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David Beckham Autograph

David Beckham Autograph authentic signed merchandise

David Beckham Autograph: Grab Him By The Golden BallsBuy some authentic signed David Beckham memorabilia today

Do you want to own a David Beckham Autograph?

He is probably up there with the best football players of all time and certainly one of the most famous and influential players

So having a football, photo, football shirt or even a pair of football boots with his genuine signature on can be worth quite a bit of money if you keep it for a few years

Or even if you are a huge David Beckham fan, having something signed by him would make an awesome talking point and something to be proud of having it on show in your home

But let me just tell you a few things about him first

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David Beckham Quick AutobiographyDavid Beckham wearing a suit sitting in the crowd at Wimbledon

The football legend we all know as David Beckham was born, David Robert Joseph Beckham on the 2nd of May 1975, In London

His Father, who is also called David was a Kitchen Fitter and his Mother, Sandra, was a Hairdresser

His Grandfather who was Jewish was a big part of his life as a young boy but David said that he doesn’t really have any religious beliefs himself

His Father was a huge Manchester United fan (the red devils)

So it was inevitable that when he became as good as he was at Football he was always going to play for United as he followed in his Dad’s love of the team

David’s Dad was also a Football coach of a team called The Ridgeway Rovers and of course, Beckham played for them

David Beckham Autographed Photo’s

As a young boy, his talents were noticed at a Football Talent Competition which was organized by FC Barcelona

David Beckhamplaying football for Manchester United dribbling the ball around two Juventus football players

I didn't know this myself until I was doing my research on David Beckham - Nicknamed "Goldenballs" by the media and fans - but the first team that he ever played for was Tottenham Hotspur which put him in the spotlight and got noticed by MUTDFC

He started his long professional footballing career at a young age of 17 in 1992 where he made his debut for Manchester United

He was on the bench at the start of the game but finally got to go on and play and had a stormer of a game which resulted in him signing a contract for the club to be a regular fixture

And I don't think that he ever got benched again after that

It was his goal that he scored against Wimbledon in 1996 that catapulted him into superstardom all across the globe giving him the legend status that he has today

David Beckham's Goal From The Halfway Line

A Few Quick David Beckham Facts

  • He played his World Cup debut for England in 1996 when they played Moldova.
  • From the year 2000 to 2006 he was the England Football Team Captain.
  • He played every single match right up to the final against France in the 1998 FIFA World Cup.
  • He won the 1998-1999 Champions League and The FA Cup with his Manchester United team-mates.
  • He was awarded FIFA World Player of the Year and European Footballer of the Year in 1999.
  • Played his last ever football game of his career for Real Madrid in June 2007

These Fun Facts are just a small percentage of what he has achieved in his football career

David Beckham Signed Memorabilia

Like all footballers that are in the medias eye as much as he is, it was inevitable that he was going to be criticized if anything went wrong on the field

And the 1998 FIFA World Cup was one of those times because he had such a poor performance and had all the blame for England being eliminated from the competition

He even had death threats over that! Chill out people, it's only a game!David Beckham wearing the number 7 football shirt for England holding his right hand up in the air

After all the bad press and fans shouting their mouths off about him, Beckham didn't let that get to him and was a key player for both England and Man UTD...

That was until the Euro 2000 Cup when England lost 3-2 against Romania and all the hatred started back up again as if it was all his fault!

David Beckham Injuries

An injury in football can ruin a players career if it is serious enough but thankfully Beckham's injuries were not enough to stop him altogether, here is a list of the things he had to stop playing football for

  • April 2002 - Broken Metatarsal in Left Foot
  • November 2002 - Broke a Rib
  • September 2003 - Calf Injury
  • October 2003 - Right Hamstring Injury
  • November 2003 - Lower Back Injury
  • March 2004 - Right Calf Injury
  • February 2006 - Back Injury
  • March 2007 - Right Knee Injury
  • June 2007 - Sprained Left Ankle
  • March 2010 - Tore His Right Achilles Tendon

It was claimed by the media that his Broken Metatarsal Injury in 2002 was deliberately done during a game by Argentinian Aldo Duscher before England were to play Argentina in the World CupVictoria Beckham Head Shot

But that was only speculation and nothing was done about it

I am pretty sure he also had to miss football training once because his wife (Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham) chipped his nail whilst giving him a manicure... But don't quote me on that.

Loved By Millions

David Beckham is a British Footballing Icon that is loved by millions of people from all across the globe

And in 2002 he became the highest paid footballer after he signed a 3-year contract with his beloved club, Manchester United

Not just the money from playing football (greedy git!) he has advertisement deals, books written, fragrances for men, and so much more

But he does so much for charities that I will let him off with how much money he earns

By the end of his football career, he had racked up a huge 830 Appearances and 144 goals overall

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So What Are Your Thoughts About David Beckham?

If you have anything else to add to this very small part of his football career then just get involved in the conversation below and share what you know about him with others

Do you want to own a piece of football history with a David Beckham signature or do you already own something that has been signed by the legend himself?

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8 comments on “David Beckham Autograph


I have heard of D. Beckham for years, can’t really remember since when, but it’s the first time i see the video that truly threw him on to the stardom, that goal was amazing!
I think i need to go an see all those epic plays he made.
Thank you for sharing tose facts about him, makes you realize he isn’t famous for nothing, he really accomplished great things in his career.


That’s correct, he isn’t up there with the legends of football for nothing, he really has made a name for himself and will always be remembered as “Golden Balls” 😀

Cathy Cavarzan

David Beckham is the first non U.S. football player (soccer) I ever followed. Since than I have kept up with him in the media and magazines. One of the things that have stuck out for me besides his athletic talent as been his generous charity work.We need more of him in this world.


David Beckham has done so much charity work in the past and it has helped millions of people so he is not just a soccer icon


HI. I knew David Beckham was retired and loved by many, but I had no idea he had that many injuries during his career. I also didn’t know he was married to Posh Spice. My daughter loved the Spice Girls back then. I like your post, lots of great information on David Beckham.


Yes, like most soccer players he was sometimes not playing due to injuries

Ilaisaane Tuakalau

I remember David Beckham very well. I was only in my early 20s when he and Victoria got married. It was such a fanfare because the Spice Girls has just hit the charts with their first single.

My brothers were fans of soccer and I always watched Manchester United games. There is no doubt that David had great talent and was one of the most influential soccer players of his time. I think the word soccer was synonymous with his name. If you mentioned David Beckham, everyone knew you were talking soccer. 

Actually, I believe he made Manchester United, more famous and one of the most watched games. No doubt that those David Beckham autographed soccer memorabilia will make lots of money one day if kept well.

Thank you for sharing this article, it brings back great memories of a great sports legend.


Oh, they will certainly be worth a lot more than what you paid for them in years to come!


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