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Discount Football Boots

Discount football boots best places to buy them

Discount Football Boots: Top 4 Places to Buy Them Cheap4 Best Discount Football Boot Suppliers

Do you only wear brand new Football boots and always pay full price for them as soon as they come out in the shops?

Or do you wait a few months till they go down in price?

Discount Football Boots don’t always mean they are bad boots

It just means that you have got yourself a bargain but you will normally have to wait a bit longer to get them

When I was younger, If any one of my family had said

“Got these football boots in the sale for you and I got them half price”

To their faces, I would be politely smiling and thanking them, but deep down I would be thinking,

“The tight gits!!! Bloody discount boots!!! They will probably fall off me after a few days”

Now I am the one saying to my sons 

“Got these in the sale for you, I got them half price”

Trying to catch a glimpse of them gritting their teeth and swearing under their breath like I did when I was that age

Table of Content

Are Discounted Boots Worth it?

What Ground do You Need Them For?

What Boots to Get

Top Places to Buy Cheap Football Boots

Anything to Add?

Are Discounted Football Boots Worth it?the word sales written on boxes all stacked on top of each other

So many moons ago it was frowned upon to get discount football boots

It’s not like that these days, oh no.

There’s so much competition out there now, so many brands and makes that everyone is undercutting one another so they will do what it takes to make a sale

  • Easter Weekend Sale
  • Bank holiday Sales
  • Christmas Deals
  • January Sales
  • Black Friday Sales
  • End of the line Bargains… etc… etc…

I’m sure last week I even saw a sign in a sports shop window saying

“Just got divorced, come in celebrate with me and have half off everything in the shop”

But was it a male or female manager??? You decide…

What Ground do You Need Them For?

So where do you even start?

Well I would start with the measuring of the feet then maybe go on to which type of ground you will be playing on

It would more than likely be grass, but these days, we also have 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and 6G, also known as AstroTurf

Basically, its fake grass that somebody invented because he or she couldn’t be bothered to keep mowing the lawn!

Those are all pretty much the same, all-weather pitches, but with different levels of thickness and under padding

2G or AstroTurf2g or astro turf football field

A sand based, synthetic short carpet type, grass pitch which is suitable for many different sports, but if you ask any football player, it’s not great to fall on as it will rip your skin apart


It has longer synthetic grass and much better grip than 2G, but with a smoother surface and a shock absorber underlay3g grass with black rubber pellets on there

The only problem is that it’s filled with tiny rubber pellets that get stuck in every orifice that apparently help with the shock absorbing


Similar to 3G but with longer synthetic grass so it has a smoother surface, and also has extra shock absorbing underlay so there’s no need for the rubber pellets that your mam or wife complains about when she pulls your footy clothes out of the washing machine

4G is having a hard time at the moment as it still hasn’t been fully approved to play official football games on4g 5g and 6g grass


There have been many speculations about 5G and 6G being an official playing field for sports and even though 4G isn’t quite an “Official” pitch, many companies who own the 5&6G; will often downgrade them to a 4G just so players will trust them more

I personally haven’t come across any pitches made with these types but I would imagine it’s like walking on a frigging cloud!

“4G and above have yet to be recognized by any credible football governing body”

Here is a quick video showing how FIFA test to check if the turf is safe to play football on


By far the best ground to play football on and I’m sure everybody knows what grass looks like so I dont need to show you what that looks like, do I?

How do You Know Which Type of Boots to Get

FG (Firm Ground) Bootsblue and white firm ground football boot

Used on short grass and dry pitches, or can even be worn on 3G

The bottoms of these have plastic blades rather than metal studs

SG (Soft Ground) Bootspink and black soft ground football boot

Used for muddy pitches or long grass for better grip under the foot

The bottoms of these sometimes have removable metal studs

AG (Artificial Grass) Boots
pair of white black and orange artificial football boots

These are better used on 3G pitches

Instead of blades, these are more of a plastic or rubber short stud

These can also be worn on turf also




Turf Trainersgrey and black Nike turf trainer

Best worn on 2G fields

They have small rivet type plastic moulds underneath so they are no good really for any other pitch type

Can be used on 3G but might be a bit slippery

Indoor Shoeswhite and red indoor football shoe

Well… there will be no prizes for guessing where these are best worn so I won’t bother explaining

>>> Check Out The Top 10 Indoor Soccer Shoes 2019 Here <<<

I hope this has helped you decide

So now you know what boots you will need it’s down to finding the right pair at the right price

Top 4 Places to Get Discount Football Boots

Now the 4 online stores below will certainly give you football boots at very low prices which is what you came here for in the first place

So whether you are looking for a pair of cheap laceless football boots or football boots with socks, you will find everything you need in any of the links below

  1. Amazon
  2. eBay
  3. UKsoccershop
  4. Sports Direct

Got Anything to Add?

So what do you think about football boots that are cheap?

Do you think you get what you pay for or do you think you still get the quality no matter how much you spend on them?

Just get involved in the comment section below and share your opinions with everyone else

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10 comments on “Discount Football Boots

You are absolutely right about the discount trend. It’s not that they’re low quality, there are just more competitors with great products as well! I also just wanna mention that I LIKED how you placed the pictures and the blue quotation boxes. They add to the reading pleasure and it’s creative how you did it. Maybe a little more spacing on the pics is better but of course it’s just a suggestion. 🙂 I especially liked the funny, angry dog picture and your intro story. XD

I liked how you were cheerful, funny and relatable as if you were actually talking to your readers. I enjoy a post so much more if that kind of approach is visible. I don’t really have a good background on sports or types of sport shoes but this is not hard to understand and I enjoyed reading your cheerfulness! XD I was kinda curious about the shoes tho but I couldn’t click any of the colorful texts that you have for each of the shoes.. I’m just not sure if you’re aware of that.. 🙂


I will look into making the pictures available to open up, thanks for the advice.
Speaking of the discount boots though, there is definatly loads of competition out there that they are all trying to compete with one another so you can get a bargain on some really great football boots


The problem with buying some things like football boots at a sales stand is that you neve really get the right ones. Unless you are very lucky. Cheap is sometimes expensive, it’s better to invest a few extra dollars on something than getting the wrong stuff that may even cause you to have injuries. Thank you for sharing this insightful article.


It can take some time looking for some good quality cheap football boots but there are out there.
If you are looking at spending a few more £££ take a look at the review I have done on these new 2017 adidas Messi fg football boots, they are a brilliant pair of boots that I think you might like.


A football boots is a very specialised product and needed care to pick the right one. I remember 30 years ago when I got my first football boots. I literally got it because it was on sale and I found it not suitable for what I need. At the end of the day, I used it once and left it in my cupboard the whole time. It looks nice though but its just not used. Thanks for the great article. It’ll surely help someone who’s looking for a pair without falling into the ‘cheap’ trap.


The right pair of boots are always essential so that’s why it’s better to do some research into them first.
Have a look at my review on what I think are some great ADIDAS fg football boots that might be of interest to you


Hi Shwni! Thanks so much for this article “Discount Football Boots-Are they worth it?”! Not always, but sometimes YES! I too, have been one of those parents in the past, giving my boys rummage sale or discounted sports footwear. I truly don’t know if they actually minded that they weren’t a certain brand, etc. though. They really never reacted to that. However, it may be because they were so young, not in high school or college), we didn’t know the difference because they only played on grass then.

Now, however, you’re right! I have wondered, for quite some time, why there were so many kinds of shoes for these sports. Now I know! The chart you displayed is SUPER helpful that I will pass on to my boys for their toddlers now, as well as other friends in the game. Just love the chart Shwni!!! Thank you much. :o)


Im glad you found the chart informative and i hope that those you show will get the information they need also.
Being a parent myself we will always buy the wrong boots for our children no matter what they say to our faces so it’s just easier to give the money to them so they can choose for themselves.


Hi Shwni!
you are completely right! I’ts important to have the right pair of football boots. I also really liked the design of your website, especially the pictures.


Thanks berend, it’s no good having a pair of football boots that will fall off after one match. But with that in mind you can get some really good cheap football boots these days.


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