparisons and get stressed out

Let’s start off small shall we?

Best Football Goals For The Garden

8. Denny International Football Goals

Kids Children Football Goal Post Net Ball With Pump Whistle Toy For Indoor & OutdoorFootballThis is a great set of small garden football goals which are ideal for indoor or outdoor use and perfect to start practicing with

Suitable for age 3+

Comes with a carry bag to keep it all together if you want to take it somewhere like the beach, ground pegs for outdoor use, a small football, a pump to pump up the ball, a whistle and a yellow + red card for the budding little refs out there.

Size – 60cm (H) 85cm (W) 42cm (D)

My Rating – 7/10

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7. FORZA Flash Pop-Up Football Goals

Football Goals For The GardenFootball Goals In GardenThis easy pop-up goal is just one of a pair you get for the same price

Comes with an easy to carry storage bag and literally takes seconds to put up so no more taking ages to build goals, just pop it up and start playing

They are made from a long-lasting mesh that will take any shot you have to give and they are also waterproof which will come in handy on those rainy days

Not only that, if you order today, you will get them quicker than you would get normal deliveries

Size – 1.2m But they do come in different sizes for different prices

My Rating   8/10

>>> See The Best Pop-Up Goals Right Here <<<

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6. Quickplay Kickster Academy Football Goals

QUICKPLAY Kickster Academy Football GoalsGoal Posts For SaleThese portable and light goals for the garden are suprisingly durable considering how thin the frame is

They can be assembled in under 2 minutes and even quicker if you want to take them down to put them elsewhere

Made with the patented Quickplay high-tension technology you can be assured that they can withstand the powerful shots you will be putting into them

Size – 8ft x 5ft

My Rating – 8/10

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5. Mitre PVC Weatherproof Goals

Mitre PVC Weatherproof GoalsThese goals are very hard wearing and durable so there’s no need to take them out of the rain

It has metal stakes to hold it in place and it’s very easy to assemble so you won’t have to spend hours trying to figure it out

Size – 8ft × 4ft

My Rating   8/10

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4. Forza Metal Durable Football Goals

Forza Metal Durable Football GoalsThe Goal Posts With NetsFORZA Soccer Goal is said to be the ultimate home soccer goal but they only make the number 4 spot in this list

These metal football goals come with a locking system so no matter how hard drunk uncle Jim kicks the ball at it it will still stay locked.  Also has anchor pegs that can pin it to the ground to keep it from moving

Ideal for small family gardens

Size – 6ft x 4ft

My Rating – 8/10

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3. Forza Steel42 Goals 

Forza Metal Garden Football GoalsMini Garden Football GoalsThis super strong made of reinforced aluminum can withstand the hardest of shots so you can keep scoring time and time again

These goals have an innovative built in locking system that will withstand a heavy strike of the football giving you the chance to be able to practice how hard you can strike that football at the goals

Size – 6ft x 4ft Other sizes are available at different prices

My Rating – 9/10

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2. Quickplay Pro Match-Fold Portable Football Goals

QUICKPLAY PRO Match-Fold Portable Football GoalsAmazon Garden Football GoalsA strong 3-inch uPVC Crossbar and post set that can be easily set up and easily put back away into its bag

They will need pinning to the ground to stop them falling over every time you score a goal

Size – 8ft x 5ft

My Rating – 8/10

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1. Forza Football & Rugby Post Combo

Forza Football & Rugby Post ComboChildren's Garden Football GoalsThat’s right, you get 2 for 1 here with this great idea

It’s super strong and very sturdy and with the new locking system, it ensures all total components fit together easily and tight

I love this one!!!

Size – 8ft x 5ft

My Rating – 10/10

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☆☆☆Bonus Featured Goal Posts☆☆☆

Open Goaaal! Football Goals & Rebounder

Open Goaaal! Football Goals & RebounderFootball Goals For The GardenIt stops football’s from going over next door so there’s no more “DAD, THE BALLS GONE OVER AGAIN”

Slides out of sight like a curtain after you have finished playing with it. Very sturdy and solid.

Size – Goals are 9ft × 5ft – Rebound Net is 10ft high and can be extended to the size you need it to be.

My Rating   10/10

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Final Thoughts

There are many different types of football goal posts for the garden which you be able to see for yourself so I won’t bore you with anymore

My favorite out of all the ones I have shown you is the Forza Steel42 Goals as they are really light and can be moved easily (as long as you remember to take the anchor pegs out first)

They definitely give you what you need for the money

So what do you think of these football goals?

Are there any that you think could keep your children playing outside more?

Just get involved in the conversation below to leave your thoughts and advice to help others choose the best ones

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9 comments on “Football Goals For The Garden

Justin C.

This is an excellent idea. Reminds of the time that i bought two paintball bunkers for my backyard so me and my friends could keep practicing our drills.

Adding the football goals to the yard is an excellent way to get more enjoyment out of the yard and keep the kids active. I also bet this is a great way for the whole family to get together and have some friendly competition 😉

I’m really blown away by how inexpensive the goals are. I never would have guessed they could be so affordable.

Personally, i’m a huge fan of the PowerShot pop up goals because of the color and the fact it comes with 2 goals. They are inexpensive and don’t take up to much space so they can easily fit in any yard.

Thanks for this great idea. Things just got quite a bit more exciting for me and my family.


The powershot pop ups are actually best sellers that i have myself so i can vouch for how great they are.
It does get a bit competitive with myself and my 4 sons out the garden but thats part of the fun 🙂

Mr. Progress

Great idea to get kids outside and get them to play football themselves again, instead of the computergames like Fifa for example. I know I loved this when I was young, and without a doubt the kids are going to inpersonate Cristiano Ronaldo when having these in the garden!


I think they are great if im honast, like you said it gives them an incentive to get out and play more

Matts Mom

Oh wow! These are great ideas! I have three boys and yes, they love to play ball in the house and it can drive a mom crazy for sure. I did not think to get something like the goals you have listed for outdoors. Why, I do not know why. But I really like the idea. I especially like the PowerShot pop up goals X2. Seems durable and perfect. Thanks for inspiring me!


The powershot pop up goals would be ideal for your three boys im sure, let me know how they enjoy them


Hi Shwni,
We’re just getting into the backyard sports here at our house… my 4 year old and 2 year old would no doubt want to hang on and climb on the net as well as shoot at it! I like the PVC options for that reason, I think – they seem the strongest!
Have you ever come across a net with side “wings” for those shots that go wide (like the rebounder in your “bonus” option but on the sides instead of above)? I’m thinking that’d save a whole lot of chasing the ball down during the early years before their aim gets good!


with the rebounder you have the option of putting it down low or high so it could solve all that for you


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