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Fitness Exercises at Home

fitness exercises at home

The Benefits of Fitness Exercises at HomeBenefits of fitness exercises at home

Home Workouts Are Much Easier

The thought of doing some Fitness Exercises at Home is the last thing on some peoples minds after a hard day at work

Or even just been out for a few hours and want to just laze about on the sofa when they get home

Are you one of those people?

These days more and more people are getting worried about their health and physical well-being because of the rise in diabetes, obesity and heart-related diseases

There is a rise in Obesity, Diabetes and Heart Diseases because of all the fast food and calories that are being consumed #curediabetes #cureheartdisease #beatobesity Click To Tweet

And who can blame them!

With all the fast food and calories that are being consumed across the world and only yourselves to blame

You need to take action now and start exercising or take up a physical sport like football or rugby

Through doing any of these things you will not only have a healthy heart and body

You will soon get a body that you can be proud of if you work hard enough and this is why I want to show you the benefits of just working out at your own pace at home

Why Should You Exercise?Muscular and fit man tensing his muscles with his top off looking down at his arm

Most people work out or play sports because they enjoy it but others do it just to look good

And either way, you win, as you are getting the exercise you deserve and need

And let’s face it, who doesn’t like to look good? 

Studies have found that if you have a muscular and good-looking body you produce more sex appeal

You might even get a bit more action if you know what I mean!

Having a great physique for rugby and football isn’t just to look good though, its to make you excel in the sport you are taking part in

If you were to go up against a fat football player for instance and you were in great shape, I know who would come out on top…

And it wouldn’t be the flabby guy that can’t catch his breath and is tripping over his own belly fat

Looking at the fat guy in rugby though, depending on his position he could still be a pushover on the field

Unless he’s in the scrum then you might have a problem pushing him over

But will always be able to outrun him with your athletic physique

Comfortable Fitness Exercises at HomeA busy gym with people exercising on rowing machines

A lot of people are not comfortable working out in the gym in front of others so they get discouraged to continue to keep fit

But most football or rugby clubs will book the gym out so the whole team can use it without having to wait for the machines

If you still aren’t comfortable working out in front of your team-mates you could always get yourself a home workout machine and train that body in the comfort of your own home

Until you are ready to go out in public and pump iron in front of people

But for now, there is nothing wrong with just banging out a 30-minute workout at home every day if you can manage it

Gym Equipment For Fitness Exercises at Home

You can get some decent gym equipment delivered to your home so you can workout without anyone around watching you

Unless you have children like I do that Want Want Want all the time and don’t like giving me any time to myself

The machines for the home are designed to be more compact

Therefore, you can easily fold them up and store them away when they aren’t getting used

And that will be perfect for home exercising and you will still have the same workout experience that you would have in the gym

So you don’t have to worry about turning your living room into a full-blown gym or an assault course for your young children

Because if I had my exercise machines out all the time I know for a fact that my sons would be climbing all over them and timing each other

And that will probably turn into a full-on brawl in my house… Which often happens.

Another benefit of having a home workout gym machine is that you could watch your favourite television show at the same time and even do it naked if that’s what floats your boat!

If You Have a Spare Couple of Minutes Watch This Quick Video With The Best Home Exercise Equipment For Rugby Players

What Home Exercise Machine Should You Get?

There are many types of exercise machines out there and it depends on what you want to work on

Whether it be to get stronger legs for rugby scrums, improve your speed so you can be a demon on the wing in football

Or just to get a full body workout to become a better all-around sportsman and to improve your health

The most important exercise equipment for any sport has to be…

  • Cardiovascular Machines
  • Elliptical Machines
  • Incline Trainers
  • Treadmills

Those combined with any weight training equipment,

You will be in excellent shape and your physical health and strength will be outstanding in no time at all

I personally love to go for a run as its a cost-free way of exercising and you get a bit of fresh air

But I don’t always get the weather to exercise outside so I just use my running machine or do any other fitness exercises at home

There is an excellent Infographic that is circulating the net which is very interesting and will teach you a thing or 2 about running

Some things you may know but you certainly won’t know about all of them so you need to check it out in the link below

The next bit of content has been kindly written for shwnisports by Josh Wardini from

Some Running Facts You Need to KnowSilhouettes of 2 men running to keep fit with the sun behind them

Running is as old as time

And pretty much everyone engages in it at some point in their lives no matter how regular they do

But there is one thing that is absolutely certain about running, it keeps you healthy

It is one activity that completely engages every part of the body, making it one of the best activities anyone can engage in

Its advantages are vast and some of them include

  • Keeping you in good shape and as fit as a fiddle when you engage in it regularly
  • It also helps to burn excess fat and regulates the flow of blood from the heart
  • It reduces the risk of disease occurrence and inhibits the occurrence of erectile dysfunction
  • The chances of you having high blood pressure will be greatly reduced
  • Your testosterone levels will rise
  • And there’s a general increase in general life span

And as you are probably already aware,

People of all ages can do it as long as there are strength and good health

But like everything else of importance, preparation is requiredMan wearing a backpack keeping fit running over a wooden bridge towards the mountains

Running Advice For Fitness at Home

You might think that just going for a run is going to be pretty straightforward

But just take these couple of things into consideration

Firstly, if you do not know what distance you can run, you may overdo it and cause yourself harm

Secondly, you need the right gear for it

You shouldn’t just put on any old pair of footwear and go for a run

You should wear a pair of proper running shoes that fit you just right

Be sure to check out some of them from an online vendor like Nike or and definitely spend some time researching before you actually make a purchase

There are also many injuries that come with running regularly and you need to know them

However, these should not deter you, especially with all the facts of running in the detailed infographic below



Before You Run-Off

I have reviewed some perfect exercise machines that are ideal for any football or rugby player to get the workout and body that you have always wantedDifferent types of home fitness exercise machines

So just take a look at what you could use

There are some brilliant machines there to fit with whatever you need to work on and very reasonable prices

If you have any questions at all about fitness exercises at home

Just let me know in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you straight away

All the very best to your success in getting to your peak physical fitnessshwni signature


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8 comments on “Fitness Exercises at Home


I’m a huge fan of home gym equipment over paying a monthly membership to a gym, or signing a contract that locks you in for a year+. When you add up the premiums you’d pay over that time, most people could have TWO top of the line home exercise workout equipment pieces. Just easier to deal with kids and schedules when you can do it all at home.


Thats a great point actually, the cost of gym memberships these days are a bit over the top i think, ok, you can get a sauna and all the perks of the gym but the relaxation you can get at home working out is priceless


Hi there,

Thank you, I really enjoyed reading your article, and actually I just started working out today at home. I agree the pros of working out at home outweigh the cons. It really boosted me up reading this article.



It save leaving the house if its raining and you can even do it naked if you want, lol


There are so many to pick from! What would you recommend for an all around machine best for cardio? What type of machine that is? I have been trying to decide on one. I have a gym membership, but would love to do the cardio portion at home while watching TV and leave the weight training for the gym.


Like I said to kenneth, the multigym would be an excellent choice for an all-round machine, but they can be a bit big to put in front of the television so maybe the elliptical trainer would suit you better


I love the idea of working out at home so that I can save time and money versus the gym membership. The convenience alone will pay for the machine, not to mention the overall time that can be committed to using the equipment. The only real decision is which machine will be the best to accomplish the tasks that someone will need. For a machine to do cardio and strength building, which machine would be the best buy?


I would say that the multi-gym would be the best all-round home exercising machine as there is plenty to do with it


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