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Canterbury Ventilator Scrum Cap

Canterbury Ventilator Scrum Cap: Protect Your Head in StyleProtect your head from hitting that brick wall

The Rugby Scrum Cap is the most important piece of safety kit on the field I personally think

And you can’t go wrong with getting yourself a Canterbury Ventilator Scrum Cap to know that your head and ears  safety will be one less thing to worry about when you’re already worried about where you should be positioned on the field

The review below will show you exactly what you will be getting for your money and how much this scrum cap will benefit your safety on the rugby field

This is, in my opinion, the best scrum cap to buy for your children

Canterbury Unisex Ventilator Scrum Cap Review

White and Blue Canterbury Unisex Ventilator Scrum Cap
Canterbury Ventilator Scrum Cap White

Canterbury Airflow Headgear Blue
PRODUCT: Canterbury Unisex Ventilator Scrum Cap


SIZE: Adults (but other sizes are available)

MY RATING: 9.5 / 10

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What Amazon Said About it

  • It is IRB approved
  • Its new design makes it lightweight and flexible
  • It’s designed with anti-microbial treatment
  • It’s made with zinc pyrithione anti-odour agents

What the hell!!!

I am not going to lie to you but I really haven’t got a clue what half of that means, I just about know what “odour” means!!

Why This Particular Scrum Cap For me?

I have a 13-year-old son that has been playing rugby since he was 5 and has gone through scrum caps more times than I have had cooked dinners

So I know a good scrum cap when I see oneThe ear holes in the side of a Canterbury ventilator scrum cap

This has by far been the best scrum cap for him, it may not necessarily be the best for you, but there are plenty of designs and brands to choose from I’m almost certain you will find the right one for you soon

Now my son has had hearing problems since he was young and has had to wear hearing aids

For obvious reasons, he can’t wear them whilst playing rugby

With all his other scrum caps that he has worn, even with his hearing problems, he still had trouble listening to his teammates and coaches with his ears being covered

What I’m saying is that he can hear a lot better through this cap than all the others he has had

Even the cool looking scrum caps he has had in the past

They also come in a few other different colours

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What I Thought of This Scrum Cap

These are really light and easily worn without the feeling of it on your head like some other bulkier caps and it does the same job

With 10mm of foam protection, it absorbs maximum shock on impact

It has the larger holes dotted around so it breathes better and it is much more airing for your sweaty heads after 80 minutes of running around the pitchThe tie strings on the back of the canterbury scrum cap

With its stress release chin strap it’s easy to get on and off (if you need to top up your hair gel)

The only problem I had with it I’d that the strings to tighten it onto your head were a bit short

But not a massive issue and that’s why I didn’t give it full marks out of 10

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Canterbury Scrum Cap Measurements

We all know our shoe sizes and we all know our waist and trouser length

But how many times have you measured your head?

Not many I would imagine

What Size Scrum Cap do I Need?


In this particular brand, the sizes are as follows…

Canterbury ventilator scrum cap size chart

  • MB (Medium boy’s)     52.5cm (20.5″)
  • LB (Large boy’s)           54cm (21″)
  • (Small)                        55cm (21.5″)
  • (Medium)                  57cm (22.5″)
  • (Large)                       58.5cm (23″)
  • XL (Extra large)            60cm (23.5″)

To get a correct measurement for your cap, simply start the tape at the centre of the forehead, run the tape under the bulge at the back of the head then back round to the front.

Canterbury Scrum Cap Benefits

The British Journal of Sports Medicine says this about rugby scrum caps preventing concussion

Does rugby headgear prevent concussion?

The benefits of using ANY scrum cap, not just this one is pretty obvious when you think of it

Although it doesn’t actually prevent concussion, it does, however, lower the risk and drastically lowers cuts and abrasions to the head area

And of course…. the dreaded cauliflower ear

And if you notice with this scrum cap, the protective padding comes right down to the chin area for that extra protection along your upper jaw and cheekbones

Take a Quick Look at These Brutal Knockouts & Concussions in Rugby

Check Out My Post About What Rugby Equipment You Need to Get

Whatever cool looking scrum cap you decide to get, make sure you do your research, measure your head correctly, and most importantly…

Enjoy The Season

Check out other great scrum caps for boys Right Here

I hope you have enjoyed this review and if you have any comments or even your own reviews about this product, please feel free to do so below.

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20 comments on “Canterbury Ventilator Scrum Cap


I found your review helpful in determining which scrum cap is the most appropriate. Rugby is a rough game, and it is important to protect your head, in the short term and long term. I look forward to more posts on the best equipment.


Thanks Judy.I have many more reviews coming up, so watch this space 🙂


Hi there
Great review and such a very important issue. I see sports organisations in my own country have insisted on head wear for any type of contact sports that the youth are playing today.
In recent years they have insisted on adults follow these guidelines as well.
This is actually a very timely reminder, now that the Lions Tour has just started.
I would have no problem recommending this type of headgear to any person playing sports today.
Well done again
Cheers Phil Browne


thanks Phil.

Yes, I really believe they should be compulsory but I am just one

And I too am looking forward to the lions tour.

Best of luck and thank you for your kind words.



Vic Lees

Wow–very informative site- these helmets are a great idea for all contact sports I think.
do you know if they can be custom ordered(team logo etc)?
My child won’t be caught without one–concussions can be very serious-especially multiple ones!!

Vic Lees

Wow–very informative site- these helmets are a great idea for all contact sports I think.I like all the differents styles as well.
Do you know if they can be custom ordered(team logo’s,Numbers, etc)?
My child won’t be caught without one while he plays rugby–concussions can be very serious-especially multiple ones!!


thanks Vic.

Yes they can definitely be used for any sport and you can certainly get them customized which i can look into for you if you would like?




I have learnt a lot from your post. I like the fact that this head guard is well padded and as such lowers the chances of head injuries. It also looks like a warm cap that will keep the child’s head warm especially on those very cold mornings. This cap looks like its made to last long!


Hi Bea
I think this head guard would be perfect to lower the chances of head injury and will definitely keep the childs/or adults head warm on a cold morning.
It is made at a very high quality and will last a very long time.
I am really pleased that you have learned from this post and hope to see you back here soon.


Being a father now, I am considering all sorts of opportunities for my children to explore. I played lacrosse so I’m used a bit more robust head covering. I’m glad to see these products in use. I’m sure there are some to cry for purity and scoff at these new fangled contraptions. Thank you for sharing your honest and personal experience with this product. Would this be something I need to line dry or can it be put into a dryer?


This can be put into the tumble Dr her no problems as every training session and every game my son is involved in it has to be washed so I have had plenty of experience in how to deal with this headguard

Ronnie Jordan

I know the importance of head protection in contact sports. And it always helps to have a piece of equipment that is comfortable to use as well as effective. This product through you seems to be just that. Thanks for the information.


Hi Shwni,
The Canterbury unisex vent headguard is pretty great. Through your review, few things are clear – this is best when it comes to safety of your head, a must of games, it is affordable, and it has so many options in colors! Amazing review by the way. I, however, wanted to add one question – can we wear it while cycling? I know for cycling we require more secure headgears but it would be good if this headgear works for both games and cycling.


I wouldn’t advise you to wear this at all for cycling as you would need a more suitable headguard


Very concerned about the hype surrounding head gear. They are not crash helmets. My 10 year old daughter has started wearing one to reduce her ears getting bashed, but I emphasise to her that is all it is for. Too many parents are buying these and giving kids the idea they do more then they do. Practically no protection from a knee to the temple or face. Players whatever age need to learn correct techniques to protect themselves.


So very true Kevin, I couldn’t agree more. Headgear does not totally protect you from injuries but it does reduce it so this is why I think they should b compulsory.


Your review about the scrum cap was thorough and funny. (I just know what odour means)…lolol. But like others have said it is a serious issue and being a mum with rugby fanatics and players in the house , ANY good unique rugby stuff makes for great presents.And knowing which kit to buy is important.

 I bookmarked you with the hope that you will write provide me with a source of unique rugby gift items rather than just the shirts I find! (hint!)



I already have a post with some rugby gifts which you might like Right Here which you should take a look at


Thanks for another important yet informative review about scrum cap. Rugby is indeed a game my kid brother love playing. Because of its rough nature, I had to get him a scrum cap which I thought would be his size but unfortunately it was oversize. I stopped him from playing for the meantime because his head is kind of fragile and I don’t want any problem for him. Am glad I come across this review stating different sizes that are available. I’ll have to do a bit measurements before I go get another one for him. 


My pleasure, make sure you get the right measurements this time 🙂


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