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Can you wear mouth guards and braces together?

Keep Your Teeth In Your Gob!Can you wear mouth guards with braces

As a rugby coach, I have seen my fair share of children in the game that wear braces

And why shouldn’t they still play the game that they love just because they have to get their teeth straightened?

It could be as long as a year with braces in before they can be taken out

And that’s a long time to be out of the game


Can you wear mouth guards and braces together?


Having braces put in as a pre-teen or teenager can be a big thing for them and quite daunting

Even though it’s for the best, but they don’t see it that way do they?

“It’s not cool” or “My friends will laugh at me” usually will be the answer if the dentist says you need them

But it’s not exactly a conspiracy to alienate them from the outside world and just slam their mouth with a load of metal and send them on their way.

Just remember……

Friends come and go, but that smile is always with you!Meaningful, tweetable quote. Click To Tweet

Just see what Wiki has to say about mouth guards HERE

You want to protect your children no matter what it takes so whatever they do you want to make sure you have everything in place for the best safety possible.

Take sports, for instance, there are many physical sports out there which need certain protective gear and there’s one main one that springs to mind…..RUGBY!!!

Be The Better Person

If your child has to wear braces for whatever reason you don’t want to stop them playing any sports, think how much more confidence they will have, being part of a team.

Ok, they might still get a bit of name calling off their teammates but that’s just friendly banter, that happens in everyday life and they just have to rise above it and give as good as they get.


Keep That Smile

Back to rugby now, school rugby won’t let children play unless they have a mouth guard because of the Safety Aspect of the game and if you have braces you might think you can’t wear them together…Well, you’re wrong.a dentist putting a mouth-guard into a patients mouth

You can either get your dentist to fit it properly but that can get a bit pricey, or you can get a “boil & bite” one and do it yourself which is very easy and less expensive.

Yes, mouth guards for braces can cost a bit more than regular mouth guards but its worth it if your child can still play their favorite sport, and more importantly it protects your child’s teeth and gums.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

I have scoured the internet to find the best mouth guards to prove to you that you can wear mouth guards and braces together and I think I have found one that you may like.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…

OPROshield Gold Ortho Superior Protection Mouthguard

OPROshield Gold Ortho Superior Protection Mouthguard

Best place to buy it: AMAZON

Best price I could find: Between £8 and £35.27

There is a wide range of colours for you to choose from…

Oproshield overview

This “officially dentist approved mouth guard” offers essential protection for any rugby player who has braces and providing you follow the “how to fit” instruction DVD that comes with it,

This mouth guard will stay in and protect your gums and teeth throughout the whole rugby game giving you the confidence to go in for a tackle without worrying about ripping somebody’s ear off or taking someone’s eye out with your braces.

Pro’s & Con’sinstruction dvd that comes with the mouthguard


  • Latex-free
  • Dentist approved
  • Durable exterior shell
  • Shortened fins for an accurate fit
  • Air spacers for maximum cushioning
  • Ultra high impact protection
  • Easy to breathe and talk whilst wearing it (I tried it on my children and I could still hear them talking?)


  • You will need to take care when remolding as it is quite delicate after hot water has been poured onto it.

Buy It Now


I have never worn braces myself but I would imagine that they are not that comfortable so the last thing you want whilst playing a game of rugby is to be constantly feeling them during a game,

But with this mouth guard for braces, you can have the piece of mind that your teeth and gums will be protected and comfortable.

Now you know you can wear mouth guards and braces together

Before You Run-Off

If you have any questions about the Oproshield Ortho gold braces Mouthguard please feel free to ask in the comment section below and I will do my very best to answer you ASAP.



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8 comments on “Can you wear mouth guards and braces together?


What an interesting post! I have a brace and I never thought you can wear them together. Again a really original and interesting post



Thanks berend I’m glad you found this post useful and can now enjoy sports knowing you can also wear a mouth guard


As a parent of two, you worry about many things, your post hits home. I have two teenage daughters who are actively engaged in sports. The oldest just got braces and is talking about trying out for the girl’s basketball team when school starts again. I was concerned about here wearing braces and getting involved in a contact sport, but your post about this mouth guard has me feeling a bunch more at ease.


I’m really glad this post has put your mind at ease a bit. I always worry about my children playing contact sports but I suppose that’s honest natural isn’t it? I hope your daughter enjoys playing basketball, and now you can enjoy watching her knowing her teeth and braces will be a bit safer with this mouthguard to protect them 🙂


Hi Shwni

My daughter plays netball and is an equestrian rider….with braces! I wanted her to wear a mouth guard and had no idea that she could with a mouth full of braces! thanks for the info and I’ll be speaking to our dentist


Your dentist will be able to advise you as to which mouth guard she will need, I would imagine your daughter would need both upper and lower mouth guards for equestrian riding as iI looks like there would be a lot of head movement so you need both upper and lower sets of teeth protected


Hi, my son has a palate expander in, is it ok for him to play rugby with an orthodontic mouth guard? Thanks.


Hi Camilla, I would check with your dentist first but a friend of mine wears exactly the same mouth guard and also has a palate expander.I’m not quite sure if he had it approved by the dentist but he has never had any issues at all with it.
Let me know 7if you need any more help ok 🙂


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