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Cheap football kits for teams

Cheap Football Kits For Teams: 5 Designer Looking Uniforms For Your SquadCheap football kits for teams

Have you ever been down the local park having a friendly kickabout with your mates and you keep forgetting who is on your team?

You can guarantee that there’s always one boy that will score in the wrong goals and everyone just shouts abuse at him

I still get flashbacks of them shouting at me!

I have scoured the internet for some Cheap Football Kits For Teams that you are going to love and at a very reasonable price.

Now when it comes to joining a football team, the one thing that makes you stand out as a TEAM is your team colours/kit

Showing Your True Colours

As a football team, apart from standing out being the best team

You want to stand out by having a really great looking kit

Football team wear hasn’t got to be flamboyant or flashy

Some of the best football teams in the world have pretty plain shirts but they still stand out

Take this 2017/18 Manchester City home jersey for starters

2017/18 Manchester City home kitTeams
Plain and simple but still a great looking shirt

I know the shirt doesn’t make the team but I think it gives you certain confidence when you are wearing something that stands out a bit

Plus you know who your passing to

Or this 2018/19 Juventus women’s 1st team shirt2018/19 Juventus Ladies kitFootball kits

It certainly stands out but it’s not too colourful…

But don’t ever wear it play football on a zebra crossing or we will never find you!

Getting What You Need

When getting a brand new football kit you have a blank canvas so to speak

So there will room for the numbers and names on the back and the sponsor across the front of the shirt

Which will make it look more professional.

If your team hasn’t got a sponsor then it really helps if you can get one

And if you ask local businesses,

More often than not they will be more than happy to have the name of their business across your football shirts

And will probably even pay for the kit for you so this might not cost you a penny

Some of the places you can get the kit from will give you the numbers on the back for free with bulk orders

And as a football team, you obviously want to buy in bulk

So there will definitely be deals that you could get on bigger orders online than just buying one or two

And they don’t have to look like you have gone back to the 1970s to get them.

Cheap Football Kits For School Teams

This is where you will probably get your first taste of playing within a team and seeing what it is like to wear a full kit

You might even start playing younger than that like your local boy’s club or youth centre

But being part of your school team is where you will start to appreciate the full value of what being part of a football team really means to you

And of course, if you are buying them on behalf of your school team

Then you might even get a bit more discount it’s you are able to get a government funding loan

Which all schools should be given for sports education!

Ugly Football Kits

Now over the years since the football kit was born

There have been some awful looking kits that should not be remembered whatsoever

But you could be starting a tradition of great looking football kits if you get any of these for your team

Before I show you what you could be wearing just take a look at this video of the terrible football kits that have come before you…

How do you feel about wearing any of those?

Check Out my Star Buy at The Bottom


Top 5 Cheap Football Kits For Teams

Givova Leader Football KitCheap5. Givova Leader Football Kit

This long sleeve kit is perfect for the cold weather and comes in loads of different colours

It is 100% polyester and comes complete with socks and shorts

This kit is a very comfortable fit so you won’t have any fabric flapping around in the wind when you are running around the pitch

Because that’s the last thing you want is some big old jersey annoying you while you are playing football

Givova is a brilliant brand to sport your football kits in the UK

PRICE: Between £3.68 – £11.35 per Individual Kit

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 Ichnos Team Football KitCheap
4. Ichnos Team Football Kit

Another long sleeve shirt that is made from 100% polyester and is very warm and light to wear.

Also comes complete with socks and shorts.

It might look a little bland but look back at the Manchester City jersey above

They don’t even have that white band across the chest, do they?

Price:  £17.00 per Individual Kit 

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ZHOUKA Wholesale custom Football KitCheap

3. ZHOUKA Wholesale custom Football Kit

This one I really love but I’m not impressed with the price tag

Made with 100% breathable polyester that will dry in no time at all

The company that made these have 16 years experience and don’t just deal with football kits

They design all sorts of sports apparel so they know a thing or two about what sports people need from clothing

Price: £21.32 per Individual Kit 

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ZEVONDA Short-Sleeved Team Soccer Suit

2. ZEVONDA Short-Sleeved Team Soccer Suit

This is a great looking kit and a bit cheaper than the one above

But it still could be a bit cheaper I think

Made from a very durable and easy to clean material which is 100% polyester

Definitely the best type of material for a football kit

It uses a moisture wicking technology that feels really smooth on the skin and will cool you down when you get too sweaty

It also stands out a bit more than just the plain colours as well which would make your whole team stand out

Price: £10.87 per Individual Kit 

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☆☆☆ MY STAR BUY ☆☆☆

Stanno Porto long sleeve football kitTeams1. Stanno Porto long sleeve


  • 14 full football kits, plus goalkeepers
  • 100% clima tech polyester
  • Sponsors on the front
  • Numbers on the back
  • Club badge embroidered onto the front

Comes in many colours so you have plenty of choices

Sizes:  S, M, L, XL, XXL

Price:  £475.00  for the full kit, long sleeve – £495.00  for the full kit, short sleeve

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Or you can try Uni-custom football kits where you can design your own kit and colours exactly how you want them

There is a minimum order of 10 pcs but you should be ok with having a minimum of 11 for the team.

Price: from £299.00 for the whole kit


Something extra for the most hated person on the pitch

You have to give them something instead of the verbal abuse they normally get

At the end of the day, a team is a team whatever they are wearing but a team with the proper kit is one everyone will always remember.

Be That Team…


A Football Kit Doesn't Make a Team, But a Team Makes The Kit What it is! Click To Tweet

I have only shown you a few selected football kits that are out there for you to look at

But there are many more to choose from so I hope I have helped you a little bit to get the right kit for your team.

One last thing…

Ok, so you have your kid’s football kits sorted, now you need to get yourself some boots to go with it to perfect your teams look.

Do you think football kits are too expensive?

Before you go…

If there is anything that you need to know about anything at all on this post

Then don’t hesitate to ask me below and I will do my best to help you.


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20 comments on “Cheap football kits for teams


My little brother plays in a team and he said his coach was looking for a complete kit. I think he may like Ichnos team football kit.


The Ichnos one is a lovely looking kit fair play. Your brothers team will look brilliant in them


I like this! It is really important for a team to be a team and look the same. This way they will all have the exact same uniform for a reasonable price. These days it is hard to get everything that is needed all in one spot especially for a good price. Does this come in both boys and men sizes?


Hi Angela,it is very important for them to be wearing the same and they all come in both men’s and boy sizes


Hi Shwni, thank you for the feature!

The Ichnos Team


No problem at all, you have a great product

Rico Hanes

I still remember t5he first time I got to wear a team uniform. It was the proudest day of my life and I didn’t take the Uniform off for a day. 🙂 This is the most satisfying feeling to give to kids and adults alike, to be part of a “team” and feel like being part of a team. Shwni, you hit the nail on the head and I thank you for offering this at a reasonable price ! EXCELLENT !


Its a great feeling putting on that shirt I have to agree, and to be part of something like that is even more special


I amazed how cheap some of these kits are. What bargains.
Appreciate the share. We’ll be looking into these for a our sons team next year.


Awesome, if you could spread the word as well that would be great 🙂


Awesome post. I remember as a teen ager and getting to wear a team uniform for the first time, it was with our fast pitch softball team in North Dakota. It feels so good to be a part of a team and when we traveled we were proud of our team colors and wanted to show them off. Great post, it took me back a few years and I love that.


Being part of a sports team is one proud moment and to wear your team’s colours just makes it that much better. Thanks for stopping by


Cool post, thank you! As someone who worked in sports industry I really value your content and tips! Super useful!


My pleasure, keep popping in to see more up to date stuff


Hi Shwni,

Thank you very much for the information on the kits. I was looking for a site like yours as I was looking for one for myself to try and get back into a bit of training again.

I have to say the kits do look lovely and comfortable and the prices are crazy affordable. I will definitely be keeping you in mind next time this issue is discussed in company.

I don’t think the kits are too expensive, however, I was told recently that a season ticket in the UK for all the matches are now un-affordable to the average man. This is very sad as they built that entire premiership empire on the working mans pay cheques.

Thanks again Shwni and I will definitely be back for more posts like this. I have also subscribed to your site.




Yes, it’s sad about the season tickets and there should definitely be something done about that! These team kits though are very affordable and will make your team stand out amongst all the others.


The boys will look really smart in these uniforms. I cannot get over how reasonable the prices are. Your site is always helpful. I will spread the word if I hear someone looking for a football kit for boys. I am so fascinated with this article that I will share it on Twitter.


Awesome, that would be great if you could do that. The more people that see these team kits, the better 🙂

Gillian Babcock

My brothers were just accepted to our community football team and they need kits. It was explained here that it will be best to have a team kit in order to identify with other members. Moreover, it’s recommended to go to trusted shops when in need of discounted football team kits.


That’s awesome news about your brothers, tell them congrats from me. The football kit teams that are here are all from Amazon so they are all from trusted shops so no need to worry.

If you need any more help with anything please let me know 🙂


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