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Double Mouth Guard For Braces

Double Mouth Guard For Braces

Shock Doctor Double Mouth Guard For Braces to Play RugbyProtect your teeth and braces with this Shock Doctor mouth guard

Having Braces is sometimes really hard and embarrassing for some people

Especially if you are young and worried about getting teased about them

So the last thing you want to happen is to not play your favourite sport because of them

But worry no more ladies and gentlemen as this Shock Doctor Double Mouth Guard For Braces is going to protect those soon to be gorgeous teeth and your braces

And I’m pretty certain they will give you the confidence to get back out there and get stuck into the sport that you love

Quick Overview

MAKE: Shock Doctor

Blue shock doctor double mouth guard for braces
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COLOURS: Blue or Pinkprotect your teeth

SIZES: Youth/10yrs and under – Adults/11+

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Shock Doctor never fails to deliver fantastic protective and comfortable mouth-guards

And they apparently have done a great job here as well with this moldable mouth guard for braces

Not only have they lived up to their usual standards, they have made it their mission to protect the teeth of people who wear braces and play rugby, or any sport for that matter

They have teamed up with the American Association of orthodontists to create this mouth-guard

Which is made with 100% medical grade silicone and has a much better ventilation channel for improved airflow

It also has a strapped version that some people prefer


Who is it For?Double mouth guard for braces

This mouth-guard will be perfect for adults and youths who wear braces and want that extra protection for both the upper and lower teeth during

But make sure you get the right size

It’s not just for rugby players though

It can be used for any sport or even used as a mouth guard for grinding teeth in your sleep

Shock Doctor Fitting Instruction Video

My Opinion of This Double Mouth Guard For Braces

I’m not going to lie to you but I haven’t got braces myself

So I can’t really comment personally about them on how comfortable they are if you have braces

Neither can I tell you if they stay moulded to your braced teeth or not

I can say though that shock doctor mouth guards haven’t disappointed me yet and I doubt they ever will

Pink shock doctor double mouth guard for braces
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But I can’t honestly tell you what they are really likeShock Doctor Mouthguard For Braces Instructions

Quick Recap

MAKE: Shock Doctor

COLOURS: Blue or Pinkprotect your teeth

SIZES: Youth/10yrs and under – Adults/11+

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Just Before You Go…

Have you got to wear braces and tried these mouth guards for sports or even just for your night grinding teeth?

I would love to know how they fit and how they feel whilst wearing them

Let myself and others know your opinion of it in the comment section below

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2 comments on “Double Mouth Guard For Braces

Ronnie Jordan

Mouth guards are seriously needed in contact type activities or sports. Once you get a tooth knocked out of place your mouth will never be the same. I got the experience of that playing basketball years ago. Later I paid for it as my teeth started loosening up and in one case I woke up with one in my mouth that had fallen out. So this is definitely a good product for the sports person.


Ouch! that sounds really painful. You only get one set of teeth as an adult so it makes sense to protect them especially in such a tough sport


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