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British Lions Rugby Shirts: Cheapest Prices to Get TodayGet your British Lions Rugby Shirts Ready for tour

Have you heard about the British & Irish Lions Rugby Team?

If you haven’t then its time to come out from under that rock you have been hiding under and maybe buy some new British Lions Rugby Shirts 

The Rugby Stars of Britain and Ireland all join together every few years to take on the world in Rugby games that are talked about worldwide

And boy have they created some fantastic stories for generations to keep passing down

Lions Tours Moving Forward

With the British and Irish Lions tour of South Africa being set up for 2021 I can’t help wishing I can get tickets now to be out there cheering them on

But with 4 children that just isn’t going to happen with the prices that they charge

Man wearing a red British and Irish Lions Rugby Jersey
Mens British Lions Rugby Shirt

I should have just started saving a few years ago and I might have been able to goBritish Irish Lions Rugby 2017

If you are single with no children or even if you’re loaded it would be an ideal holiday to be out there watching the rugby…

What more do you want?

Maybe some Rugby Shirts?

The Fans

I can only imagine the atmosphere out there now, I bet its brilliant

Rugby fans are not like football fans are they?

Both the Lions fans and whichever team they are playing fans will be sitting down having a drink or ten together laughing and telling rugby jokes to one another

But if it was football, we wouldn’t have a fan left out there apart from the odd drunk who fell asleep somewhere and couldn’t find his mates to join in with the riot

Would that be you???

When Did The British Lions Start Playing?

British Lions Rugby Team squad photo in 1888
Shaw and Shrewsbury Rugby Team 1888

The Lions first came together back in 1888 when they toured Austrailia and New Zealand, but they weren’t called what they are today

They were called Shaw and Shrewsbury with mainly English players and just a handful of Welsh and Scottish

They officially became the British Lions in 1950 after British and South African journalists nicknamed them that in the previous tour of South Africa in 1924

In 2001 they officially became known as we know them today…

…The British and Irish Lions

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British and Irish Lions squad photo in 2017
British & Irish Lions Rugby Team 2017

They have come along way since 1888 haven’t they?

Alternate Venues

The Lions tour every 4 years and alternate between Austrailia, New Zealand and South Africa although they do play in different countries from time to time and will play nearby countries while they are away

They have been playing rugby in their famous red rugby shirts since 1950 but before that, they went through a few different colours until they picked the one they use today

But the jersey doesn’t make the team so just take a look at some of these great tries by the legends themselves

Top 10 British & Irish Lions Rugby Tries

Wear it With Pride

Now we all love to wear our club or country’s national colours while they are playing, it makes us feel part of the game in some way

So if you haven’t been lucky enough to get to games at least you can show your support by wearing the shirts

And if you’re feeling a bit wild and crazy even a bit of face paint and an inflatable hand

Blue & Red Canterbury British And Irish Lions Men's VapoShield Full Zip Showerproof Rain Jacket
Mens British Lions Rain Jacket

The British and Irish Lions have some stunning clothing out as well as the jerseys they wear on the pitch that you can buyBritish Lions Classic Rugby Shirt

Along with a wide range of merchandise you can also get a british lions hoody or jacket if you fancy it

Places & Prices

I have been looking into prices for rugby shirts online and there are many places to choose from to buy your team’s shirt but below is the cheapest place that I could find the OFFICIAL British Lions Rugby Shirt 2019

British & Irish Lions F&Qs

When Were The British Lions Founded?

The British Lions first started playing together as a team back in 1888 but they were called Shaw and Shrewsbury then with mostly English players and just a few Welsh and Scottish but no Irish players played for the team at this point.

Where Are The British Lions Rugby Team From?

The British & Irish Lions players are made up from the best international rugby stars from Wales, Scotland, England and Ireland which form quite a formidable team once they have been put together but they do change from time to time depending on injuries, age and of course, the players talent.

How Often is The Lions Tour?

The British & Irish Lions tours are traditionally every 4 years and visit the three southern hemisphere countries, which are, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa but they occasionally visit other countries or even play at their own.

When And Where is The Next Lions Tour?

The next British and Irish Lions tour is in the southern hemisphere country of South Africa in 2021 with Warren Gatland as the head coach for his third Lions tour.

How Long is a Lions Tour?

Usually a Lions tour is 6 weeks long and they play 10 full rugby games but the 2021 South Africa tour has been cut down to 5 weeks and they will only play 8 full rugby games.

What Month is the Lions Tour 2021?

As of yet the official dates of the tour haven’t been released but it looks like Warren Gatland will take his strongest squad out to South Africa in 2021 around the June or July period.

How Much Are Lions Tour Packages?

The Lions tour packages can vary depending on several factors like, who you book with, how many in your party, where you want to stay, the luxury you want when your there and if you want to book any other separate excursions so do your research before you book.

Before You Go

I hope you have enjoyed this post and it helps you decide

But if you have any comments at all or if you can find them cheaper anywhere else please feel free to write in the comment box below.

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You have an excellent selection of equipment, apparel and tons of interesting reading. I like learning new things today I learned about rugby. Interesting website. I’ll definitely be following along.


Thank you sue
I am really pleased you enjoyed reading through this and have learned something new about rugby equipment.
I will be adding and updating regularly so you will have plenty to go through when you come back.


I like the white & black shirts. But the red one is too much like Manchester United shirt ! & I’m no fan of man utd !! lol Or any football team come to that.
I can’t believe how pricey they’ve become over the years ? Must be me getting old ! lol
Great site for any rugby kit.


Oh yes the price they are these days is ridiculous, I think they should pay the players less to make merchandise cheaper for the fans


Thanks for the information 🙂 You have taken a lot of the work out of searching for great prices!


You’re very welcome 🙂


Love the selection!! Anything for Manchester United? I gotta support my team!
I know lots of people that will be interested in apparel like this and am going to send them your way!!



That my friend is much appreciated! You can find man Utd shirts here even though I am a Liverpool fan myself I can still be civil and keep our football rivalry out of it.


I love your selection! I enjoyed learning from your post. It is amazing that they have been around since 1888! wow, great article!


Most people don’t realise that either. I would have loved to be around to see their first game to see how different it all was back then. I’m glad you enjoyed this post 🙂


Hi there!

Great post, I am a big fan of rugby and I enjoy watching the Lions. I always thought that those shirts were somewhere over 100 pounds imagine my surprise when I’ve seen that they were on promotion and a normal shirt was 25 pounds. It is incredibly cheap. I will make sure to buy a few before the promotion expires! Thank you for your review! Keep up with the good work!


Yes after the tour is over the prices come down which I think is wrong! The price should be kept low always!


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