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Bubble Soccer Balls For Sale

bubble soccer balls for sale

Bubble Soccer Balls For Sale

The Best Fun You Will Ever Have With Your Clothes On

As if soccer wasn’t fun enough to play

Somebody decided to put on a big inflatable ball and start running around the pitch and bumping into the other players

Creating the first Bubble Soccer

Before I look at some of the Bubble Soccer Balls For Sale 

I want to show you a brilliant video of them in action and how much fun you can have with them.

How Hilarious was that????

The Origin of Bubble Soccer

Bubble soccer was first created in Norway by 2 men, Johan Golden and Henrik Elvestad in 2011 for a bit of a joke on a game show with no knowledge at all that it would become the biggest craze the world has ever seen!

Want to Join in With The Craze?

As every craze around the world starts to get boring after a few weeks or even months I really think this one is here to stay

Who knows, it could be an Olympic Sport one day!

I have looked around at prices etc and I have found one that’s not the cheapest but it’s what I think is an amazing value for money

So you can always have a cheap bubble soccer game when ever you want to

Happybuy Inflatable Soccer Bumper

Two people wearing Bubble Soccer Suits
Bubble Soccer Suits For Sale

Check exact price buttonWhy Are These in The Bubble Soccer Balls Sale?

This inflatable bubble ball is ideal for all the family to try out and get some much needed revenge back on that relative that won’t stop rubbing the top of your head and pinching your cheeks.

If you haven’t got a relative like that…IT’S YOU!!!

It’s made of a TPU cleaned, strong, durable, non-toxic, colourless, tasteless plastic (not that you would want to eat it) which can be easily cleaned if you ever get dizzy and vomit in there

It also has handles and shoulder straps inside to make you feel safe and secure when you have been hit flying by a bigger person in the other bubble ball

It can be easily inflated in about 30 seconds with an electric pump which unfortunately isn’t included

But you can get one here for some great prices

Anyway, heres a few specifications about them Transparent bubble soccer ball with red dots

Colours you can get for these are…

  • Half Blue
  • Half Red
  • Half Green
  • Red Dots
  • Blue Dots
  • Or Just Plain Transparent

Suitable Ages…

  • These Bubble Balls are suitable for any ages, young or old, just don’t stick the baby in there as they won’t be able to grip hold of the handles


  • Flexible, durable and pretty strong that can be wiped clean every time


  • Height – 1.2m/4ft
  • Diameter – 1.5m/5ft

Inflating The Bubble Soccer Balls…

  • With the right inflatable pump you will get them fully inflated within 5 minutes

Where They Can be Used…

  • Not only can they be used for playing soccer bubble ball, they are Suitable For family gatherings, picnics, birthday parties, barbecues, on the beach, in the park, or in own backyard… You seriously can have so much fun with them and change the way you have family gatherings

My Opinion

I have spent hours playing with these out my garden with my children and it really is the most fun you can ever have but it does get tiring and sweaty

Like I said, you don’t always have to play soccer with them as you will probably have more fun just running into other people wearing them or just running into a wall

It’s basically a pair of inflatable bumper balls you can get inside….

The list of fun things to do with these is endless!


WHAT IS IT:  Happybuy Inflatable Soccer Bumper


Check exact price button




Take a look at these cheap soccer cleats to go with them

Before You Bounce Off

If you need any more information about this soccer bubble ball or if you would like to look for something cheaper then let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

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2 comments on “Bubble Soccer Balls For Sale

Those look fantastic! What a great gift for the grand kids, although grandma and grandpa may get a funny look from the neighbors! I assume that they are pretty heavy duty and don’t puncture or tear often?
Thanks for giving me a new idea for Christmas!


Honastly they are so much fun it’s unreal! I think grandma and grandpa would have more fun using them than the


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