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Adidas Glider Soccer Ball

Adidas Glider Soccer Ball


  • It is perfectly designed and inspired buy the three MLS pillars of country, community and club.
  • Really holds its air well with the butyl bladder which also helps maintain the ball’s shape.
  • The outer skin is made of material that can withstand more abrasion than other soccer balls

Suggested Soccer Ball Sizes For Certain Ages

  • Size 1 – Is a Mini Ball
  • Size 3 – Suggested For Ages 8 And Below
  • Size 4 – Suggested For Ages 8 – 12
  • Size 5 (Official Size) – Suggested For Agesture 12 And Above

What I Think of The Adidas Glider Soccer Ball

If you want a soccer ball that you will be using every day

Then I would get yourself one of these as it is very durable and can take a big kick or three

It works best on grass or artificial grass as most soccer balls do but will take a bit of scraping on the concrete

If you have already got one then I would love to hear what you think of it or if you have any other suggestions that work better and last longer on the soccer field.

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