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Elevation Training Mask Benefits

Elevation Training Mask Benefits: Pros & ConsBane from the Batman movies with the words This elevation training mask is the bane of my life

Have you seen the guy down the gym that looks like he’s auditioning for a role in the new Batman film as Bane?

Yes, that’s him who spends way too much money on a training mask thinking it will benefit him when he should be spending more time on brushing his teeth

Which he is probably hiding from you with that mask on

This post is going to show you the Elevation Training Mask Benefits that have been tested by myself and to see if it would be worth using one for yourself to improve your stamina and fitness

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Are You a Fan of Wearing a Training Mask?

I’m not going to lie to you but I’m not a big fan of these!

I’m not here to sell you on a training mask 3.0 review, I’m just here to show you the honest opinion of them so it’s up to you to make your own opinion

I’ve been using the ELEVATION ALTITUDE 3.0 PERFORMANCE TRAINING MASK just to see what they are like and couldn’t breathe properly to be perfectly honest with you

Man wearing an elevation training mask shorts and a blue jacket running up a mountain dirt road

I suppose that’s the point though, isn’t it?

To adapt your body to taking in less oxygen and making your lungs work harder

“Apparently” it helps you breathe better after you have taken it off hence making you fitter but I’m sure if I gagged and bagged you for an hour or so then took it off you could breathe just as well as taking off one of these.

I doubt very much that you would be fitter though!

I have looked into the pro’s and con’s  (what I personally think) of the training masks which I will present to you for you to make up your own mind.

I apologize if it’s not as technical as you would like it to be but before I tell you what I think, here’s what my good friend WIKI thinks

 Pro’s & Con’s of Elevation Training Masks


  • It does make your breathing much better after a few days of training with it
  • I recovered from exercise quicker with it
  • After a few days using it, I didn’t feel as fatigued as I normally would
  • Apparently, it increases stamina and speed but I didn’t notice that myself really
  • I have heard that if you are a Rugby Player and you want to perfect your tackle then this mask will make your training and games so much bearable
  • Makes you look like one mean bar steward

I only used it for two weeks so maybe I didn’t get the full effect of it and literally after about three days of not using it I could feel the difference without it, so maybe it did work after all


  • I found it really uncomfortable to start with
  • Like I said, I couldn’t breathe tidy but that’s the point, isn’t it?
  • You sweat like you have never sweat before…from your nose and mouth… WTF!
  • If you don’t keep using it you won’t be long going back to your normal breathing routine
  • You get some strange looks from people

One thing I will say though is that before you wear it, make sure you have brushed your teeth as it’s not pleasant to smell your breath for an hour or so if you had garlic the night before

So what do you think? 

Are you still a believer in them being completely useless, or have I converted you?

Untill then you can watch this elevation training mask 3.0 video on youtube

I myself am still not convinced but I might give it another try and use it for longer than I did

If I do put myself through it again I will keep you informed if it gets any better or worse

And Here it is…A Black Elevation Altitude 3.0 Performance Training Mask

The “Bane” of My Training Life!

See what I mean about the Bane training mask from Batman?

Check Exact Price Button

If You Want a Great Workout Machine to Test This on Then Take a Look at This

Do You Think There Are Any Elevation Training Mask Benefits?

Have you used anything like this before?  

Would you like to try it?

Let me know your thoughts if you have or are going to get one I would love to hear what you think of it

Or if you have one already and would like to share your thoughts on them just get in touch below in the comment section.

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26 comments on “Elevation Training Mask Benefits

Justin C.

From my understanding this mask is supposed to help you control your breathing which is a very good selling point. I remember when i first joined the Army and i was truly out of shape. Running was impossible at first and i really had to work at it.

I remember how hard it was to breathe and i would attribute that to the lack of knowing “how to” control my breathing while under distress.

Sounds a bit counter-intuitive “control your breathing while you out of breathe”

But sure as heck i got better and running became a lot more fun.

I can see the benefits in the Elevation Altitude 3.0 especially if you do workouts or have hobbies that demand both cardiovascular endurance and breathing control.

I know what you mean by the looks people will give you and i have even been that guy saying in my head “what’s up with this tool?” LOL

Little did i know what he was using it for.


Oh I can certainly see the benefits if I had kept using it but I think I didn’t give it long enough to be honast with you


Hello Shwni
Haha very hilarious post, i enjoyed it though I have not used them. But I see people wearing and all I think is how weird and why are you wearing it? but now I get the answers haha, you put yourself to the torture as well and still trying it eh hats off to you for that :). Thank you for making my day light and sharing this interesting post.

Best Regards


Oh it’s my pleasure, if I didn’t try it myself I wouldn’t be able to give my honast opinion so I just had to.
Thanks for popping by, hope to see you back


I could see that the mask might make you feel fitter and breathe better under distress when doing really intense exercise. I don’t know if I would feel a bit claustrophobic in a way wearing this. You certainly would look like Bane in Batman wearing this, but I am sure there would be great benefits to wearing this in a longer term. It won’t be for everyone, but worth a try. 


You will never know if it would help your fitness levels unless you try it for yourself


I’ve actually seen these around but I thought it was all part of a Halloween thing! This post makes it all so much clearer.

I don’t think this mask would be something that I would use, although it does seem to have really good benefits. I have been trying to improve my performance level but I am not sure that this mask is the right thing for me. Mostly because it seems too uncomfortable and I live in a hot country so I wouldn’t be able to stand all the sweat! 

I think I will just stick to trying to do more series of exercise! 

Thanks for this post,



I agree it’s not for everyone but if you are going to be training for a big event coming up like a marathon or a big cycle ride then you would benefit from this mask a great deal

Jenny Hennig

I have never heard of or seen elevation training masks.  I love your humorous and honest review of them, and can see the resemblance to Bane from Batman.  With some of the pros that you listed, I can see how these masks can benefit people, especially being able to recover from exercising quicker.  I don’t think I will be trying one of these masks anytime soon, I would definitely get some strange looks.


Yes, I don’t think it’s a good looking you were wearing an elevation training mask just running down the street, lol

Hollie Rose

I saw a guy the other day running in the park with a mask on. Honestly, I found it a little creepy and my kids were a bit scared. I didn’t know what it was but I’m happy now I do. I guess the idea of it makes sense when we exercise we probably all breath the wrong way. I wonder if it really helps if you use it for long enough!


I’m almost certain that if you use an elevation training mask for enough time it would definitely improve your breathing fitness 


Very interesting article. I do see the benefits for people who are into hard core training or long distance runners. The increase in stamina alone is a huge plus. However, as I am just new into this whole workout thing, I don’t see myself using it. I am physically handicapped with limited mobility- there is no running my future. 😊 And on top of that, I am extremely claustrophobic; if I were to put that mask on, I would immediately begin to panic. It’s definitely not for everyone, but if you are into extreme workouts, I think this would benefit you greatly. I think it would bring more intensity to your workout routine.


An elevation training mask isn’t for everyone so as a new starter to fitness training I wouldn’t suggest you start off wearing one

Tale things easy if you are just starting to exercise and only use an elevation training mask when you are ready and certain that you can handle the increase in breathing training 


This is something I have never seen or heard of. I understand the principle but would be very wary of the practical use of it.

As an extreme claustraphobic, you certainly won’t be seeing me in one. Your review is honest if a little short on the time for which you were using it.

I am afraid it would get a thumbs down from me but I can see it has its uses.



I wouldn’t recommend using an elevation training mask if you are claustrophobic 


I used this mask for a short time while I was training for soccer pre-season. My coach actually recommended it to better help control my breathing. To be honest, I didn’t like it and it kind of gave me a panicky feeling but I understand the benefits in the long-run. It did actually help though, I just would rather not use it.


That’s fair enough, at least you gave it a try to see if it was any good for you 


Those really look like Bane’s mask great photo. I have never tried wearing an elevation mask. I think if I was a rugby player I might definitely try this out. Otherwise I’m not a big fan of the sweat. Also if you stop using it you’ll go back to old form and I wouldn’t seeing myself using this for a prolonged period of time. Again, though, maybe it’s good for someone like a rugby player who could use it during season. I think if I was getting back into shape I would wait a little while before using this so I didn’t pass out.


Yes, if you were ever going to get back into shape I wouldn’t just start wearing an elevation training mask, get a bit of fitness back first and then maybe give it a try


Hello, this article is great. Seriously, I have never used a training mask before even when i lost my fitness totally, I still didn’t use it when I was told it helps to improve breathing and endurance. However, whenever I see people on it, I can’t always help but laugh at how ridiculous they look. I like the fact that your suggestion is purely from your experience and it makes it very credible. I’ll stay back and wait for your updates if you decided to use it back, then I will try it too. Thanks


Haha, yes they can look a bit ridiculous but they do actually work quite well

Jackson kenny

Fantastic post you have here on elevation training masks.. I have used the mask at the fitness centre where I train and it is very hard. Everything you experienced is all part of the training. Very true, one mustn’t use the masks without brushing so maybe it also upholds good hygiene.Lol. I used the mask for three months and I felt like I could take better breaths. I heard it can be used to help asthmatic patients too, how true is that?


There is no real evidence that supports elevation training masks working for people that suffer from asthma. It won’t hurt you but you may not benefit from it at all.


I’ve been seeing a lot of guys in my gym wearing those masks lately and I have been wondering what the hell are they…

Elevation training masks they are! I didn’t know that wearing one could have so many benefits during and after the training so I will probably try wearing one myself for a while to test it out.

I really don’t care what other people might think of me as long as it helps me progress with my training better.

Thanks a lot!


Exactly, why worry what others think if you will be getting the benefits from wearing an elevation training mask 


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