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Best Soccer Ankle Support 2020

Best Soccer Ankle Support Reviewed: 2020 Buyers GuideBest Soccer Ankle Support

There’s nothing worse than a soccer player having weak ankles or any kind of injury to that area

Before you look at the Best Soccer Ankle Support that you can get in 2020, just take a bit of time reading through this buyers guide

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Soccer Ankle Support

9 Simple Ways to Prevent Ankle Injuries in SoccerBest Soccer Ankle Support

Before you look into the best support to get for your ankles, You first should know how to prevent any ankle injuries so you can save a bit of money and not have to buy them

So here are 9 things that could help to prevent ankle injuries whilst playing soccer

1. Improve Hip and Core Control

Having a strong core and hips will take the weight off your ankles giving you a better chance of not doing any damage to them

You can check out some really great hip and core exercises Here

2. Train On Surfaces You Will Play Games On

There are many different surfaces that soccer players play on these days so try to practice as much as you can on the surface you will be playing on that weekend so you know how the ground feels before hand.

Green and Black Littleplum Vitike Soccer Cleat
Vitike Soccer Cleat

3. Wear Supportive Cleatsankle injuries

Having the right soccer cleats can make all the difference to how you perform on the field or in training

You could try wearing soccer cleats with ankle support that have a sock like fit around the ankle which will help to support your feet and ankle area

4. Improve Balance

Improved balance will come with the hip and core exercises that I mentioned above but you can still find more balancing exercises to do if you want to get better and that will certainly help you to reduce the risk of ankle injuries

5. Improve Muscule Strength

Let’s face it, having stronger muscles will be able to cope with the stresses and strains on the soccer pitch so the stronger you are, the better

See the best home multi-gym Right Here

6. Keep Fit

Fitness is everything when it comes to soccer and it will certainly benefit your muscle strength if you keep fit and on top of your game

7. Warm UpMan warming up his leg muscles by stretching

Every sports person should warm up before they compete to get those muscles limber for the event at hand

If you go out there with cold muscles you are only setting yourself up for injuries

8. Rest

Of course you need to rest after a hard soccer game and resting the muscles will help them to recover much more quickly

9. Follow The Rules

The rules of soccer are there for a reason and although it can get rough sometimes you shouldn’t just go into a sliding tackle with 2 feet

Make sure you follow the correct soccer tackling rules to reduce the risk of any serious injuries

What to Look For in a Soccer Ankle Support?A small black Strapped ankle support brace

Your first point of thought when buying the right ankle support for soccer is thinking about the injuries that you have and how severe they are

You don’t want to over or under protect your ankles

You also might only want to protect them before any injuries occur and that’s another thing you need to think about

Think about how thick the ankle protection is as well as you need to be able to fit them into your cleats without them being too tight around your feetimageA thick black Strapped ankle support brace

If you feel like you need an extra thick ankle brace you might have to either consider getting a bigger sized cleat or taking a bit of time off soccer to give your ankles some rest until you can use one of the thinner ankle sleeves that will fit easier into the cleats that you already have

One thing you MUST make sure is that you have the correct size and protection that your ankles need otherwise they won’t be any good for you

Just follow the simple steps to measure for the right size on any ankle support that you might be purchasing

Why Should You Wear Ankle Support For Soccer?

Wearing ankle support during soccer will limit certain movements of your ankles and feet without restricting them too much and give you the protection that they need

They will help to reduce the risk of any other injuries and to provide you with support and comfort for the injuries that you already have so you can still play the game that you love

Difference Between Ankle Support & Ankle Braces

An ankle support is there to to provide support and comfort to light injuries like slight swelling or cramp whereas ankle braces are more rigid to give a more structured protection and used for more severe ankle injuries like sprains or torn ligaments

Types of Ankle Support

  1. Semi-Rigid or Rigid – Now these are the most effective when it comes to more serious ankle injuries and you can get 2 different types. Either a Lace-Up or a Stirrup which will keep your ankles more securely in place and give you more protection than any other ankle support.
  2. Single Sleeve – These are usually made of a thin compression fabric that fits over the ankle and feet just like a sock would. They offer the least ankle protection but can be very efficient in providing you with the support you need for swelling, pain or inflammation whilst playing soccer.
  3. Strapped – These are more like what your soccer coach would put on you at half time with their own bandages if you were suffering with some slight pain or swelling but they are very good at providing the support you need for minor ankle injuries providing you fit them properly.

How to Wear Ankle Support Properly

Here’s a quick video of how to properly fit a universal ankle support brace

How to Wash Your Ankle Support

I have found that pretty much all ankle supports will come with cleaning instructions but I would recommend that you do the following…

  • Use a very mild soap and hand wash them with a luke warm water regularly.
  • Do not put them into the tumble dryer or directly onto the radiator, let them air dry out on the washing line or on a clothes horse near the radiator.
  • For the stronger thicker braces, wash them as above but then spray them with an antibacterial spray afterwards then let them air-dry.A leg brace on somebody's leg whilst lying in bed

Can You Wear an Ankle Brace to Bed?

The semi-rigid or rigid braces are not the best to wear to bed as they can restrict blood circulation and can be uncomfortable but you can wear compression sleeves to bed depending on how severe your injuries are

Consult with your doctor first to see if it would be ok for you to do so with the type of injury that you have

10 Best Soccer Ankle Support

10. SB SOX Compression Ankle Brace

Black SB SOX Compression Ankle Braces
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Type: Sleeve

As compression sleeves go, you won’t get much more basic than these but if you have the right size they will feel just like a second skin

Some sleeves that I have worn have been quite restricting even with the right size, but not these

They are a multi-compression sleeve which means that they will cover all parts of your foot so it will help more than just your ankles

Some are just for post injuries but the SB SOX can be worn during soccer to help to prevent injuries

And they are thin enough to be able to wear under your soccer socks without having any discomfort

Just click on the image to see the range of sizes and size chart that they have to get the right ones for you

Pros & Cons of The SB Sox


  • They come in a wide range of sizes to suit whatever you need.
  • The new compression material maximises your blood circulation for a better outcome.
  • The smooth fabric won’t feel uncomfortable or scratch you in any way.
  • Recommended by doctors.


  • There have been some issues with sizes so just make sure you measure properly.
  • They are not exactly the best ankle brace for soccer after fracture but they will certainly help you to reduce some minor injuries.

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9. Mava Sports Ankle Brace

Black and Grey Mava Sports Ankle Brace Support Sleeves
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Type: SleeveBrace

Based on the price you are getting an excellent deal with the Mava Ankle Brace and it doesn’t lack quality because of how cheap they are

You will feel the benefits straight away once you put them on and the can be used both post and pre injury as they are thin enough to fit under your socks

You won’t be restricted in any of your foot movements but if you haven’t worn anything like this before just remember that they are supposed to be a little tight at first

You will be getting a full foot protection with these covering your arch, heel and ankle as the form fitting material will keep everything in place

Pros & Cons of The Mava


  • The breathable fitted material also acts as a compression sock.
  • It will help to prevent a number of sporting injuries that you might sustain on the soccer field.
  • Even though they are tight fitting they don’t feel restrictive around your ankle area.


  • Not ideal for major ankle injuries.

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8. Husoo Ankle Support

Navy Blue Husoo Compression Ankle Wraps for Sports Protection
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Type: StrappedOrthotics

You might think that this Husoo Ankle Strap is going to be a bit too thick to wear under your socks, but you would be wrong!

You might also think that it looks really difficult to put on, again, you would be wrong!

Just follow the simple step by step instructions that come with these soccer ankle straps and you will be ok

Even with the gap left around the heel area they still feel comfortable and won’t leave those tight marks once you take them off like other ankle protectors

Some have recommended to wear a thin sock underneath but I haven’t had any problems as of yet

Pros & Cons of The Husoo


  • You shouldn’t have to worry about getting the right size as one size pretty much fits all.
  • The new anti-slip design will reduce the amount of slipping and has improved comfort.
  • The breathable material will help to keep those sweaty feet cool and dry.


  • They don’t really support the arch of your feet but you are here looking for ankle protection so you should be fine.

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7. Zenith Ankle Brace

Type: Lace-Up

Black Zenith Lace Up Adjustable Support Ankle Brace
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This is the first of the lace-up ankle braces on this list and it really is a great one!

You will find that it will pretty much eliminate all the pain you might have in your ankle area providing you fit it correctly and don’t over tighten them or leave them to loose

It can look a bit difficult to figure out at first but I can assure you that it will become 2nd nature very soon

The velcro strap across the top works perfectly with the lace to ensure that everything is kept in place and comfortable

Probably the strongest ankle brace for soccer on this list

Pros & Cons of The Zenith


  • They have the side straps which allow you to run and walk normally but also keep your ankle protected.
  • The double stitched seam will last longer than normal ankle braces so you won’t have to keep buying new ones.
  • The seller will send you a new one or a full refund if you are not 100% satisfied with the brace.


  • It might be a bit bulky to get into your usual size soccer cleat.

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6. Crucial Compression

Pink Crucial Compression Ankle Brace Support Sleeve
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Type: Sleeve

First impressions on these Crucial Compression Socks, Very thick and made perfectly but it looks like they are going to make my feet sweat with how thick the material is

But boy was I wrong!

They don’t look like some of the cheap compression socks out there today so I knew that they were going to be good quality and would do the job that they were meant to

Having worn them for around 6 hours I was expecting to take them off and my feet to be full of sweat and smelly but they were actually quite fresh

Pros & Cons of The Crucial


  • The ComfortFlex design is both comfortable and durable which means you can enjoy playing soccer without feeling it around your ankle.
  • The fabric will help to reduce swelling and injuries that you might have already.
  • This ankle support won’t lose its compression over time like other brands will.


  • There have been a few sizing issues with this ankle compression sock.

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5. Protle Foot Socks Ankle Brace

Black and Yellow Protle Ankle Brace Compression Support Sleeves with Silicone Gel
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Type: Sleeve

Certainly the most comfiest around the ankle area of all of the supports on this list with the added gel pads which should give you instant relief and comfort

After reading the reviews on the Protle I knew I had to try it out for myself to see if it actually delivered the standards that it promised…

And it did!

The gel pads actually take the ankle pain right away and restrict the movement without compromising your ability to walk or even run

Overall they really are a great fit and do what they say on the tin, so to speak

Pros & Cons of The Protle


  • The silicone gel pads give that extra comfortable padding around the ankle area where you need it the most.
  • The breathable fabric will keep your feet cool and dry.
  • They have an advanced 3D woven fabric that will help to improve your blood circulation.


  • The added silicone gel pads add a bit of width to your feet so it might be a bit tight getting into your cleats.

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4. Venom Ankle Brace Neoprene Lace Up

Black Neoprene Lace Up Venom Ankle Brace Compression Sleeve
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Type: Lace-Up

The 2nd of our lace-up ankle braces here with the Venom and it’s slightly easier to put on than the Zenith above but I also feel like it gives you more protection as well

Like the Zenith, you might have to wear a bigger cleat to play soccer but it’s a small price to pay if you want to carry on playing the sport that you love

It’s a high quality made support that over delivers when it comes to ankle protection and it doesn’t feel too restrictive when it comes to foot movement

Pros & Cons of The Venom


  • They have side straps which give you that extra protection without restricting your movement.
  • The sweat resistant fabric will soak up all that moisture keeping hour feet as dry as possible.
  • You will get a bonus PDF guide that instructs you on how to properly fit the ankle brace and also show you various ankle exercises to help to strengthen them.


  • Not a great fit for people with big calves.

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3. TechWare Pro Ankle Brace

Brown TechWare Pro Ankle Brace Compression Sleeves
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Type: Sleeve

I was a bit dubious about putting the TechWare Pro in 3rd place because of the fact that it is best to just hand wash them instead of putting them into the machine

After using them for about a month I knew that they deserve to be up here as they are very durable, comfortable and easy to put on & take off

As long as you get the right size they will start to relieve the pain that you have pretty much straight away which is what you really need in a compression garment

The customer service that they provide is outstanding so if there are any problems at all don’t hesitate to contact them

Pros & Cons of The TechWare


  • You have various colours to choose from.
  • The high quality compression material will reduce walking and standing pain around the ankle and foot arch area.
  • The soft fabric will feel comfortable around your feet and also soak up all that sweat during the fast paced soccer games.


  • They need to be hand washed rather than machine washed.

Black SB SOX Compression Ankle Braces

2. Gonicc Professional Foot Sleeve

Black gonicc Professional Foot Sleeve Pair with Compression Wrap Supports
Buy Now

Type: Strapped & Sleeve

You get 2 for the price of 1 here with the Gonicc and you can wear them both separately or both together depending on how much protection you need

I found after wearing these for a few days the pain I normally have in my knees was slightly better than usual so it helps with that as well

Just wear the sleeves for minimum protection and add the straps if you need as little extra to get you through those tough soccer games

Pros & Cons of The Gonicc


  • The premium material is very durable, lightweight and comfortable.
  • The advanced design material will improve faster muscle recovery so you can get back to playing soccer sooner.
  • They come with a lifetime guarantee.


  • Might not work well on serious ankle injuries.

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1. Powerlix Ankle Brace

Black POWERLIX Ankle Brace Compression Support Sleeve for Injury Recovery
Buy Now

Type: Sleeve

Now we reach the number #1 spot and these Powerlix Ankle Braces are outstanding!

It’s not like the other sleeves here, and I should know as I have used them all and these are by far the best

They feel just like a 2nd skin and they are multi-directional which basically means that they will work all over your foot and ankle area

The medium to strong compression that they have will ensure that you will have a comfortable and pain free game or soccer training session

It will even be thin & light enough to fit under your normal dress socks when you are not playing soccer

Pros & Cons of The Powerlix


  • The tight fitting fabric forms to the shape of your feet and ankles perfectly giving you the protection that you need.
  • The fabric actually helps to improve the blood circulation in the areas that you have injured.
  • There doesn’t seem to be a sock form fitted compression sock that works as well as the Powerlix.


  • Another soccer ankle brace that isn’t very good for serious ankle injuries so I would suggest seeking medical advice before purchasing.

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Before You Leave…

If you are not happy just to get something to protect your ankles you might want to look for the best soccer cleats to prevent ankle injuries which can dramatically reduce the risk before you even get to this stage

All of the above protection and support will certainly improve your soccer game even with a good pair of ankle support cleats

Don’t get left on the sidelines, get protected and make sure you don’t miss any game time

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