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Best Rugby Kicking Tees

Rugby Kicking Tees: Best 15 For 2020

So you need a new kicking tee, do you?

You don’t want to just buy any bit of plastic or rubber to hold that ball in place for you to convert the ball over the posts

You need to do a bit of research to find the Best Rugby Kicking Tees

You will need to think about Stability, Material, Height, and Ball Grip

Once you have found the right balance between them all, and they all match the way you kick the ball

Then you are on your way to getting much better results for yourself & your team

Speaking of results…

Just look at the Legend Paul Thorburn kick the longest penalty ever recorded during an International test match (but not rugby union overall) which was in the 1986 5-Nations Championships whilst playing for Wales (my country) against Scotland

He kicked the rugby ball a whopping 70 yards and 8 and a half inches

Which is 64.2m in new money!

You have to watch this!

Many a rugby game has been won by just a few points of a conversion

So you could be the one that leads your team to victory

And it could all be down to the choice that you make here today

What Makes a Good Rugby Kicking Tee?

Apart from the 4 factors that I mentioned above

It is all down to your kicking style, to be honest

Young rugby players will probably want to use the same kicking tee as their rugby star idols

But that doesn’t mean that they will work the same for them

As a rugby coach myself, I would suggest that you spend some time trying out different styles of rugby kicking tees to see which one you feel most comfortable with

And, of course, get the best results from

There are only 3 different types which are the Low Set, Medium Set, and the Extendable/Telescopic Tees

Steeden rugby ball on a black rugby kicking tee
Get The Right Height

But it is important that you find the one that suits you best

  • Low Set Tee – Not to everyone’s liking as it puts the rugby ball very near to the ground so the kick needs to be precise so you don’t end up kicking the ground and injuring your foot. A favourite of rugby union players.
  • Medium Set Tee – Quite a popular one with young rugby players that are not quite confident to go with the Low Set style. You have much more room for error with this one making the ball a bit higher off the ground giving you an option to strike the ball right on the endpoint. A favourite of rugby league players.
  • Extendable/Telescopic Tee – The perfect starter tee for practising your kicking technique as you can adjust it to different heights and angles giving you a clear idea of your kicking strengths and weaknesses.

Don’t worry about the brand of it as that is irrelevant

Why Should The Kicking Tee Be Stable?

The last thing you want to happen is for that ball to fall during your run up

Or even mid-kick because the kicking tee wasn’t stable enough

Rugby fields are not the flattest or even grounds due to the players ripping up the pitch during games

So you are going to need a nice sturdy base that will sit on an uneven ground and hold the ball in place for you

Does The Material Matter?

Gone are the days of using the mud from the field or sand to hold the ball in position

Now we have the man-made kicking tees that designers have been trying to perfect to get the best out of kicking from them

So does the material really matter?

To be perfectly honest with you, not really

But if you have ever kicked off a hard plastic one then you would have noticed that the ball tends to stick a little bit to them

And that tends to make the Tee go with the ball which might have an effect on the direction of the ball

A softer material like rubber, however

Tends not to stick to the ball as much making you able to follow through with your kick without disturbing the Tee as much

And therefore keeping the accuracy of the conversion

Will The Height Help Me Kick Better?

Rugby player Luke Mcalister taking a conversion kick
As I mentioned above it all depends on your preferences on which size Tee you use

Try them all out to see which one works the best for you

But if you are new to all this then I would go with the Extension/Telescopic type which gives you more space to kick the ball and you should get a decent kick with it

What Type Of Grip Do I Need For a Kicking Tee?

Now that depends on your kicking style really

If you were going for the higher kicking tees then they normally have a plastic base and a softer material on the cradle points with tiny grip dots to keep the ball in place

The lower kicking tees tend to be all one material with no tiny grip dots on the end of the cradle points

Practice Makes Perfect

To make sure that you get all those factors into your exact preferences, all it takes is an hour or so down the rugby field in front of the posts and start taking placement kicks

Take them from different distances and angles so you can get to know your abilities with each type of kicking tee at different places on the pitch

As we all know that it is not as simple as getting to kick from directly in front of the posts all the time, don’t we?

I want to show you some really effective rugby kicking tees but first take a look at England Rugby Star, Owen Farrel showing you how to correctly kick a rugby ball off a low set rugby tee


Now here is what you came here for and in no particular order…

The Answer To Increase Your Kicking Success Rate

Low Set Kicking Tees

15. Red Rhino

Black and red Red Rhino Rugby kicking teeYou would think that because this one is made of moulded rubber it would be quite rigid, but it’s not

It does look quite slippery with the shine that it has in the photo but it actually feels a bit sticky so you know it will have a good grip on the rugby ball

And with a name like “RHINO” you can be sure that it is going to last a long time unless your child loses it like my 4 boys often do

This particular product is the “Official” Tee of Red Rhino Sports if you see any other brand showing the same name then don’t buy it as they are fake and not very good quality

  • Material: RUBBER


14. Gilbert

Green Gilbert Rugby kicking teeYou know if it is Gilbert it is going to be a quality rugby tee as they have been creating rugby equipment since 1823 and even created the first ever rugby ball

This is another one that is made out of moulded rubber which I think is perfect to hold any ball in place

It might look quite light to you but it is heavier than it looks which is what you need in strong winds so that it doesn’t blow away

With the 2 extra cradle points, you can position the ball in more ways than you can with a Tee with only 4 cradle points


13. Gilbert Pro 320

Black and green Gilbert Rugby Kicking TeeGilbert has done it again making the top of my list

And it is no wonder why when you take a look at this stylish looking patented specimen that they have created

Yes, it only has 4 cradle points but it has a very hard & sturdy base and the soft rubber cradle prongs will ensure that you get a nice clean kick with it

Providing you have a decent pair of rugby boots on

And hopefully it won’t go flying off and hit your team-mates in the face

You have probably taken one look at it and thought that it looks like it will break easily but the Blister Packing inside the frame gives it a stronger base so you don.t have to worry about throwing it off the field after taking a conversion

  • Material: RUBBER


12. Dan Carter Supertee Crown

Dan Carter Supertee Crown Rugby Kicking Tee
Something that a legend like New Zealand’s, Dan Carter uses must be good, right?

Yes, it does look a bit different to your usual style but that is what makes it so good

Take a look at the tapered teeth all around the top, you will be able to place the ball at any angle that you want to and practice kicking over the posts to find what style suits you best

It was designed by the first rugby player to kick 30 conversions/penalties consecutively during a rugby match, Daryl Halligan

The solid wide base makes it more stable than the average kicking tee and you will be able to get more length and height out of your kicks if you use this

  • Material: RUBBER
  • Colours: GREEN

11. Dan Carter Supertee

Green Dan Carter Supertee Rugby Kicking Tee
You guessed it, another one designed by Daryl Halligan and used by Dan Carter that makes the top of my list, So let me tell you why

Not this particular one, but one exactly like it increased Dan Carter’s kicking success rate right up to an impressive 85% since using it during games

It has the 4 points like others but because it is curved inside it gives you more options of positions to put the ball in so that you can find that sweet spot to fly the ball over the posts

Now wouldn’t that be brilliant if you could get a 100% kicking record for your rugby team?

  • Material: RUBBER
  • Colours: GREEN

Medium Set Kicking Tees

10. Webb Ellis

Orange Webb Ellis Rugby Kicking Tee
If you haven’t heard of Webb Ellis then where the hell have you been hiding?

Come on you guys! William Webb Ellis, the boy who invented the game that we all love…RUGBY!!!

You can read all  about it RIGHT HERE IN THESE RUGBY FACTS

Well, this medium set with the Webb Ellis logo applied to the front is used by some of the biggest names in rugby that get those much needed few points which are sometimes right at the end of the game when it matters the most

It is made of 100% EVA material which is exactly like rubber so you know it is going to hold the ball in place with it’s 4 well-placed cradle points that has small dot grips over the tips of them

As this one, along with all the others in this medium cut section is taller, then you might find that they aren’t as sturdy as the low cut ones.

  • Material: EVA/RUBBER
  • Colours: RED

9. Dan Carter Supertee Duke

Green Dan Carter Supertee Duke Rugby Kicking Tee
I bet you are sick of me talking about Dan Carter and Daryl Halligan by now but this kicking tee has to be up there with the best

As you have probably noticed that it is the same as the one in the low section above that I showed you

But again, there are a couple of differences

Yes, this has the tapered teeth that give you plenty of angles that will expose that sweet spot to kick the ball

Yes, it will help you get distance and height on the ball

Yes, it is made of the same material, and Yes, you caught me out, it is green

What is different here is that it sits higher than the other one I showed you

It has a much sturdier base and a smaller area to place the ball giving you more space to get right under the ball and more of a chance of converting it

  • Material: RUBBER
  • Colours: GREEN

8. Gilbert Spot On

Orange Gilbert Spot on Rugby Kicking Tees
I know what you are all thinking, just a plain old boring looking Tee, Am I right?

Well, it is I suppose but you are not going to put it on display in your home you will be kicking the life out of it and that is where this little Gem in the Rough shows you why it is one of my favourite kicking tees

It looks like one of the ghosts from the pacman game to me

Firstly, it is designed by Gilbert and they don’t just make any old rubbish do they?

Gilbert has made this out of a soft rubber compound which helps the 4 grippers secure the ball perfectly in place at the angle that you want

If you take a look at the base it isn’t flat like any of the other ones here and that can only mean one thing, that’s right,

A much more stable Tee for you to kick off

Speaking of kicking, as it is made of the soft rubber it will be much softer on the Rugby Boot if you happen to kick that as well as the ball

  • Material: SOFT RUBBER
  • Colours: ORANGE

7. Samurai Marksman

Blue Samurai Marksman Rugby Kicking Tee
OK, I have a bit of a confession to make with this one

It is actually an extendable kicking tee but as it is in the picture you will be getting a quality product that I just had to show you

There is no need to extend this one but you can if you want to

Simon Hodgkinson, a former fullback for England, worked in partnership with Samurai to develop this Tee so you know that it is going to work well

The solid base means that the stability is great but the more you extend it, the less stable it becomes

The best position for you to put the ball using this is aiming the pointed end of the rugby ball towards the posts

One thing this hasn’t got is the cradle prongs but the rim of it has a lot of grips to hold the ball

  • Material: EVA/RUBBER
  • Colours: BLUE

6. Carta Sports Supertee Extreme

Green Carta Sports Supertee Extreme Rugby Kicking Tee
Yet another one of these bad boys from the Dan Carter collection has made the cut in my eyes

A much more robust piece this time but don’t let its bulky look fool you

You can believe this or not but it is actually quite flexible and soft as it is made out of the same material as the others

It still has the tapered teeth for a lot of different angles to place the ball into it for experimenting with what kicking style suits you best

Its round and sturdy base give the ball a solid platform to lay on and you are not going to do much damage to it if you accidentally kick it as well as the ball

  • Material: RUBBER
  • Colours: GREEN

Extendable, Telescopic and Adjustable Rugby Kicking Tee

5. Optimum AdjustableBlue Optimum adjustable rugby kicking tee

This is the first time that the brand Optimum has shown up on my list and what a great way to bring them in with this telescopic design

I’m pretty sure that if you start using this for your conversions and penalties you will soon be winning games with all those extra points you will be getting for your team

This Tee will extend to multiple heights so that you can choose a style of kick that you prefer

The Asymmetric top will cradle the ball perfectly while you step back to take your kick

And although it doesn’t have the cradle prongs on top it still has a fantastic grip

The hard plastic base is durable, strong and holds the adjustable rubber top perfectly still ensuring you get the best results

  • Colours: BLUE


4. Kooga Adjustable

Black and Red Kooga Adjustable Rugby Kicking Tee
Another rugby favourite of mine is making its first appearance on my list and quite rightly so.

Kooga is a very reliable brand and very rarely disappoints me with anything that I buy of theirs

Not only can you adjust the height of this kicking tee but you can adjust the tilt of the Tee with its hard plastic screw top which makes this a pretty amazing piece of rugby equipment to help you become a master at taking penalties and conversions

One of the heaviest and strongest Tees that are here

If you invest in buying one of these then you won’t be disappointed knowing that you own one of the most versatile kicking tees that is on the market today

  • Material: HARD PLASTIC
  • Colours: BLACK/RED/WHITE

3. X-Blades Telescopic

Blue and Orange X-Blades Telescopic Rugby Kicking Tee
Yes, this Tee looks like all the other adjustable ones but the reason that I chose this is because of its solid structure and the rivets alongside the telescopic part which stops it twisting around

And that makes it even stronger

Made of a hard, sturdy base and a soft rubber top that the ball rests perfectly into

This Tee is the best choice for any player level

The tee can be put at many levels so you can practice until you find your sweet spot and hit that ball smack bang in the centre of the posts every time

  • Colours: BLUE/ORANGE

2. Dan Carter Supertee King

Green Dan Carter Supertee King Rugby Kicking Tee
Hahaha, the last one from this designer I promise

Otherwise you will be going to bed dreaming of a Dan Carter kicking tee

If you don’t know already about this type of Kicking Tee then you must have scrolled right past all the other 500 that I wrote about

No, but seriously, this one is not an extendable or telescopic but it still should be up here with the big boys

It has all the same features of the others by the same designer, the tapered teeth, plenty of positions to stand the rugby ball, maximum exposure of the sweet spot etc

It does have a small area for the ball to lay on but with the teeth, it will not fall off that easily

The base is quite wide but with the neck being so thin, I am not saying it will fall over but you would have to be careful in high winds

Like all the other styles by the same creators, this one is another work of art that could take your rugby kicks to the next level

  • Material: RUBBER
  • Colours: GREEN

1. Gilbert Adjustable

Black and Green Gilbert Adjustable Rugby Kicking Tee
Here comes the trusted Gilbert again and even though I didn’t put these Tees in order I have to say this is my favourite

My 4 boys all have one of these and they have had them for about 7 months now

And they are still in one piece which is quite unbelievable if you knew how boisterous my boys were

The 3 adjustable parts are really easy to move to a different position, but not so easy that it will keep slipping down when you put a rugby ball on there

They are made of a really durable hard plastic and I know you are going to love it like my boys do

Both the base and extendable sections are wide enough to give it great balance whilst keeping the rugby ball securely on top of the soft rubber top


>>> Learn How to Perfect Your Kicking Performance Right Here <<<

Final Conclusion

Looking over all these kicking tees here

I can’t help wondering If we would be better going back to the sand and mud to kick the rugby ball off

But then again, why wouldn’t you want any of these to help you take your team to the finals of the cup?

Don’t forget that when choosing the right Kicking Tee that suits you best

You need to check that the 4 main things that I talked about at the start suit your kicking style and they are…

Ball Grip, Stability, Height, and Material.

Don’t go rushing into your purchase without doing a bit of research first and you will soon perfect that kick and be the star of the team.

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Just came across this while checking out the six-nations score on the BBC website.

Im a big ruby fan, and although I am too old to play anymore I love reading about all things rugby related.

I have friends who have sons who are playing still, I will point them to this post. They will I’m sure find it useful.


Ah, don’t get me started on the six nations! I am Welsh so I am a bit disappointed with the result against England in the last game but we will just have to get over it. lol. That would be great if you could share this post for me to show others the best Rugby Kicking Tees.


I had absolutely no idea there was such a wide range of kicking tee styles. I admit I don’t get to watch a lot of rugby here in America, but obviously there’s a similarity with football and I know plenty of boys who would love to practice kicking with one of these. Your boys must be thrilled to have a dad so sport saavy. I’m going to see if our local boys club would be interested in something like this. Thanks for the ideas!


Rugby is a big sport here in Wales like Football is there in America and they are pretty similar sports. These kicking tees could also be used in Football also if you know anybody that needs one.


Wow, I didn’t even know there were kicking tees involved in Rugby, nor did I realize the material and height could make a big difference. I like how varied your selections are. These are usable with footballs too, right?


Of course, They are just somewhere to place the ball ready to kick over the posts so they can certainly be used for US Football.

Sujandar Mahesan

This is a really useful and helpful website for me because my best friends brother is into Rugby and he was asking me and my friend to train him for his upcoming tryouts in his school. This article helped me a lot to reference through and follow some of these listed in this article. Thank you so much for sharing this article with me.


I’m glad it helped Sujander, feel free to keep looking through the website and let me know what you think


I have been looking for a kicking tee for football and ended up on this site.  I had no idea there were so many choices though! Being in America, there is not much amateur rugby being played, however, we have plenty of football leagues. I was wondering if these would be usable for football also?  And if so, which one would you recommend? My take would probably go with the “Medium Set Kicking Tees” or the “Dan Carter Supertee Duke”.  What is your opinion on this?


Yes they can be used for Football and the Dan Carter Supertee Duke would be ideal, great choice


Amazing article,  read every bit of it. In my country rugby is not so popular we prefer to play soccer and at other times basket ball I usually get the chance to see rugby games on Tv and wonder what the hell is going on even though I enjoy every bit of the game. without understanding the rules of the game or who the likely winners are going to be.


Thanks very much. Rugby can be difficult to understand if you have never played or watched it before but keep watching it as you will get hooked, lol


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