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The Best Soccer Rebounders: Improve Your Soccer Skills in 2019Sometimes a wall just isn't enough

I know what you are thinking

“Why do I need something to kick a soccer ball at for it to come back to me when I can just use a wall?”

Well, unless you can find a wall that has all different angles that will bring that ball back to you so you can practice all different scenarios that might happen in a soccer match

AND for it to be in the middle of your backyard, or on the soccer field

Then I think you may want to take a look at the Best Soccer Rebounder that I have found which will greatly improve your soccer skills as long as you keep practicing with it

The rebounders I have to show you here are not only for soccer, but they can be used for other sports that involve balls, such as,

  • Rugby
  • Football (American)
  • Golf
  • Baseball
  • Hockey etc…

Soccer Rebounders

Now there are different types of rebounders so I have put them into 4 categories in the order I think they should be

10 – 8: Small Portable Soccer Rebounder Nets

7 – 5: Large Soccer Rebounder Nets

4 – 2: Multi-Angle Soccer Volley Ramps


So sit back and see what you could be using to take your soccer skills to the next level

Buyer’s Guide For Soccer Rebounders

If you want to get the right rebounder for your child or even if you are getting it for your local soccer team to train withTwo soccer balls in the back of a soccer goals net

You don’t want to cut corners and buy a cheapy version otherwise you will end up paying more for it in the long run

With the cheaper rebounders, you will have to keep changing the broken springs or replacing the nets as they can’t take a shot like the good quality ones

Some of them even have pegs to secure them to the ground as they won’t stand upright that well

And you really want to avoid the ones that are pointy on the end that sticks out of the ground because the last thing you want to do is cut your leg open if you slip and fall onto the peg

Another thing you need to think about is the fact that your child will be using it

And you don’t want them to be embarrassed in front of their friends with a low-quality soccer rebounder

Also, the better the quality, the longer they will be able to use it and get much better at the sport

Why Get a Soccer Ball Rebounder?A boy kicking a soccer ball at a soccer rebounder net on the grass

Firstly you have to ask yourself “Are Soccer Rebounders Any Good?, Do They Even Work?”

Other than having practice with another player kicking the ball to you, then this is definitely the way to go to improve your soccer skills

Having a one of these out the backyard means that you can practice any time you want to and master the art of

And also the angles that the soccer ball come at you and where to be when it lands at your feet or near your head

They are brilliant for perfecting your aerial passing and also your short pass with the smaller target rebounders

The Benefits of Using a Soccer RebounderA soccer goalkeeper diving to stop the soccer ball going into the goals

Benefits of Rebounders For Goalkeepers

  • You can perfect your hand and eye coordination using the rebound
  • Master your diving and footwork
  • Get used to the reactions that you will need during a real soccer match.
  • You can use the nets to improve your throwing accuracy and strengthen your arms to be able to throw the ball further.

Benefits of Rebounders For Outfield Players

  • You can use it as a defensive wall and practice your free-kicks.
  • Strengthen and improve your weaker foot.
  • Improve your ball control, shooting, trapping, passing, volleys, and dribbling up to the net and then take a shot at goal.
  • Increase your leg strength by constant training with them.
  • Perfect your ball control both in the air and on the ground.
  • Master your finishing and ball striking.

6 Things to Consider When Buying The Best Soccer Rebounder

1. Correct Size Target

Depending on what you want to work on the size of the target needs to suit just that

There’s no point in buying a large rebounder if you want to pinpoint your passing, and that goes the same if you want to take your long pass or aerial pass to the next level

I would suggest you start with the large targets first then work your way up to the smaller ones when you get betterA soccer ball in the back of the goal net

2. Options

A basic one net rebounder can only let you practice certain angles of the ball coming back to you

To the best that you can be as a soccer player you need to be great at the aerial ball and also your one-touch passing so look for rebounders that offer you all of those options

3. The Rebound

The net and bungee cords need to be of high quality to get the best rebound of the ball back to you

The better they are the more realistic that ball is coming at you for you to control or even practice your first touch shot at goal

Your best option is to have ones with springs instead of bungees and make sure that the net is an all-weather net so it can stay outdoors for longer

4. Maneuverability

The easier it is to move about and put it in different parts of the garden or soccer field, the better, so you can try out different set plays

It would be ideal if you could fold it up and put it into the car and take it wherever you wanted to

But there’s not many that you can do that with, unfortunately

5. All-Rounder

As I said before there are some that only have the one net and one angle

But others have various options to choose from, and a great soccer rebounder to get is one that does all that and also has the option to double up as soccer goals as well so that you can practice taking shots at goal

6. Sturdiness

Now this should be obvious but you don’t want it to keep falling over every time the soccer ball hits it

So the frame needs to be made of strong and durable material and also has a well-balanced base so that it never falls down…

No matter how hard the big bad wolf huffs and puffs to blow it down

Don’t Want To Spend Money?

How do you fancy building your very own solid wood rebounder from scratch?

How to Build a Soccer Rebounder Wall

If you don’t have the money to buy one then why don’t you try building yourself a DIY soccer rebounder?

If you are a bit creative with your hands and have a bit of time, and of course, the materials

Then just take a look how you can do just that by watching this easy to follow video

And you will soon have your very own rebounder wall to practice kicking the ball against wherever you want.

It Won’t be as Good as the Real Thing, But It’s an Option For You.

Do you think that you could build that?


Small Portable Soccer Rebounder Nets

10. Crazycatch Wild Child 2.0

Crazy Catch Wild Child 2.0 Sport Rebounder NetSoccer Ball ReboundersThe Crazycatch is a quality piece of soccer training equipment which is made of a commercial-grade steel frame and a High UV-protective netting which will withstand some serious weather if you are going to leave it out in the elements in the backyard

It is 36.5 inches by 37 inches which is more than enough to start practicing with if you are just starting out and it can be locked at different angles for different soccer scenarios

The square box gives you a target to aim for to perfect your aim from your ball crossings or free kicks

I wouldn’t use it for shooting practice when it’s locked at an angle as you might be chasing it all the time

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

Not all rebounders are as portable as this one

You can easily fold this one flat so it can be carried easily to wherever you want to take it as it is also very light

But it might not fit into a small car

The tightly sprung tension target really does shoot the ball back like in a real game so you can experience it before you get out on the field

You just have to get used to all the angles and the power that you kick the ball at it



  • The lightweight and durable steel frame makes it easy to move around the garden or field and will take the hardest of shots.
  • It has a square target on the sprung area to improve your precision shots.
  • It can be locked at different angles and if you angle it towards the floor so you can practice your ground balls coming towards you.
  • The bungee cords holding the net are very strong so it should last you a while before one of them snaps.


  • Some people have found it a bit difficult to assemble but if you take your time and read the instructions you will be fine.

What Do You Think Of The CRAZY CATCH Rebounder?

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9. Franklin Sports Soccer Rebounder

Soccer Rebounder SaleSoccer Rebounder WallThis Franklin Sports model is just one of a few by the same makers but I think that you will like this one better

Like all rebounders should be you have the option to adjust the angles of the frame to determine the direction that the ball comes back to you which gives you more soccer scenarios to practice and improve your aerial skills

The heavy-duty steel frame and all-weather netting will make it last you longer than an average rebounder

Especially if it’s left out in the elements all the time

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

Like the ENGoalz above it also has a precise target which is 60 inches by 40 inches so that you can perfect your precision shots and get it on target every time

The pins that are used to lock the steel frame in place are very durable

And there is no give in them so the frame stays in place with no movement at all



  • Can easily be set up by one person but the net needs a bit of a stretch.
  • Strong and sturdy frame and net so it should last you quite some time.
  • The frame can angle towards the floor so you can practice taking the ball at your feet as well as taking it in the air.
  • The rebound that you get from it is realistic and you won’t even have to kick the ball that hard at it.


  • I have seen a lot of critical reviews about this rebounder and some of them are about the springs that hold the net not being that strong, but there are more positive reviews than negative ones.

What do you think of the FRANKLIN Rebounder?

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8. Champion Deluxe Pitch Back Screen

Champion Deluxe Pitch Back ScreenSoccer Rebounders ReviewsNow out of the 3 small soccer rebounders, you can see here the Champion Deluxe is probably the most robust and strongest piece of equipment out of them all

It might even the strongest out of all 10 here

The frame is made of aircraft grade aluminum with steel brackets so you know it’s going to be a tough one to break and will last you years

The 6mm thick net and strong bungee straps which are attached to stainless steel brackets give it a tight pull and will send that ball back to you at game speed

It’s actually used by the soccer pros in their training sessions and surely they can’t be wrong, can they?

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

This rebounder is the largest one in this category and should give your kids a lot of fun using it to perfect their soccer skills

Its very lightweight believe it or not so can be easily moved once assembled and also folds flat for easy storage if you don’t want to leave it out in the rain all the time.

It can be set up in around 10 minutes with just one person building it and if you ever get bored with using it you can just alter the angles to change things up a bit



  • One of the strongest rebounders around that even the pros use it to train with so you know it is going to last.
  • It adjusts to 7 different angles so you can practice and be ready for any soccer ball that comes to you during gameplay.
  • Quick and easy to set up so you can be using it within a few minutes.
  • The soccer ball is sent back to you at game speed giving you a more realistic feel of how it will be during a soccer game.


  • It hasn’t got many reviews on Amazon but that doesn’t mean it isn’t any good.

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What do you think of the Champion Deluxe Rebounder?

Large Soccer Rebounder Nets

7. Trigon Sports Rebounder

Top Rated Soccer ReboundersTop Soccer ReboundersThis rebounder is perfect for young soccer players that haven’t really found their aim yet as they will have this huge area to hit the ball at until they can master precision kicking

At 6 foot by 12 foot you might be limited to a small backyard

But if you have space I can’t see your children missing the target that often

As the frame is quite tall you would think that it would be prone to falling over but with the 3 legs on either side, it is much stronger than it looks

With a large and sturdy 6’ x 12’ frame, the rebounder comes with 3’ legs on both sides of the soccer rebounder give it added stability

In addition, it includes bungee cords for attaching net and four large ground stakes

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

The durable and sturdy frame is made of powder coated galvanized steel and the net and bungees are treated with all-weather UV

Which is brilliant for outdoors in the bad weather conditions, and that’s perfect as it probably wouldn’t fit inside the house

Even though you might not be able to see it properly in the image

It has a square orange target in the centre of the net so that you can use it as target practice to perfect your shots



  • It has a strong and durable galvanized steel frame which should last quite some time providing you treat it right.
  • It’s a nice big size which is great for new soccer players to t practice hitting a target.
  • The spring back the ball has from hitting the net is like it will be during gameplay so that you can experience what it will be like on the soccer field before you get out there.


  • The fact that it doesn’t lock into different angles isn’t great but it’s a big target so you could use that to get some height on the ball coming back to you.

What do you think of the TRIGON Rebounder?

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6. Forza Rebounder Wall

Best Soccer Rebounder ReviewsBest Soccer Rebounder TrainerYou get the best of both with the Forza Rebounder as it can either be used as a rebounder to practice receiving the soccer ball to your feet and in the air

Or you can use it as a soccer goal to practice those penalties or free-kicks that you have been wanting to work on

It’s 6ft x 12ftframe is made of very durable steel so that with the double stitched tension rebounder net makes it a tough piece of soccer equipment to have out the backyard

Or you can use it indoors if you have alarge enough space for it to have either a small soccer game or just using it by yourself

If you are going to purchase this soccer rebounder then here is what you will be getting with it.

  1. Soccer Goal Frame
  2. 2-Ply Soccer Net
  3. 4 Ground Stakes
  4. Carry Bag
  5. 100% Lifetime Warranty

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

With the warranty that you get, if you are not satisfied with any damage that occurs with them

Then you can relax with knowing that either the parts or the whole thing will be replaced

Which is a pretty great deal if you ask me.



  • It can be assembled in about 10 minutes if you follow the instructions carefully.
  • You get 2 for 1 with the price so you can smash the ball into the goals or you can practice receiving the soccer ball by bouncing it off the rebounder net.
  • It’s durable and strong steel frame will ensure that it will last you for a long time but if there are any problems with it then you will always have that lifetime warranty.


  • The only downside to this rebounder is that it is a bit flimsy if you hit the ball into the top corners.

What did you think of the PERFECT SOCCER Rebounder?

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5. Goalrilla Gamemaker

football goalpostsSoccer Ball ReboundersImagine you have a set of soccer goals and you are on your own kicking the ball and practicing your shots

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to keep going to fetch the ball from the back of the net because it would bounce right back to you?

Well, that’s what you get with the Goalrilla

It’s a soccer goal but with a rebounder back net so you have the best of both worlds

Use the open front to bang in those goals and have the ball come back to you

Or you can turn it around and use the back as a rebounder net which is angled for you to perfect those aerial balls

The frame is made of a DuPont powder coated steel which is super strong and weatherproof

So, with that and the strong nylon net you won’t be disappointed with how hard you can strike the soccer ball at it

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

If you want to improve your soccer skills and also perfect your shooting placement then you will be able to do both of those with only one brilliant piece of soccer training equipment so there’s no need to buy them both separate



  • You get 2 pieces of equipment for the price of 1 giving you more soccer training experience to be a better player.
  • It has a strong and sturdy nylon net built over a very durable steel frame which means it should last you quite a while.
  • Using the rebounder soccer net you won’t have to keep going into the back of the goals to fetch the soccer ball with it always coming back to you.


  • The only reason that this soccer rebounder isn’t further up this list is that the instructions to assemble it are a bit complicated to figure out.

What do you think of the GOALRILLA Rebounder?

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Multi-Angle Soccer Volley Ramps

4. GOPLUS Soccer Rebounder

Soccer Rebounder SaleSoccer Rebounder WallI think the look of the GOPLUS says it all really why it is so high on this list

You will have 5 possible angles to receive the soccer ball from once you take a shot at it and once you get better at precision shots you will be able to choose where the ball lands and know where it will end up

So you can be ready and wait to either volley or trap the ball at your feet.

The 47″ (L) x 51″ (W) x 63″ (H) durable steel frame is surprisingly strong for such a small rebounder which can really take a shot with a soccer ball

The bungee net fasteners and strong nets will send that ball right back to you exactly like what it would do during a soccer game

It is such a high quality and sturdy piece of equipment

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

With it being lightweight and quite compact you can move it to a different area of the backyard or field with ease

It will easily fit into the boot or back of a car to take it to the park or down to the beach.

That’s another thing about this rebounder

With it fitting in a car, it is so simple to put up and collapse even my 4 year old son can do it so you can be in that car and off out within a couple of minutes



  • It’s strong, compact, and sturdy so your young boisterous children can kick the ball at it without it getting damaged too much, although I wouldn’t recommend it.
  • You have 5 rebound angles to keep you on your toes and guessing where the ball will land and that is a workout in itself and also great to improve your reflexes.
  • The rebound of the ball is brilliantly accurate and not at all slow coming back to you.


  • The angled net might not be ideal for beginners but they could always use that side when they improve their skills.

What do you think of the GOPLUS Rebounder?

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3. Franklin Sports Soccer Return Ramp

Soccer Rebounders For SaleSoccer Rebounders ReviewsIf you look back at the rebounder that is in 9th place in this list then you will see that the Franklin Sport has made another appearance in this top 10

But with a bit of a brilliant design to it which is called the Franklin Sport Return Ramp

And to be honest with you get so much more for your money with this one but with the same excellent construction and durability of the Franklin Sport rebounder

As you can see you will have 2 sides to use, one side you just have your angled rebounder net but on the other there is a curved wall

Which not only will get the ball back to you at a few different angles but if you pass the soccer ball across the floor towards the looped wall it will go up into the air so you can practice trapping the ball on your chest

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

The rebounder is made from a very tough steel construction which holds the tight net perfectly for that soccer gameplay experience that you need to train for

You can fold this rebounder flat very easily for storage when you are not using it

Or put into the car to take it somewhere else instead of just out the garden.



  • The curved wall will really improve your ability to trap the soccer ball and all the other angles it has will help to perfect all other aspects of your soccer skills.
  • Can be folded away flat and stored easily so you don’t need to leave it out in the elements.
  • It’s strong and durable with a sturdy net and bungee cords which is perfect for the stronger soccer player of the family.


  • The net is a little bit tricky to stretch from one end of the frame to another so I suggest you get another pair of hands to help you with that bit of the construction.

What do you think of the FRANKLIN SPORT RETURN Rebounder?

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2. SoccerWave JR

Top Rated Soccer ReboundersTop Soccer ReboundersYes, I know this is very similar to the last one you looked at in the number 3 spot and it is but it is just a bit of a better quality piece of equipment that’s all

But not by much

The Soccerwave JR gives you all the same features as the Franklin Sport MLS but with a more durable frame and stronger netting

And that is why it just beats it to the number 2 spot.

The metal tubing frame is a thick-gauged steel, with an orange powder coating

All the welds look to be perfect and would take a few knocks with a soccer ball

As it has many angles and the curved net you will be able to practice different soccer techniques like…

  • Heading
  • Trapping
  • Volleying
  • Pass Accuracy
  • And Ground Balls

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

It might look like it would be a bit complicated for a young child to use the curved net

But if they can play a ground ball with enough pace then they would be able to get a great return of the soccer ball

It doesn’t fold flat like the Franklin above does but it comes apart into 2 pieces very easily

So that it can either be stored or put into the car to take with you down to the park or somewhere like that



  • The net is a very thick weave which is coated with an all-weather UV so you don’t have to worry about it staying outside in the elements.
  • The curved rebound net gives the soccer ball an unpredictable return and it will keep you on your toes forcing you to think fast on your feet improving the speed of your footwork and stamina.
  • With this rebounder, you get a six-month manufacturer warranty on the net and bungees and a whole year warranty on the steel frame. Now you can’t argue with that now can you?
  • Excellent for both individual or group practices so when you have friends around you can have a bit of a training session.


  • You might have an issue putting this rebounder together so make sure you read the instructions and you could also search YouTube for some assembly videos to help you out.

What do you think of the SOCCERWAVE rebounder?

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*** NUMBER 1 SPOT ***

1. SKLZ Quickster

Best Soccer Rebounder ReviewsBest Soccer Rebounder TrainerSo here it is the number 1 in the list of the best 10 soccer rebounders

And if you have been searching for one to buy then you have probably come across this bad boy once or twice and for some very good reasons

The SKLZ Quickster is probably at the top of most lists of great rebounders for the simple fact that there is not really much wrong with it

Its made up of 2 nets, one is six foot by four foot and the other is six foot by 20 inches

The patented design is created to get the best passes, volleys, ball control, accuracy, and precision shots out of you so you can the best player you can be

I know that it doesn’t look very strong but trust me it is very durable and can really take a hard shot with a soccer ball at it

On the bigger net, there is a circular target so you can practice your accuracy and precision shots

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

As it’s very lightweight you should be able to assemble it in around 8 minutes and be able to either store it away or pop it on the back seat of the car

And then maybe even take it somewhere else as opposed to just leaving it out your garden

Practice your one-touch passes and improve your short game with the realistic rebound of the ball like in a tough soccer match

Because sometimes a short game can take the win in a soccer game.



  • Strong and durable nets to take the hardest of shots at it.
  • It can be easily disassembled for either storing or to take on a road trip.
  • This rebounder will certainly improve your soccer skills in every way that needs it.
  • It passes the ball back like a pro soccer player would pass it to you.


  • You need to make sure that the smaller net is hitting the ground or the ball might keep rolling underneath it.

What do you think of the SKLZ QUICKSTER Rebounder?

Now I haven’t written much about this one considering that it is at number 1

I just thought that this video could show you how great it is much better than I could explain it… ENJOY!

Check Exact Price Button

Final Thoughts

Now to really improve your soccer game and take it to the next level

The best way that you can do that is to get out there and practice with real game time with your friends

But having a soccer rebounder you can practice any time you like even when there is nobody around to have a kick about with

Some of these may be a little bit pricey but if you want to get one that will last

You are better off paying that little bit extra so you know it’s going to last you

If there’s anything else you need to know about any of the ones in this list then don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section below

Or even if you have any experience with any, then please feel free to join in the conversation below and let us all know what you think of them.

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Wow! This post is very good and so comprehensive about the different rebounder nets you can get. I love soccer and Manchester United is my favorite team for many many years. (Jose Mourinho can make me sometimes so angry with his team selection! :)).
The rebounder nets are very effective and will most definitely improve any player’s soccer skills.
Thanks Shwiniþ


I’m a Liverpool fan myself so we should keep the arguments down to a minimum on here, lol.
Yes, the pop-up soccer goals are very handy to have as they can be practically taken anywhere and used anywhere.
I hope you found what you were looking for?


Nice article! I have a friend who plays soccer at university and is training day in and day out to make it to the big leagues. I have heard him talking about soccer rebounders, and he swears by them. I play and can definitely hold my own on the field, but I’m nowhere near his level. Maybe i will look into one of these rebounders so that I can practice, sharpen up my skills, and get to the next level. Thank you!


I’m pretty sure if you buy one of these re-bounders that you will soon be up to the standard that your friend is at, and even get even better than him. Practice makes perfect as they say

Leah Haar

Thanks for a very informative post. I can say when I was younger and playing soccer we did not have rebounders, that I can remember, but a great idea and some great reviews of different ones. Its amazing just what is out there today to help our athletes and sports men and women.


I just used to kick the ball against a wall when I was younger, that was my soccer rebounder, lol.


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