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Best Rugby Boots For Backs

the best rugby boots for back Players

Rugby Boots For The Running Backs: 17 of The Best You Can Buy in 2019best rugby boots to buy for back players

This is a lists of the Best Rugby boots For Backs that you will find in 2019 to help you improve your performance on the rugby field

Don’t think that this list is just a bunch of rugby boots just picked at random though

Every single pair of boots have been carefully researched and selected out of a few hundred other rugby boots that just didn’t make the cut

So, if you are looking for a new pair of boots so that you can hang your old ones up for good

And you only want to get a pair that is suitable for the fast-paced backs

Then have I got a treat for you!

Here I know you are going to find exactly what you are looking for, and a lot more.

Take your time looking through my list and choose wisely as they will be an important part of your abilities as a Rugby player for the upcoming season and you need to get them right

If you don’t want to read any of the content below and just go straight to look at the boots then you can do so just by clicking on the links below and they will take you straight to the review

Or just click on the images to go straight to buy them

Good Luck in choosing your next pair of boots, but before you read on, just take a moment to answer this quick question

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Rugby Back Players Buyer’s Guide For The Perfect Boots

There are many factors to think about when buying rugby boots for ALL positions such as…Get into rugby written on a rugby ball in front of the players feet

  1. PRICE
  2. STYLE
  5. GRIP

But Back players tend to go for a certain type of boot for their style of play

So if you are one of the fast-paced players on the rugby field then I have just the boots for you.

Why do Back Players Need Different Boots to Forwards?

As a general rule, they don’t,

It’s just that as a back player you will be doing a lot more running if you are doing your job correctly during a game

So it would be better to have a lighter boot than the forwards have

The forwards are normally in the thick of the game where all the rucking and mauling is, so having a light boot might not be sensible

In case you get that 20 stone prop stamping all over your feet you might want to think about getting something a bit more durable

I’m not saying the back players don’t get involved in the heavy stuff

But wearing a boot that will give you an edge on your opposition for speed can only be a good thing, am I right?

Before We Move on, Take  a Look at Some of These Amazing Rugby Moves Performed by Back Players

What is Better For Rugby, Studs or Blades?

Studs have always been a favourite of mine even after the moulded blades came out

I much prefer to use blades on a 3G or 4G pitch than on grass as I think you get a better grip, but that is just my preference


RUGBY BLADES: They have a better traction than studs because of the bigger surface area which spreads the weight of your feet across the boot and because of the long shape of them they are slightly better for sidestepping your opponents. Click To Tweet


Like I said these are my first choice but not really the first choice for all back players

RUGBY BLADES: If you are wearing studs they are much more suited to the softer ground as you are probably already aware and with them sinking into the ground easier than blades you know they are going to give you the grip that you need. Click To Tweet

Rugby Studs Versus Football StudsRugby studs versus football studs

This is a question I get asked all the time…

Can You Wear Football Boots to Play Rugby?

The answer is a simple yes, and I have a couple of Football boots on the list below as they fit the criteria of a Rugby back player perfectly

There is not really much difference between Rugby boots and Football boots apart from the fact that Rugby boots normally have a higher cut ankle support for obvious reasons

Many back players opt for the Football boot because of the low ankle cut which gives them more freedom of movement which will improve their pace of play

And having a lightweight, tight-fitting boot with a low ankle is perfect for those moments of pressure in your own half when you need to kick that ball away

And if you want more practice kicking the rugby ball…

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How to Know if Your Rugby Boot is a Good Fit

This is one of the main problems with ordering rugby boots online without trying them on and that is getting the right size

It goes without saying that if you are in the store trying them on you should wear the socks you will be playing rugby in but you can’t exactly do that online can you.

5 Things to Consider When Sizing Your Boots

  • Firstly you should make sure you are ordering the size of the country you are used to buying them from
  • Look at the shape of the front of the boot and see if they go to a bit of a point, if they do, order a size or even half a size bigger than you normally would as it is better to get a pair with a bit of room than without any at all
  • The boot should fit snugly to the front of the toes without touching them to increase your performance
  • There isn’t a huge range of Women’s Rugby Boots out like there are men’s so if you want to buy a men’s pair (not that it makes a difference) is to always buy a size, or size & a half smaller than you would normally, for instance, if you are a size 5 in women’s rugby boots then you should buy a men’s 3 & a half.
  • Don’t just buy a pair of boots and wear them for the first time during a rugby match, you need to break them in first so that they don’t rub and give you blisters. A good thing to do if you have rugby boots with studs is to remove them and just wear them around the house for a few hours just to get a feel for them and mould them to the shape of your feetA girl rugby player running with the ball in her hand wearing the number 10 rugby jersey


17. Under Armour CoreSpeed

A Black Under Armour Men's Rugby CoreSpeed Firm Ground Boot

The only reason that these Under Armour boots are in the bottom spot is that nobody has left a review on them

What I love about these boots is the fact they are very lightweight which gives you that barefoot feeling while on the rugby pitch and as a back player that can give you an advantage over your opposition

If you can get a nice pair of light boots like these then you should be quicker on your feet.

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

The stretchy synthetic leather upper moulds to your feet like a sock so you can feel comfortable either running with the ball or kicking it

The offset lacing system also gives you a bigger surface to kick the ball with and that works really well with the 3D printed grip over the top of the boot, especially if you play fullback

The reinforced shank which is in the middle of the foot on the sole of the boot will give your feet stability and strength but won’t keep them too rigid



  • Lightweight and snug fitting to make running with the ball much easier.
  • The offset lacing gives you a larger kicking area to enhance your ability to get the ball away from your own half in tight situations
  • They have an absorbing cushion in the sole of the boot that not only gives you comfort beneath your feet but gives you a tiny spring in your step which could increase your standing sprint speed
  • The Scotch Guard Kangaroo Leather material just forms to your feet like a sock without restricting your movement.


  • They are a bit overpriced if I’m honest but aren’t all rugby and football boots these days?
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16. Mizuno MORELIA II (Japanese Import)

A white Mizuno Men's MORELIA II rugby boot

These Mizuno boots really are fantastic but the price of them is a bit ridiculous if you ask me.

Made from Scotch Guard Kangaroo Leather which is one of the best materials for rugby boots they offer your feet the protection they need as well as being lightweight and soft

They have moulded studs which isn’t my first choice but the boot itself is worth getting because of the durability of the flexible upper material alone.

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

As you can see they come with laces and a Velcro strap across the top which can be great at first when you buy them but in my experience, Velcro and mud don’t really mix well after a period of time

Don’t let the fact that they are a Japanese Import put you off because they really are made with a very high quality of standard and deliver what you would expect from a high-end rugby boot

These boots are ideal for players with wide feet which is sometimes quite hard to find, but even if you don’t they should fit you perfectly with the right size



  • Perfect for wide feet so you have a bit of room to move in them
  • Made of high-quality material that is very durable which should last a bit longer than normal
  • They have both laces and Velcro so you will have extra support around the ankle area
  • The lightweight and soft material should make you lighter on your feet for those fast paced set moves in the backs


  • The laces are a bit short but you can replace them with longer ones if you need to.
  • The price is a bit ridiculous but you get what you pay for, I suppose…
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15. Nike Tiempo Legend VIA yellow Nike Tiempo Legend VI FG Cleat

OK, This is one of the first Football Boot, or Soccer Cleat, (depending on where you are from in the world) in this list and for a very good reason.

And that is the only reason it is so low on the list as this is a list for Rugby boots and not Football boots but they deserve to be here

The materials that they are made of are Synthetic Plastic, Synthetic Leather, and Kangaroo Leather which makes them a pretty durable boot that can take a beating on the rugby field

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

As most rugby boots are, the Nike Tiempo is pretty water resistant with its hypershield technology Kangaroo leather upper so you shouldn’t get your feet completely soaked every time you play a game or train and will even reduce the time it takes to air dry them

Inside the boot is a midfoot cage for a sturdy and flexible fit and is also lined with a perforated sock liner that fits perfectly around the shape of your feet for comfort



  • The studs are located on the outside of the sole for better traction so there should be less slipping and falling during a game.
  • The water-resistant kangaroo leather upper not only keeps your feet quite dry but the grip of the leather makes kicking the ball away into touch much more efficient
  • A strong and durable boot which should last quite a while so you won’t have to keep buying new ones all the time
  • Inside is fitted with a midfoot cage and a perforated sock liner for maximum comfort whilst playing


  • Another pair of boots that are overpriced in my opinion but if you are willing to pay for them then you won’t be disappointed.
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14. Adidas Performance Gloro 16.1A red Adidas Performance Men's Gloro 16.1 rugby boot

One of the better-looking boots in this list, wouldn’t you agree?

And they are another pair of boots for football but certainly have to be here

They are made for the firm ground so you know they are going to be comfortable and durable because of the pounding they are going to take from the solid ground

The outer material is made out of premium Kangaroo Leather and it has a synthetic leather in the heel area for a stable and soft fit for your feet

Now when you combine that with the Synthetic lining on the inside of the boot which you can easily just slip your feet into, you have yourself a perfect combination.

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

As I said, it has a K-Leather frame on the outer boot which will make them very lightweight and durable

And if you have to get that ball away from your own 5-meter line in a hurry you can put your foot through it without worrying about slicing the ball because of the brilliant grip that it has.

The insole of these boots is made of a Die-Cut EVA that gives your feet a slight shock absorbing that can make all the difference when running and sidestepping with the ball in hand.



  • They have a durable rubber sole which is perfect for keeping your feet dry as much as possible.
  • The boot itself is super flexible and mould to your feet perfectly, which means that your feet won’t feel too restricted but they will feel snug at the same time.
  • They are very similar to the Adidas Copa Boots but nowhere near as expensive, so if you don’t want to pay the price of the Copa then these are the next best thing (The Adidas Copa boots are brilliant but they are a bit pricey in my eyes and that is why they are not featured here)
  • New boots normally need to be broken in first but you won’t have to do that with these because of how comfy they are straight from the box.


  • If you have really wide feet then these are not the boots for you because they are a bit narrow down by the toes.

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13. Adidas Crazyquick MaliceA green and black Adidas Crazyquick Malice SG Rugby Boot

These Adidas Malice boots were specifically created with the back players in mind that have a bit of speed behind them.

They are built with a very lightweight synthetic mesh upper material that should make you glide around the field with ease

It also has a synthetic lining inside the boot for maximum comfort during those tough games

For those of you that have never tried these then they are a bit of a king amongst the rugby boot world in my eyes, but the price has knocked them down the list further than they should be if I’m honest.

Perfect for soft ground rugby pitches, if you are wearing these then the studs and blades will ensure that you have a bit of a boost from a standing start and the edge on your opposition.

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

Looking at the overall boot it has a Sprintframe construction that will mould to your feet and keep them fixed in the best position for maximum speed with every sidestep you take.

The laces move off to the side a bit to give you a bigger surface area to kick the ball if the situation should arise

The way the Speedtraxion studs are aligned, they will dig into the ground so you can turn on a sixpence and you won’t have to worry about slipping or getting your boots stuck in the mud

We Have All Been In That Situation Before, Haven’t We?



  • The super lightweight sprintframe construction makes playing and running so much easier.
  • They have a big surface area to kick the ball off so you should make those precision kicks every time.
  • The alignment of the studs is set so you get the maximum grip for those moments when you need to be quick off the mark.
  • They really do fit your feet perfectly giving you that barefoot feeling on the rugby field.


  • If you have ever tried putting a pair of rugby boots on in the cold or rain with muddy hands then you will know how important it is to have that piece of material at the back of the boot to help you pull them on, These boots do not have that to help you.
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12. PUMA Universal H8PUMA Universal H8 Mens Low Cut Soft Ground Rugby Boot

This Puma H8 can be looked at as being a cheap rugby boot because of the price

But it is far from that in a sense that the quality of it is top-notch for the price you pay.

Even at a really low price you still get the support, comfort, grip, and stability that any back player looks for in the perfect rugby boot.

Made from a synthetic leather on the upper you are going to get a natural feel with them on as they form to your feet like wearing a pair of socks

This rugby boot keeps the traditional look and feel but with a more advanced duo-flex technology material that will enhance your playing experience to give you an edge on your opponents in both speed and make you more nimble-footed

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

You probably have had rugby boots before that the tongue kept falling out from behind the laces but you won’t with these because of the style of the lacing system

And I’m pretty sure you are going to like that about these boots. There’s nothing worse than playing a game of rugby and worrying about the laces cutting into the top of your feet because the tongue of them has moved out of place.

Looking at the stainless steel studs now, even these are going back to basics with the screw in versions that we all know and love but they are becoming obsolete these days with blades taking the number 1 spot

I think that they are much better as you can replace a broken one where you can’t replace a blade



  • They have removable stainless steel studs which will be easier to Maintain The Boots and replace if you have to.
  • The lace-up front will keep the tongue of the boot close to the foot giving you more time to concentrate on the game at hand rather than worry about them falling out.
  • The synthetic leather upper will keep moulded to your feet for maximum comfort and that comfortable feeling.
  • With it being a very lightweight boot it can give you a quicker style of play and hopefully run rings around your opposition.


  • Some people have said that because they are so cheap that they don’t deliver what you need from a rugby boot… That really isn’t the case at all.
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11. Adidas Predator Incurza

A yellow adidas Predator Incurza Rugby Boot

If you haven’t heard of the predator incurza then you must have been hiding under a rock! for the last few years!

As one of the leading rugby boots at the moment, it is obvious that they would be somewhere on this list

Looking at the lacing system and the upper material grip they are very similar to the Crazyquick Malice

But with the grip of the Under Armour Corespeed and that’s a pretty great combination if you ask me.

Like the Crazyquick Malice, They have an off-centred Lacing system that gives you a much bigger kicking surface (a third larger than the previous version in fact) to get you out of those tricky situations in your own half

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

The upper material is made out of a hybrid rubber that will give you an outstanding grip and control on the ball when kicking it

It also makes them unbelievably lightweight, comfortable, and soft around the feet which is what you really need from a rugby boot

Like most boots here, the whole boot is created with a Sprintframe casing that is very flexible and durable at the same time so they won’t make your feet feel restricted

If you take a look at the grips on the sole it has both studs and blades which will give you better traction while sprinting and make sidestepping your opponents much easier leaving them to eat your dust!



  • As always in this list of rugby boots for backs, they are very lightweight and comfortable so you will feel like you are playing barefoot.
  • The outer material has amazing grip for when you have to kick the ball away from your own half.
  • They are made with a sprintframe construction which makes them durable and flexible giving you a better running experience.
  • The grips underneath have both blades and studs which will give your feet a better traction with the muddy ground.


  • The bigger the size you need, the more expensive they are which is stupid if you ask me, why can’t they be the same price for all sizes?
  • Personally, I am not a fan of the yellow colour and there are no other colours to choose from. To be honest with you, I can’t find much wrong with these boots so I am just being picky about the colouring of them.
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10. Under Armour ClutchFit Force 3.0

A grey, white, and peach Under Armour ClutchFit Force rugby boot

Going into the top 10 rugby boots now and taking us there are these stunning Under Armour Clutchfire 3.0

There are quite a few colours and designs of this make but I really love the look on these

The upper material on these just moulds to your feet like a second skin and that is what makes them feel really comfortable to wear

The whole of the outside of the boot is covered with a rubberized 3D-print for extra grip that will make kicking the ball from the back position or converting over the Rugby Posts much easier

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

One of the great things about these boots that I think you will like is the moulded 4D foam that is inside which is unbelievably comfy, it’s like running on marshmallows!

They have got a moulded stud that you can’t replace but they are made from a very tough and durable rubber substance and they won’t just wear down after a few rugby games.



  • Under Armour is one of the leading brands of rugby apparel so you know that you are going to get a quality pair of rugby boots.
  • The 4D foam insole is super comfy under your feet and it will feel like you are wearing your favourite slippers.
  • Another comfortable feature is the upper material that forms to your feet perfectly like a second skin.
  • The rubberized 3D-print over the font of the boots give them that extra grip for when you are going for that winning conversion in the last few minutes of the game.


  • The only thing I don’t like is that they are quite narrow so if you have freakishly wide feet then these are not the boots for you.
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9. PUMA Spirit II

Fizzy Yellow Red Blast And Black PUMA Men's Spirit FG Soccer Bootimprove performance on the rugby fieldNow you are probably thinking that you don’t see many Puma Rugby Boots anymore because they mostly deal with running apparel

But I have found these little beauties and they tick all the right boxes to be on this list, that’s for sure

The upper material is made with a soft calf leather that is very strong, durable and flexible

They have the traditional central lacing system which might compromise your kicking accuracy but they have always been this way haven’t they

Anyway, if you are a half decent rugby player then you won’t have any problems with that, will you?

They do a great job at keeping the tongue tucked up inside though so that should be a bonus

There’s nothing worse than dragging the tongue of your boots all through the stinking dirty rugby pitch.

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

The 6 screw-In aluminium studs along with the rubber moulds will enhance the grip you have on the soft muddy ground

Looking at the outsole of them, The heel is slightly raised which balances manoeuvrability, stability, and traction and will also give you a great boost from a running start.



  • The calf leather material is both strong and durable which can withstand quite a pounding on the rugby field.
  • The combination of aluminium studs and rubber moulds will give you a much better grip and traction so you can run rings around your opponents.
  • With them having a raised heel they will help you sprint from standing much better as they slightly put your feet on an angle.
  • They are not a narrow boot like most are these days so they should fit you OK with wide feet.
  • Very affordable in price without losing quality.


  • They only come in 2 sizes at the moment which is not really a great selection but worth keeping on checking in to see if they have your size.

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8. ASICS GEL-LethalA green and red ASICS Men's GEL-Lethal Tight 5 Soccer Shoe

OK, Technically, this pair of rugby boots were made with the forwards in the team in mind

But I personally think that they have more to offer the backs than the forwards

Now I know that Asics isn’t one of the leading brands but they offer so much to the serious rugby player

They have the longer aluminium studs which are perfect for the forward players to dig in while they are in a scrum

But combined with the fixed polyurethane moulded studs they will enable you to change your running direction very quickly without any slipping

These boots also have a 10mm raised heel which will give you a better start to a sprint and also reduce tension on your lower limbs believe it or not.

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

If you take a look at the upper material you can see that it is padded for that extra foot protection

With them being made from a synthetic leather they are extremely flexible, durable, and more importantly, lightweight

Now I know you are going to love this about them, the reason that they are called GEL-lethal is the fact that they have a gel cushioning in the heel area which will give you a comfortable, shock absorption on every impact that your feet make during the game.



  • The mixture of aluminium studs and rubber moulds makes sidestepping the opposition a breeze.
  • With them having the 10mm raised heel they will reduce the tension in lower limbs and slightly increase your sprint speed from a standing start.
  • You will get a bit of extra protection with the padded upper and that can’t really be a bad thing, can it?
  • As they are lightweight, durable, and flexible you will feel the difference in your agility when moving around the field.
  • The shock absorbing gel padding in the heel area will feel so much better than a normal padded sole.


  • Some people have said that are prone to rip by the seams but you are playing a tough game, you are bound to get them into a few scrapes.

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7. Adidas FF80 Pro XTRX SG II

White adidas Ff80 Pro XTRX Sg II Mens Rubgy BootTop 10 Rugby Boots For BacksI know that the name of these boots is a bit of a mouthful but you know you are going to get quality with Adidas

The upper is made out synthetic leather and have an interior lining that is lightweight, comfy, and durable and that ticks some major boxes in my eyes

With these boots, you get a supportive band around the front of them which makes any lateral movement easier without feeling restricted

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

They have both rubber moulded and screw in studs that will give you maximum speed and a much better grip on the field

They also have a slight bit of padding on the upper that could protect your feet a bit more and have a slightly raised heel to give you a better standing start sprint.



  • The synthetic upper is durable and lightweight so you can move around the field quicker and run all over your opposition.
  • Having the screw in and moulded studs will give you awesome grip to ensure that you can change direction at the drop of a hat.
  • The supportive band and the extra padding around the forefoot do not feel restrictive and make lateral movement in the feet much easier.
  • You will have a slight increase in your speed because of the raised heel area.


  • They only come in US sizes 14 & 15 but as a big burly rugby player, I’m sure you have the feet to fill them. 

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6. Canterbury Speed ClubA blue Canterbury Speed Club 6 Stud Rugby Boot

Now these boots I get excited about and for very good reasons

They are definitely made for the speedsters and finishers of the game because of the overall design of them

They are made from a very soft synthetic upper that makes them super lightweight but without losing their stability or strength

They might look a bit shiny and there’s no doubt in my mind that they are not going to stay like it but they are designed that way to Increase Your Speed While Playing Rugby

Looking at the sole of the boot it is made from a TPU material which is so much stronger and flexible than the normal material that Canterbury use for the soles of their boots

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

The studs are strategically placed on the outsole of the boot for maximum traction and support which are without a doubt built for the runners of the team

This part about them might not be a big factor of your purchase boots but the tongue of them is very minimalist underneath the central lacing system which means that you are not going to be tripping over them while you are running up the wing towards the try line with the ball in hand



  • The unique design of the upper material will increase your agility and speed during a game.
  • Well placed studs make moving in different directions quickly so much easier and sharper.
  • The new TPU material used for the sole is more flexible and stronger than what is normally used and it should help with the movement of your feet.
  • They are really comfortable to wear even though they might not look like they do.
  • You will be getting a great deal for the price that you pay for them.


  • You might find them a bit difficult to put on and take off when they are full of mud and wet, but you should be used to that shouldn’t you. 

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5. Adidas Predator Malice Control

A black and blue Adidas Predator Malice Control rugby bootCanterbury Rugby Boots For BacksIt’s down to the top 5 rugby boots now and what better way to start than with another pair made for the playmaker of the team from Adidas

As you can see that they have an asymmetrical lacing system that opens up the front of the boot for a bigger sweet spot to kick the ball over the posts to convert it

The lightweight upper is made of a synthetic material that will mould to your feet like a tight sock would and that is the comfort that you need on the pitch

Another thing about the upper is that it features a waffle style pattern with tiny raised dots on there which not only acts like padding for your feet but has an amazing grip so you can kick the rugby ball with confidence that you won’t slice it.

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

As Adidas never really fails to impress us, the sprintframe construction on the front of the boot will give you more power in your feet to keep your opposition on the back foot and always under pressure

And all the while keeping a balance of traction, stability, weight, and speed

Down to the studs now, they have been strategically placed for maximum speed and a better grip on the ground making you able to turn on a sixpence at a drop of a hat

And being a back player that is just what you need to do.



  • The lacing system opens up the kicking area for a bigger kicking area.
  • Having the studs aligned in the way they are you will feel a difference in your agility whilst moving around the pitch.
  • The upper material has a brilliant grip that will help when you have to convert the ball after scoring a try.
  • They fit like a second skin over your feet due to the flexible, but durable synthetic material making you feel like you are playing barefoot.


  • The only issue I have with these boots is the price, They are a brilliant pair of Soft Ground Adidas Rugby Boots but there should be a bit of a price drop before they start selling much more quickly I think.

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4. Canterbury Pheonix ClubA black and orange Canterbury Phoenix Club 8 Stud Rugby Boot

As you can see, this list just keeps getting better as Canterbury is a leading brand in rugby apparel

I don’t know about you but I love the design and colours of these boots and there are a few other choices to choose from but I decided to show you these.

They are said to be better for the forward players but I think they are very versatile and can do a lot of good for the back line also

The tough synthetic upper is flexible, lightweight, and durable making them a boot to be reckoned with and sought after by many players

Like all great rugby boots, they have removable metal screw in studs so they can be replaced if you ever damage one of them

The studs are quite long which helps with the traction and grip of the ground for a better performance on the rugby field.

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

These Canterbury boots have a TPU material in the sole area and that is so much more flexible and stronger than the normal PU material so you will be able to move your feet more efficiently whilst wearing them

The tongues of them are made with a Neoprene material which is a synthetic rubber and they make the top of the boots much comfier to wear.

I’m not going to lie to you here but I can honestly say I have never heard of Neoprene material so I had to ask our good old friend Wiki and Here’s What They Had to Say About The Material, Just in case you might be allergic to it.

Dotted all around the boots are certain reinforced areas that will give your feet extra support even on the most difficult rugby pitches



  • For what you get from this pair of boots, the price you pay is outstanding giving you more money left to buy other Rugby Safety Equipment.
  • The upper fabric is flexible, durable, lightweight, and fits your feet like a glove which is a perfect combination for you back players.
  • As you can probably see there are air holes in the upper material to make them breathable and you shouldn’t sweat as much as normal.
  • The 8 removable studs are put where they will give you more traction on the muddy ground.


  • As I’m going up this list I am finding it hard to see faults in these rugby boots but these have had some issues with sizing problems so make sure you get your sizing right before you order. If you have any problems when they are delivered then you will have no problems getting a replacement pair.

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3. ASICS Lethal Warno FieldA green, black, and silver ASICS Men's Lethal Warno Field rugby boot

Another pair of Asics here in the top 3 that I know you are going to absolutely love

I don’t think they get the exposure that they should because of the likes of the bigger brands like Under Armour, Canterbury, and Adidas

But when you hear about these Lethal Warner Field boots you are going to think twice before buying a new pair

Let’s start with the bottom of the boot, shall we…

They have 6 metal screw in studs (4 in the front & 2 in the back) and 4 rubber moulds (2 front and back) that will make traction with the ground superb and give you the ability to sidestep all around your opponents with ease

They might be great for the forward players but I can’t see why the runners of the team shouldn’t wear them as well

Keeping on the bottom of the boot they have a 10mm raised heel that will give you a faster standing start and even reduce the pain in your lower limbs that can occur on the rugby pitch.

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This...

Working our way up now and onto the sole area and that is made from a moulded polyurethane rubber plate that is durable, flexible, and very lightweight that will make you dance around the field like that Flatly guy from Riverdance

And the comfy synthetic insole is like wearing your favourite pair of slippers

On to the upper now, and that is made from a stretchy and durable Kangaroo Leather which will mould around the top of your feet like a tight pair of socks making your feet feel much comfier while playing rugby



  • They have both moulds and metal studs to improve traction and maximize speed.
  • Having the 10mm raised heel can improve your sprint speed and reduce lower limb pains and aches.
  • The flexible rubber sole plate makes running easier and you should feel lighter on your feet.
  • Kangaroo Leather is one of my favourite materials to have for the upper on a rugby boot so this is just the icing on the cake for me.


  • The only problem with these boots is the price of them, but you do get a lot for the money that you spend on them.

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2. Adidas RS7 TRX 4.0A red and silver adidas RS7 TRX SG 4.0 rugby boot

Yet another one by Adidas on this list with a name that would sound better on star wars character but don’t let that put you off them

These boots are definitely created for the back players of the game with the SprintSkin upper that makes them softer, stronger, and lighter than any other synthetic material.

Made almost similar to the football version but with the durability to withstand the tougher game and has a rubberized print all over the front for improved kicking control.

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

They have a hollow core construction that supports the feet much better than boots with a solid sole and will also reduce the risk of injuries

The alignment of removable metal and static moulded studs will give you maximum grip and traction for you to weave in and out of your oppositions defence with great ease

Made from a smooth synthetic leather upper and a slightly off-centred lace design they are much more aerodynamic that will leave your opponents eating your dust as you whiz past them

And all that combined with an EVA cushioning inside then there’s not really many bad things you can say about them.



  • They have a hollow insole for better comfort and underfoot protection so you won’t be able to feel the studs digging into the bottom of your feet.
  • The upper synthetic material is flexible, lightweight and durable for those fast-paced tough rugby games that you will encounter.
  • The EVA cushioning inside gives you that extra padding for your feet that makes you feel like you are wearing a couple of clouds.
  • The off-centred laces open up the front of the boot for a larger kicking area which is perfect for conversions.


  • You might find that the smooth surface might be difficult to take off in the wet weather if your hands and fingers are cold.
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1. Nike Mercurial Vapor X CRA white and silver Nike Mercurial Vapor X rugby boot

And here we have it, My number 1 rugby boots for back players and what fun I have had to get here and sharing this list with you

These Nike boots here rightfully take the top spot in my eyes and here are the reasons why.

They are made of both synthetic & soft leather materials on different parts of the boot that maximize comfort and minimize the weight which is the perfect combination.

The upper is made with a lightweight Teijin material with a seamless design that moulds over your feet and gives you a sock-like feel for full comfort throughout the rugby match

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

The midsole creates a low cushioning for your feet and has a perforated sockliner cloth material that really does treat your feet with the respect that they deserve

The outsole has a full-length nylon compression chassis that forms to your feet and with the TPU studs giving you an outstanding grip and traction with the ground, you will have the explosive motion that will overpower any opponents and leave them standing

These boots really are the cutting edge of all rugby boots for high speed, lightweight, durability, and agility for the speedsters of the team and you should certainly check them out if you want a bit of improvement in your game.



  • The combination of the materials being lightweight and durable makes it easier to move around the field with them on.
  • The seamless design means that you won’t get anything protruding out from them that will disrupt where you want to kick the ball.
  • The upper material just moulds to your feet like an extra set of skin giving you maximum comfort and the feeling of playing barefoot.
  • The positioning of the studs will ensure you get the best grip from most grounds so you won’t slip as much as you used to.


  • Even being in the number 1 spot doesn’t mean that these boots are without their flaws and there is only one bad review about these and it says that the boot tore after a few weeks and Nike refuse to honour the warranty. That is only one that I can find out of hundreds of satisfied customers.
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Final Thoughts

Now I could only find 17 that I thought should make it onto this list but could you make this list 20?

Have you found any rugby boots for backs that should be here?

I would love to hear what you think should be here so leave a comment below and help make this list bigger.

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32 comments on “Best Rugby Boots For Backs



Thanks for the product review. Although I don’t play rugby, I played baseball and American football, and I know just how important it is to have the appropriate gear. Your descriptions are complementary to all without turning a blind eye to each boots’ slight challenges. If I were going to go out right now and purchase a rugby boot, I would be torn between the Canterbury Phoenix Club and the Asics Lethal Warno Field.

Thanks for sharing,



American Football is one tough sport but you guys have way too much padding on unlike the tough rugby players. lol

The Canterbury Pheonix Club are on a bit of an offer at the moment so grab them before they go back up in price 😉

Avery Allen

Hi I love physical and contact sports. The information that’s given on your boots was very informant. I’ve never played rugby but I was a very talented wide receiver on my football team in school. I now participate in flag football on the weekends with fellow players from the community and even though we play to remain in shape the games sometimes get very competitive. Is there any special shoes you prefer for wide receivers or particular lace patterns that will work in my favor?


I am no expert on American Football apparel as this site is all about rugby and british football, but I appreciate you dropping by so I thought I would do a bit of research on the best boots for wide receivers and I found these Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro boots which I think are ideal. They have everything that you could want for the position that you play.


Hey great review and recommendations on these great Rugby boots ! 

My favorites are the Nike Tiempo Legend VI! I like the stiffer cleats that don’t flex as much, especially when the ground is soft, damp or outright wet! 

It is a difficult choice though because each of these choices have some great characteristics! 

You really know your Rugby boots ! Great job! 



Thanks for stopping by Mike, are you looking for a pair for anyone in particular or are they for yourself?


WOW!! What a comprehensive guide to rugby boots, and a few footy boots thrown in. Thankyou Shwni for your very informative blog. Unfortunately I couldn’t answer the quiz you gave because I live in Australia. If it had of included an Aussie ot Kiwi player I might have selected one. You have a marvellous list of boots. I’m looking for a pair for my granddaughters partner. He’s a big solid lad with big feet ( no Way I’d mess with him). I’m finding it extremely difficult to come to a decision from your list but I want to get him a pair Christmas. I’m not much into Rugby myself, preferring Aussie Rules, so I’m not sure where to start. He’s about 110kg in weight and close to 6ft in height. His feet are big and wide. Can you give me a suggestion. Jim 


Thanks Jim, if you want to buy a pair of boots for your granddaughter partner who has wide feet then the Mizuno Morelia II would be ideal for him as they are perfect for players with wide feet and are really comfortable as well, let me know if you need any other suggestions 🙂


My hubby used to play rugby just for fun, he’s not a professional player. Anyway, he needs the proper rugby footwear in order to play. He has used football feet and had no problem with them. As you have already mentioned, a lot of people do it. Now we are looking for a new pair of rugby cleats and it’s all thanks to your review I know which are the perfect shoes for him. He has wide feet so will choose the Mizuno Morelia. Love also the design of these shoes, they are really beautiful.


I’m really glad that I could help you and your husband out to find the best rugby boots, the Mizuno Morelia boots are a great choice for players with wide feet. Would love to hear how well they work for him if you could drop by again after he plays a game of rugby with them on, look forward to hearing back from you 🙂


When playing sports, specific attires are required in order to play adequately. Not only to win but also to feel comfterable and assigned enough to make the following kicks in order to win. Its material makes it kick as heavy as possible in order to win its game. It is made out of; Synthetic Plastic, Synthetic Leather, and Kangaroo Leather; items which make it useful.


Very true, good point 🙂


Hey Shwni! Thanks for this very elaborate post on Rugby and football footgear. I voted Stuart Hogg, only because he is Scottish. I am not into rugby or any sport, I’m afraid, however, if I were to make a choice I would go for a pair of the Canterbury Phoenix Club as they look very light, stylish and fitting, perhaps it’s also because they look similar to a pair of very comfortable Nike Air running shoes I once had, that I never could find a replacement for… Thanks again for your post.


My pleasure, glad this website could help you 🙂


Hi. I’m hoping you can give me some advice. I’m actually looking to buy a pair of boots for my teenage son who plays centre for his school team. He’s just coming back from quite a serious knee ligament injury sustained when he was tackled and his studs caught in the ground. He needs a pair that will offer some traction when needed but have less risk of catching again and causing similar injury. His old pair were studded – would a bladed pair be better?


Ah, I hope your son recovers soon and back to Rugby. These Canterbury CCC Speed 2.0 would be ideal for him as the studs aren’t as long as normal so shouldn’t dig into the ground as much.

Let me know how they work for him 🙂


I have to admit that I happened upon your website when I was searching for rugby gear and I seriously can’t believe how detailed this particular post is. You have taken every field position into consideration when giving advice about each of the boots, whether it’s about the studs or the weight etc. This is a very detailed post and well worth a read. Well done!


Thanks, I hope it has helped you to choose the right rugby boots


Wow what a great niche! This is a highly specialized area and I have never seen a post on this topic, kudos. I like how you narrowed it down even further to backs. And not just backs, fast-paced backs! Well done. I don’t often see polls in the midst of posts and this really adds a fun element before looking throug the products. This list is extremely thorough and I like how you provided pros and cons to go along with the descriptions. Looking through them all I think my favorites are the ClutchFit Force 3.0s, the Spirit IIs, the Speed Clubs and the Vapor V CRs. On a final note I really like how your Amazon links pop up from the bottom and provide rating information. Great work, cheers!


Glad you liked it, Thanks 🙂


Great review on the best Rugby Boots for Backs. Lots of detail and you have really done your research. I don’t know much about these boots but looks for me go a long way in how I choose any shoe. I love the look of the Nike Mercurial Vapor X CR and  it seems like it has all the goods.


Yes, the Nike Mercurial Vapor boots are a great pair I have to say 🙂


Hi Shwni! After reading your post I can bear witness that your list has in fact been built carefully researching each single pair of boots you included here. Thank you for all the work that has gone into this article. Personally I pick Adidas RS7 TRX 4.0! I don’t mind being a Star Wars character! 🙂

PD: I loved the video of the awesome moves performed by back players! A bit of inspiration! 🙂


Haha, that comment about Star Wars character actually made me LOL!

Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a comment 🙂



This is a unique and informative article. Thanks for the product review. I love physical and contact sports. I’ve never played rugby but I was a midfielder footballer on my football team in school life. You have provided all the information that is needed for “Best rugby Boots for Backs” appropriate are very interesting to learn. I know just how important it is to have the appropriate gear. It is a difficult choice though because each of these choices has some great characteristics! Love also the design of these shoes, they are really beautiful.

Anyway, thank once again for the in-depth review.


Oh any of these boots would be ok to play football with

Emmanuel Buysse

Another great article I have to show to my friend, who already started to perform the new training for the season. Now, in Belgium this isn’t a big deal, but I’m impressed by the game. I will show this to him, even when he knows things, there probably is always something he doesn’t know. By example the boots. I don’t know which position he is, im not so good in that. 


I would appreciate it if you sent the link to this post about Rugby boots for back players to your friend,  thanks very much 🙂


This is a really great post on rugby gears for the back players… I am not so inclined with rugby but I know it is really important to have good boots… Football boots are really the best for back players in rugby, I have a friend who plays and he uses light weight football boots…I use puma universal H8 to play football and it’s really good…it is not only cheap but very durable and light weighted and just have you have mentioned here, there are more pros and cons to the boot.. Great review you’ve put out


Yes, sometimes Football boots make great rugby boots, it just depends on what position you play in rugby

Glad I could help you here 🙂


Excellent post you have up here about best rugby boots for backs. To be sincere, I don’t participate in rugby but I really like watching the sport a lot because of its physicality. I play soccer and though the list of boots made available up here is strictly for rugby players however, I can still make use of a couple of them for soccer. Just like the back players that needs a lot of speed, I also play as a winger when playing soccer and as such, I need maximum light boot to enhance my speed. I will go with the Nike Tiempo Legend VI. I so much like its incredible features the most out of all the boots. Thanks for this post.



Yes, sometimes both Rugby and soccer players will use the opposite sports boots because they prefer them better to play in


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