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Classic football shirts – now and then

the football kits history

Legendary Football Shirtsarsenal football jersey

Looking back over the years of The History of The Football Shirt there have been some amazing changes in the design and colours of them which haven’t always been that appealing I must say

Have you ever kept one of your old jerseys and thought to yourself “Oh dear god, Why did I ever wear that?”

Of course you have but it is the team that you support so you would wear anything of theirs, wouldn’t you?

So, like I asked before, how many of you still keep your old season football shirts? I know I do but I also like to buy some old Classic Football Shirts as a keepsake and sometimes as an investment if they have been worn by the superstars of the beautiful game.

Now that is what I love about buying the old football jerseys.

Giving everything for the shirtMeaningful, tweetable quote. Click To Tweet

This is a football players motto meaning the “Jersey Is Everything a Team Stands For” and I totally agree with this quote being a huge football fan myself

So I want to talk about classic football shirts and how they are now compared to how they were then.

Having your football teams shirt on your back makes you feel very proud and part of the team while watching them on television or actually being at the stadium cheering them on.

If you see a fellow supporter wearing your team colours it basically gives you permission to talk to one another forming a bond talking about last weeks game or the next game coming up.

The Beginning

The football shirt has come a long way since the thick cotton ones they used to wear back in the day but when football was first established in 1848 by Cambridge university they just wore whatever they had to hand.CHARTERHOUSE SCHOOL TEAM 1863

Once everybody realized they didn’t know whose team they were on the players started wearing either coloured caps or scarves as well as white uniforms (kit) but in 1870 the public demanded should wear whole coloured uniforms so that could tell both teams apart.

And so the football kit was born

The kits were normally chosen by whichever school or club they came from but back then the players had to pay for everything themselves.

Can you imagine the likes of Ronaldo or Messi having to pay for their own shirts these days?  Ok, they could probably buy the whole of the team kit out of some loose change they found down the back of their sofa.

But I bet they would still moan if they had too!!

Moving With The Times

Eintracht football team with the new sponsored shirts
Eintracht football team with the new sponsored shirts

In the 1970s football teams started wearing kit so they stood out from any other team and were always looking for ways to get them noticed more.

In 1973, German club, Eintracht struck the very first sponsorship deal with alcohol makers “Jägermiester” and then it all kicked off…

Excuse the pun!!!

Every team soon followed suit realizing it could bring some serious cash to the club if the players were walking, talking billboards on the field.

In 1975, Leeds United saw the potential of selling football shirts to the fans as replicas and so… The rest is history…

If you want to read all about the history of the football kit in depth then you can do so HERE

There’s Only One Place You Need To Know About

Looking back over the years there have been some poor attempts at football shirts but more great attempts than poor, take a look HERE to see which ones you think are the worst and if you want to reminisce about the football jerseys of yesteryear then look no further than Classic Football Shirts Limited where you can get thousands of shirts from many MANY different teams and clubs across the globe amongst other football apparel.

They have got some real classic old football shirts in mint condition and also some brand new.

They even have genuine match worn clothing that I think you might like

They have kindly given me some of their brand new children’s clothes to see what they are like and I wasn’t disappointed I can tell you.  From the time they were ordered online, it only took 4 days to deliver them to me in the UK and were as expected, perfect condition and would definitely order from them again.VALENCIA HOODY JUMPERLIVERPOOL FOOTBALL SHORTS

I was honestly like a kid in a sweet shop when I first found this site and I bet you any money that you will feel the same looking at the old football kits they have on offer.

I would be here all day showing you what they have to offer so I will just show you a glimpse of what they have and leave it down to you to find some real gems on their website.


You won’t be disappointed I can assure you!


Premiership Club Shirts

1995-96 Liverpool Away Shirt

1995-96 Liverpool Away Shirt 

Match Worn Shirts


2002-03 Arsenal Match Issue Away Shirt Henry #14

2002-03 Arsenal Match Issue Away Shirt Henry #14

2002-03 Arsenal Match Issue Away Shirt Henry #14


1994 Manchester United Match Issue Coca-Cola Cup Final Third Shirt Bruce #4

1994 Manchester United Match Issue Coca-Cola Cup Final Third Shirt Bruce #4

International Shirts


2006-08 Brazil Home Shirt Ronaldinho #10 (Very Good) L 2006-08 Brazil Home Shirt Ronaldinho #10 (Very Good) L 2006-08 Brazil Home Shirt Ronaldinho #10 (Very Good) L

2006-08 Brazil Home Shirt Ronaldinho #10

They do have a wide range of newer football shirts

Take a look at some famous football player memorabilia

Sales All Day, Every Day

As if it wasn’t good value for money already they also have a clearance section where the bargains are endless.

There is so much on offer here that I could show you but it would be easier to take a look yourself and you will be surprised at what they have…SERIOUSLY!!!

If you have any old football jerseys that you don’t want anymore they also buy unwanted football clothing (as long as you haven’t pinched it off a tramp)

So all you need to do now is get yourself over there and Grab Yourself a Bargain or a piece of football history that you can maybe make a bit of money from further down the line if you wanted to sell it.

So, have you got any classic football shirts?

If you need any help at all or have any comments about this post, feel free to comment below and I will get back to you ASAP.



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16 comments on “Classic football shirts – now and then

I would never have thought that someone could be so passionate about sports kit. I have no interest whatever in either football or the kit, but your material is a joy to read and will be so useful for anyone who shares your interests. I notice you have a variety of adverts and your site covers a number of different topics, so it will be interesting to see the progress you make.


Thanks John, I know it’s not everybody’s cup of tea but I’m happy you enjoyed the read anyway


A trip down memory lane ey!

Not that I was born back then but you know what I mean haha! =D

Thanks for the list of classic football shirts.


It certainly is that. You can find many football shirts from pretty much any year in this website. I was like a kid in a sweet shop looking through it


Hi, Shwni. I’m the biggest fan of Manchester United. When I read your post about football shirt and show 1994 United jersey it brings back great memories. This where MU start dominates England and the King, Eric Cantona is still active. Many great players win the title on this season. There are a lot of differences compare to the newest jersey. Nice post, thanks


Hi henryan, I’m a Liverpool fan myself but that was a great year for man Utd and cantons is a legend in my eyes even as a Liverpool fan.
I’m glad you got some great memories from this post


The stuff on the true meaning of a jersey is awesome. Most people don’t really understand the respect that comes with wearing a team name and representing a team on a jersey.


Its an honour to be part of a team I think so wearing the team jersey just makes it feel more special


Nice website on football/rugby kit and deals. Definitely would be great for all the football fans out there.


Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment


What a wonderful overview of Classic football shirts – now and then. Is amazing to stumble on a blog dedicated to football/rugby kit deals beaming search on past to the present.


Football and Rugby shirts have come a long way since the early years that’s for sure, and thank god that they have, lol


What a fun topic and great bit of history here. Love that first old pic of the team with two lads in tails! Can’t imagine playing in anything like that. Also was interesting to learn about the history of sponsorship. Do you think they are now over-sponsored? I was watching a match with a little niece who kept calling one of the teams Toyota because that was the most prominent thing on their jerseys.


Haha, that’s funny. Yes the teams these days are way over sponsored and we as fans still have to pay stupid money for the jerseys


Hello Mathew
This is a wonderful article.. It really attracted me to read it all.. In my country, many young men and boys love to wear the shirt of their favorite team so that you could see many shops in my city selling them..
I will share your link on Facebook and twitter so any one from friends and family who is interested will read it and have a look at your ADs
Wishing you all the best


Thanks Rania, that would be great if you could share this post 🙂


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