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Football Boots For Kids

Football Boots For Kids: Best 5 You Will Ever Need

If your children are anything like mine are then they must have the newest football boots as soon as they come out and like the mug I am…. I buy them.

I was looking online for new Football Boots for Kids because my eldest boy had grown out of his

Which he only had a few months ago

And I couldn’t believe how expensive they were

I mean, Are all football boots really expensive to buy?

If I were to wait a few months im sure they would be cheaper!.. “But Dad… I need them now” he said

And I want a money tree growing out the garden but that’s not happening anytime soon!

I thought I would make him do some work around the house so he could take a bit of responsibility and he could feel like he paid for them himself

He’s now 13 before anyone phones childline

I don’t mean I sent him to plaster the ceilings or sweep the chimney!

Just a bit of hoovering and dusting that’s all

It Took Him About an Hour to Figure Out That The Lead to Plug in wasn’t a Way of Jump Starting The Hoover

Just Like This BOY, Bless Him

Turn The Volume up?

Let’s get on with my list of top 5 new football boots for kids

5. Puma Classico
Soft ground football bootsSoft ground football boots

This classic looking boot isn’t what the kids would prefer these days but it really is a great boot that has stood the sands of time and will probably be around for some time.


Prices vary on different sizes (UK sizes)


Outer material : SYNTHETIC

Inner material : MAN-MADE

Sole : MAN-MADE 


Heel size : NO HEEL

Best place to get them : AMAZON

4. Vitake High Ankle

Soft ground football bootsSoft ground football bootsThis isn’t a make that im really familiar with but with the high ankle boots being all the rage this is a really great boot for the price that it is.


Sizes : (all sizes are UK sizes)

1, 2, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7.5, 8, 9, 9.5, 10.5


Outer material : SYNTHETIC

Inner material : MESH


Closure : Lace-up

Heel hight : 3cm

Price : £69.99 BUY ALL SIZES FOR ONLY £25.99

Best place to get them : AMAZON 

3. Adidas X 17.3

You can never go wrong with Adidas and with this model you certainly won’t,  it’s one of the cheapest new yellow Adidas football boots I could find that really looks and feels the part.
Soft ground football bootsSoft ground football boots

Make/Model : ADIDAS X 17.3 SG

Sizes & Prices  (all sizes are UK sizes)


Outer material : SYNTHETIC 

Inner material : TEXTILE 


Closure : LACE-UP

Heel size : NO HEEL

Best place to get them : AMAZON 

2. DoGeek Football Boots

This pair is another brand im unfamiliar with but the price is amazing and a very high quality boot for the priceBlue and Yellow DoGeek Junior Football BootNew Football Boots Coming Soon

Sizes : (all sizes are UK sizes)

3, 4, 5, 6, 7.5, 8, 9, 10.5

Colours : GREY, GREEN & BLUE

Outer material : SYNTHETIC 

Closure : LACE-UP

Heel size : 1cm

Price : BUY NOW FOR ONLY £27.99

Best place to get them : AMAZON 

1. Adidas Nemesis

Soft ground football bootsSoft ground football bootsOk you got me… This isn’t a soft ground boot but it is one stunning football boot which i just had to show you, but with the price of it I wouldn’t suggest you rush out to buy it straight away.

Model/Make : ADIDAS NEMEZIZ 17.1 FG

Sizes : UK 11


Price : wait for it….BUY NOW FOR ONLY £258.50….“only” they say!!!

Best place to get them : AMAZON 

Before You Shoot Off

If you still want to search for more great football boots for children under 10 you can do so here where there are more options of adidas SG boots to choose from

If there’s anything else you would like to know about the boots featured here then please ask below and I will gladly get back to you.


Soft ground football boots

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2 comments on “Football Boots For Kids


Nothing wrong with making him work for it I say, Lol! I love your list of football boots, my favorite ones are number 4, the ankle boots. They seem safer to me, I don’t know. My children don’t play football, they are into track and basketball but this is a great list of shoes. Thanks for sharing!


Track and basketball are both brilliant sports which I would highly recommend for sportsmanship and fitness so good luck to your children in the future


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