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Effects of Hydration on Sports Performance

The Effects of Hydration on Sports Performance: H2O Is The Way To GoThe benefits of water intake for sports

The Effects of Hydration on Sports Performance is pretty self-explanatory

But for those who are not sure why, this post should give you an insight into the importance of hydration in sport

Water has the most health benefits than anything else on this planet

We shouldn’t just think of it as being a boring drink, but an essential drink that nobody can live without

Can you imagine not being able to drink natural water every day

There are some countries that don’t have the luxury that some countries do of having clean and fresh water every day

So don’t ever take water for granted

Why Drink Water?A glass of water

Nearly two-thirds of the human body is made up of water so why do we need more?

Well just for starters on average, we lose around 250ml of water from our bodies on a daily basis just from breathing

And that’s without all the other ways we lose our body fluids?

Get your dirty minds out of the gutter, I’m obviously talking about sports

When you play any sports your body is constantly moving unless your a mate of mine called Dave who I used to play football with

I’m pretty sure he only came for the halftime oranges, the lazy bar steward!!!

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Doctors tend to say that eight pints (2 litres) of water a day is perfectly fine for anybody to drink in a day to keep hydrated although it’s not a proven fact

That’s just for your average person so what about someone who regularly plays sports? has some very useful information about this subject which you can Read About Here

Not every person in the world is the same so it will differ with each person and the sports that they are doing

I’m glad not everyone is the same… I don’t think my wife could deal with more than one person like me?

Let’s Get to it

Even if you are just playing sports for fun or a professional of your game, we all need to stay hydrated

And hydration in sports is very important

So as well as drinking your regular daily intake of water you need to take into the fact that your body is going to go through a lot during the game so it is very important that you drink water…

…Before, During, and After Sports

Knowing The Effects of Hydration on Sports Performance

So what are the reasons that we keep our fluids topped up?4 tumbler glasses full of water

  • It helps lubricate your joints
  • Helps transport nutrients to give your body energy
  • Regulates your temperature through sweating
  • Helps with blood circulation
  • Removing waste
  • Helps convert food to energy
  • Helps with digestion
  • Helps to moisten the skin

There can be some easy to spot effects that take place in your body that tell you when you are dehydrated.

  • Muscle cramps
  • Lack of sweating
  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea & being sick
  • Dizziness & light headed feelings
  • Fast or hard heartbeat

Don’t Take The Pis#

Another simple way of telling if you are dehydrated is to check your urine

And I don’t mean lean back and take a drink of it

Check to see the colour of it, if it’s colour-less or light yellow you should be fine but if its dark yellow or amber-coloured it could be a sign of dehydration

So Get Some Water Down Your Neck!

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Do You Need More Than Just Water?

Sometimes just water isn’t enough

It can get a bit boring at times I know so some good old-fashioned tap water just simply won’t do so I personally opt for some fruit juice diluted with water or a shop bought sports drinkA full plastic water bottle on ice

You need something to provide your body with carbohydrates for energy and to replace electrolytes (sodium, magnesium, potassium) that you will be sweating out

There are other options for you that you can buy online which are extremely good for you

And the ones I use are powders that you just add to normal water which can be much more effective than “just water”

The first one I use is called Labrada BCAA Powder which I getStrawberry Labrada BCAA Powder

This is a powder that will improve your muscle protein and is the Ultimate Recovery Drink to get those much-needed electrolytes back into your body

Or you could get this Musclepharm Amino1 Black that is a multi-ingredient drink for recovery and HydrationMusclepharm Amino1 Black Hydration Powder

Hydration is Paramount

Change The Way You Think

Don’t ever forget that The Effects of Hydration on Sports Performance can alter your game in a drastic way so don’t get caught with a lack of fluids whilst you’re on the field

If you have any questions at all about this post

Or if there are other ways that you keep hydrated I would love to hear from you so let me know in the comment section below

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24 comments on “Effects of Hydration on Sports Performance

Thank you for this article. Although I am only involved in limited sports activities, I do a lot of hiking as well as a lot of physical work outside in sometimes scorching temperatures. I am kinda strange in that I am not a huge fan of plain water and tend to opt other alternatives which I know are not the best for me.
I know now by reading your warning signs that I have in fact suffered from dehydration more than once. Now that I know the warning signs I have a better idea of when to get fluids into me.
I see on sporting events that Gatorade and Powerade are drank by the athletes. Would these be suitable as a water replacement for us that don’t drink enough water?


I wouldn’t replace Gatorade or powerade with water altogether but use it as well as


Man, I do many workouts and just like water is just not enough for me. I will definitely check out your recommendation but I also drink pre-workout shakes and these don’t affect each other badly right? I seriously have no idea about this subject and if you can answer this, it will be cool.


I’m no doctor but I would check th yours first as I’m not sure what pre-workout drink you have to do any research into. If you could let me know what it is I could check up for you

Ronnie Jordan

You are so right. I do lawns in the heat and I get dehydrated really quick when it is 90 degrees or so. I try to drink at least a bottle of water and a bottle of Gatorade or Powerade on each lawn that I am doing that day. Once I did not and I got energy drain and cramp up that night in my legs. So it is very important to keep your hydrated at all times. Thanks for this article.


Thanks great to know that you drink that much on each lawn although in that heat you are probably only just replacing what you have lost. Keep an eye open for the signs of dehydration


Another great post Shwni!
Hydration is super important not just for sports but life and natural detox.
I drink atleast 1/2 litre on waking to start my day and have a minimum of 2 litres for the rest of the day.

When I’m playing sports or working out, I love to get the added hydration like Clif Shot electrolyte.


Thanks, and thankyou for dropping by again just make sure you don’t drink all that water too quickly


Great post! I had no idea that our bodies lost that much water each day just from breathing! Very informative. I have always been taught to drink electrolytes when playing sports so I will have to try the Clif Shot Electrolyte Hydration Drink you mentioned in addition to my water!


I swear by the clif shot electrolyte hydration drink and use it pretty much each day and I’m sure if you use it you will certainly feel the benefits

Mike Viray

Nice, informative post right here. I usually suffer from headaches if I forget to hydrate enough in a day. I can only imagine playing sports without ever stopping for a water break.

Would the products you recommended be safe to take as well during times when you re sick? Like fevers, etc.


I would check with your doctor first before taking them if you are ill just to make sure that they will be ok for you

Tim Bennett

I had no idea that we lost so much water just from breathing…

Do people who breathe heavy lose more?

I not only enjoyed your article, I also enjoyed your little bits of humor popping up.

I remember I was doing an event (not sports, but a show) in the desert in Dubai.

We were out in the middle of no-where (3 hours drive into a military camp) in the blazing sun.

Every 30 minutes, we were lined up by the guy in charge and ordered to drink half a liter of water.

We were there for 14 days and in that time I drank over 140 liters of water!

But without it, we would have died and they wanted no chances.

We even had to show them dry sand where we stood and an empty bottle to prove that we didn’t throw it in the sand.

That’s how important water is for us!

Enjoyed your post!


My Life Is My Passion


Thanks for reading Tim, my sister was out in Dubai to do something similar in the desert a few years ago and she said the exact same thing, I can’t imagine how much water you would lose from your body out in the desert sun, it must feel like you are losing it quicker than you can drink it

Olonisakin Kehinde

shown,  thank you for this post.  I am involved with little sports,  only some room morning routines.  My profession involved me climbing stairs over and over again in a single day and sometimes,  I get dehydrated.  When I drink water it only suffices for a while. My question is do I need to include any of the hydration supplements.

Water is life,  we all cannot do without water,  get hydrated.  


I don’t think you would need hydration supplements just for daily use without exercising, unless you had to walk the stairs on the empire state building in your profession, lol. Just make sure you drink enough for your height and body mass to keep you hydrated


As a former professional biker I can say that what’s in this article is very true. Water is indeed the best hydratation drink everyone should drink during excercises.

Adding powders can be beneficial, but you need to pay attention not to make this your main drink as that should always be water.

The negative side of adding powders is that they add sugar, so use them sparcely in combination with your water bottle.


wow, pro bikers need a huge amount of water intake so you know how important it is to take on the right amount. I certainly agree that you should make just plain water you’re main drink of choice and to only add your supplement powders now and again too your drinks.


I once heard that during training you should drink, but you should only drink small portions. Probably because you don’t want your stomach full of water while you’re performing, so just take little sips to keep up your hydration.

However, I did many of those calculators which tell me how much I need to drink on a daily basis (based on height and weight) and all of them say about 3 litres. But when I try to do this, I feel like I’m peeing more than I’m drinking.

Also, I heard that it is best to drink water in bulk. So drink 500 ml in one time for example, because our bodies think that something get’s in the stomach so it needs to start the digesting systems (or something like that) which is unnecessary energy spilt. Any comment on that?

There is so much information (or opinions) out there that claim the best way to keep your body hydrated. But I feel like the most reliable is to check the colour of your urine as you mentioned.

Thanks for sharing!


You’re right Jonathan, there are many ways to tell if your body is hydrated enough but I always swear by the urine method, it hasn’t failed me yet 🙂


Hello Shwni,

First, I want to congratulate you on your excellent article. It is very good to always drink water for all the benefits it provides. I am a person that I love to practice sports, therefore to greater desgate greater consumption. 

As you say, water does not have much taste alone. We can mix it then with fruit juices and powders with many ingredients, a very good idea. Thanks for sharing. Regards!



Glad you enjoyed Claudio, you should always keep hydrated 🙂


Hello Shwni

Ready this post increases my knowledge on the importance of water in my body. I do sometimes feeling some light headache  mostly when i am at work i thought it was always a lack of food just because i am working; but now reading your post gives me a great insight of things i suppose to know and i didn’t know before.

Especially those negative signs such as cramp, dry lips, lack of sweating are my regular ones.Thank you so much for this post i found what i needed to better take care of myself.Water is essential…



You’re very welcome Junior, make sure you look after yourself, OK 🙂


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