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Boys Rugby Scrum Cap

Boys Rugby Scrum Cap 2019 Best 5 For Protection

Boys Rugby Scrum Cap: Vital Protection For Every GameCheck out these 5 Best rugby scrum caps for boys

I can’t stress enough about how important I feel that ALL children that play rugby should be wearing a scrum cap

But as it’s not the “official law” I can only try and convince you how important it is to have a Boys Rugby Scrum Cap in the hope that more people start making their children wear them

In this post you will find 5 of the best scrum caps that I have personally found coming from an experienced rugby dad and an experienced rugby coach

They might not be your choices but they are the experiences which I want to share with you and hopefully reduce the risk of injury to your children

The Scrum Caps in This List Are…

Scrum Caps For Boys

Rugby is a Tough & Competitive Sport

We all know how competitive kids are in rugby and how wild they can get without a moment’s thought for their own safety

Let alone the other poor kid they are trying to get the rugby ball from

I have four sons that all play rugby and I also coach my local kids rugby team so I know exactly what they are like

The idea of them wearing the scrum caps is to reduce the risk of serious head and ear injuries and not to stop them altogether

So why as parents would you want anything to happen to themA man wearing a bubble wrap helmet and a bubble wrap suit

Make them wear them in games and training until they are big and ugly enough to decide for themselves

This is what I would look like going out for a game of rugby

How to Measure For a Scrum Cap?

It’s not an easy process buying scrum caps online for children I know, but there is something you could do to get the right size back in the post without guessing

All you really need to measure is the circumference of the child’s head about an inch above the eyebrows

Try to either use a soft measuring tape like they use for sewing

Or if you don’t have one of those just use a piece of string and then measure that away from the child’s head

Size Chart For Scrum Caps

Here is a basic size chart and what measurements pretty much all scrum caps stick to so you can use when buying them online


So take a screenshot or download the image so you always have it handy on your phone instead of trying to find this page all the time

I’ve been looking at some great scrum caps that would fit your little angels and keep them a bit safer going into the tackles and rucks.

Being a kid’s rugby coach for 5 years now I have seen which headgear works and which ones don’t

But I’m only giving my personal recommendations and opinions on the following head protection

Top 5 Boys Rugby Scrum Cap

5. Adidas Headguard

  •  Rugby Scrum Caps IrelandThe perforated ventilation holes will let all that body heat just rise right out from it keeping you cooler than normal.
  • It has a Rugby Scrum Caps Juniorlace up back to be able to get it to fit perfectly to your head.
  • The foam doesn’t harden like some scrum caps do if there is any impact.
  • There is a good amount of ear protection but at the same time you still get a big enough opening to be able to hear perfectly.

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4. Gilbert Evolution

  •  Rugby Scrum Caps UkYou are going to get the most protection with the Evolution as it comes quite far down around your neck and chin.
  • The fully flexible foam will make it both easy and comfortable to wear.
  • Scrum Caps In RugbyThe lace up back and tough velcro chin strap will keep that baby on your head no matter how hard you get hit.
  • It also has ear-shaped ear holes which will form to your ears for a more comfortable fit.

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3. Optimum Inferno

  • Canterbury Rugby Scrum CapsYou have aCheap Rugby Scrum Caps few colour choices to pick from if you don’t like the red.
  • It has a multi-panel design to cover all the areas you need it to and still be flexible.
  • The protective density foam will give you both protection and comfort.
  • It has a velcro chin strap so you can adjust it to the size that you need easily and fast.

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2. Canterbury Ventilator

  • Coloured Rugby Scrum CapsCool Rugby Scrum CapsMade with a thermal material for those cold Sunday mornings.
  • The padding covers all major areas of the head for maximum protection.
  • The safety release chin strap makes it easy to remove if you ever get a head injury.
  • It has a full length zip on the back to be able to slip it on and off much quicker.

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1. Optimum Atomik

  •  Rugby scrum capsYou get maximum ear protection with the Atomik so it’s perfect for the players in the pack.
  • The velcro chin strap is quite wide so it will feel a lot comfier than the scrum caps with the thin straps.
  • It has a very durable and protective upper foam which also has breathable air holes for those hot and sweaty rugby games.
  • The lace up back gives you the option to have it as tight or loose as you want it to be.Rugby Scrum Caps Amazon

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Before You Go

Do you have a favourite scrum cap?

I would love to hear what it is, or if there’s anything else you need to know about these scrum caps for rugby

Just ask below in the comment section and I will get straight back to you

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4 comments on “Boys Rugby Scrum Cap


Hi new to all this but agree with your thoughts on head protection
Son is 55.5 cm head circumference
Do I go to 55 or round up
Can they be adjusted in or out?
Looking at the Canterbury one
Thanks for your advice
Mum new to rugby


The Canterbury one is a very popular choice. I would round up to the next size if I were you as they can be adjusted to fit your sons head. It’s better to do that than to get one that’s too tight.
Let me know if you need any more help choosing a scrum cup 🙂

chance hooper

Scrum caps are not, nor have they ever been, designed to stop concussions or trauma from impact – they are designed to stop you getting torn ears and abrasions in rucks, mauls and scrums.

The biggest issue that selling these things like they are NFL helmets is that the kids then run into contact thinking they are invincible. No scrum cap carries CE rated armour – they are just squishy foam cells designed to protect a forwards head as it gets dragged along the ground in a ruck.

Now, with that in mind, I suggest any child (especially those learning to play in the pack) would benefit from not getting stud marks in their scalp, so by all means buy one, but do so in the certainty that they will do very little to mitigate a concussion-causing impact and don’t let your child run into tackles leading with their head.


You have a very valid point here which I actually pointed out myself but I really appreciate you stopping by with the knowledge that you certainly have about Rugby
Thanks 🙂


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