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evs shoulder brace review

evs sb03 shoulder brace reviewed

Evs Shoulder Brace Review: Protect Your Shoulders in 2019

EVS Sports SB03 Shoulder BraceThis is probably the best shoulder brace that could get you back amongst the brutality of the rugby field that you really love and miss sooner than you thought

So take a few seconds to read this in-depth Evs Shoulder Brace Review to see if it will work for you

PRODUCT NAME: Evs Sports sb03 Shoulder Brace

Introductionman getting a shoulder massage

Look, having a brace for your shoulder is obviously for a reason so you should be keeping it as comfortable as you can until it’s healed properly

But if its something that you need to do then take note of what this evs shoulder brace can actually do for you and what it’s all about

This lightweight Neoprane shoulder brace is a bit of an upgrade on the EVS Sports Sb02

It helps you during a game ensuring that your shoulder stays put and doesn’t make any incorrect movements allowing you to continue to play in comfort and (supposedly) avoid further injury

With it just using straps rather than covering your whole chest and back trussed up like a ridged turkey

Your body can breathe much more easily so less likely to sweat whilst wearing it

EVS Sports SB03 Shoulder BraceShoulder Brace AmazonThe protection tension straps can be easily adjusted to suit the comfort that you want and need

You can also use it for either your left or right shoulder so no need to look for a specific one

Who is it For?

This shoulder brace is for anyone that wants to keep playing rugby, or any sport for that matter, that has recently had an injury or an operation but nothing serious so as they can still play while using the brace

Pros & Cons

There’s only one Pro and one Con that I can personally think of wearing this during a rugby match


You can get back playing rugby quicker than you normally would if you wear this as it really does help with any shoulder injury you might have had


You might go back too early and do further damage and put you out of action for longer

So check with your doctor before wearing this to play a rugby game

How to Wear The Evs Shoulder Brace

Watch This Quick Video

Final Opinion

I have been a Rugby coach for many years now and shoulder injuries are very common and sometimes can quickly heal

So if your doctor says it will be OK to go back to it wearing the shoulder brace then go ahead

But personally, I wouldn’t do it

I would rather make sure I’m fighting fit before I went back than risk more injury as doctors are not sure that they will keep your shoulders 100% safe

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MY SCORE: 9/10

If there’s anything else you need to know about this evs shoulder brace feel free to ask below and I’ll get right back to you


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