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Do Speed Parachutes Work

do speed parachutes work

Do Speed Parachutes Work?: The Effects For Rugby Players

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As if sprint training wasn’t hard enough for big Rugby players

Somebody came up with the idea of strapping a parachute to themselves in order to create more drag behind them

And that will indeed make your muscles work much harder and really improve your speed on the rugby field

So, Simple straight forward answer to your question “Do Speed Training Parachutes Work?”

YES!Pair of legs with big muscles

All Rugby players need strong muscles, especially leg muscles, no matter what position they play

And even though any speed training equipment will improve your strength and speed

A speed parachute is going to work wonders for you and your fitness and strength overall

Speed Parachutes Versus Other Speed Training

Like in all sports, we want to be the best that we can be so all the training we do will benefit us in the long run

I’m a Rugby coach and have been for some time

So I know exactly how having strong legs for playing rugby can make all the difference to your game and your speed on the field

And that’s why I would always recommend training with as many different types of exercise equipment as you can

Here is Just a Few Other Pieces of Equipment And Sprinting Accessories You Can Use to Improve Your SpeedMan running pulling a weighted power sled behind himSpeed Parachute Amazon

  • Power Sled
  • Ankle Weights
  • Mini Hurdles
  • Resistance Bands
  • Agility Ladder

Obviously the list can go on and there are numerous exercise machines that can help you

But I highly recommend the speed parachute for a consistent rugby training regime

The Effects of Speed Parachutes

Of course you shouldn’t be training with them every single day

Maybe just stick to 2 or 3 days a week and only if you are physically fit

There are a few benefits of using this type of running parachute, such as…

  • Strength Building
  • Muscle Resistance
  • Short Burst Speed Improvement

Like I said, you shouldn’t be using this training every day so don’t just rely on this

Mix things up a little with other forms of speed training as well as your usual fitness and strength

There’s a great article about speed training on which I suggest you take a look at when you have the time

Woman doing quad exercises sitting on an exercise weights machine

Oh, and don’t forget to keep on top of your actual rugby training otherwise it might all be for nothing if you don’t make the team

Having a good pace being a rugby player will no doubt improve your overall performance and will certainly benefit both yourself and your whole team

Do Speed Parachutes Work For Children?

There has been many an argument about what age you should introduce speed and agility drills to a young rugby players routine

According to this documentation on there are a number of factors to take into account as to what age children can startYoung boy running on grass with a 48 Inch Sports Power Running Chute Parachute dragging behind himSpeed Parachute Workout

  • Any previous injuries
  • Height, weight & size
  • Muscle development
  • Mental development (maturity)
  • Male or Female

As you probably already know that not all children develop at the same rate

So a certain training might be ok for 1 child but not possible for another child to do

To cut things a bit short, it’s not advised for any person no matter their age that hasn’t got fully developed muscles

Or an understanding of how their bodies work at full sprint level to use running parachutes for training purposes

The reason being is that they don’t give you the correct running form making you lean forward more than you should

But in saying that I have seen many young rugby players using them

So before you stick one on your child make sure they perfect their sprints then introduce the chute

Getting Started With The Speed ChuteDo speed parachutes work

As you probably guessed, If you are wearing a speed parachute whilst sprinting it adds resistance to your hips and legs that you wouldn’t get without wearing one

The overall use of them is mainly to help with building up your quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves

The chute forces those muscles to work harder and in time will make you a faster, more explosive runner giving you that slight edge on your opposition.

It won’t open up straight out of the starting blocks so it won’t really slow down your initial sprint

But it will give your body and muscles a good work out once you’re at your full sprint

Speed Parachute TrainingMan running on the street with a yellow speed parachute dragging in the wind behind him

You need to start off slow to get the feel for it

  • So begin at a standing start with the chute attached and go full sprint for about 20 metres letting the air fill up in the chute
  • Then slow down and jog for about the same distance
  • Do this a few times till you know how it feels then you can progress
  • Next up you want to increase the distance and really push yourself going up to 100 metres at a standing start again
  • Start to slowly pick up speed for about 20 metres then go full sprint for the final 80 metres letting that chute fill up with air and creating that resistance in your legs

And you can repeat this as many times as you feel like but make sure you rest in between and drink plenty of fluids.

Proper Speed Parachute Running Technique Video

Before You Run Off…

If you want any more tips or advice on using the speed parachutes and resisted running

Or even if you have some advice to share yourselves just let me know below in the comment section

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12 comments on “Do Speed Parachutes Work


There’s something about dangling in mid air that activates all types of mental and physical reflexes. I remember trying parasailing once and afterwards, discovering abdominal muscles that I never knew I had! So I know that parachute training would DEFINITELY work.

Thanks for the informative article!


lol, it doesnt hang you in the air only drags behind you as you are running giving your body greater resistance


Interesting post Shwni. I definitely on board with you that parachute training is effective. I remember we performed a drill in College with parachute resistance. It was a lot tougher than I had originally anticipated. You definitely feel the resistance. Great workout though.


It is quite hard to run with it on but once you are not wearing it you will soon feel the benefits


This sounds like a great way to improve sprint work. I’ve been using weighted vests to improve strength but it just doesn’t cut it like resistance work for running.

Thanks for sharing.


Weighted vests are great to use but resistance training is much more important i think


I had never heard of speed parachute before reading this article but i learn something new everyday. This article was quite informative not only did i learn about speed parachutes but i also learned ways to strengthen your leg muscles. Excellent article.


Thanks very much, I’m glad you learned something from this post 🙂


You have a lot of good stuff. It looks like I won’t get out of your website. I am interested more on the kids exercises. It seem to be so interesting though I am always concern about kids being injured while exercising.
I didn’t seem to find the answer on what age do I have to introduce speed parachutes workout to children?


As I said in this post the age that children should use speed parachutes depends on…

Any previous injuriesHeight, weight & sizeMuscle developmentMental development (maturity)Male or Female

I wouldn’t recommend letting your 3-year-old child run with a speed parachute attached to them but it really is down to the parent at what age you think they should 

Just remember that children’s muscles are very vulnerable so will need to be careful when exercising


This is such an interesting concept. I can only imagine how difficult it is to play rugby. Those legs of steal in the pile is super important. I really enjoyed how you explained everything about the positive effects of using it to built Leg muscle strength. The section discussing what age I think important to make sure we don’t rush their development. Great post. 


Cheers coralie, having strong legs in rugby will make you a much better rugby player 🙂


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