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When you think of supplements, What do you think of? That’s right, Powders capsules etc but you can still get Natural Supplements from food that are just as good, if not better but I just want to show you here the Best Pre-Workout Supplement that you can get in the UK which can help you with your Sports Recovery also.

Why Exercise?

how does exercise give you more energy?
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We all know exercise is good for us, but why?

If you find it hard to go to the gym or go for a run, just think of this to give you motivation……

  • It benefits both our body and mind
  • It helps us sleep giving us more energy for the next day
  • It helps people with mild depression feel better about themselves
  • Gives you a sense of accomplishment
  • It produces endorphins which are chemicals that help us feel more relaxed, happy and content

Pure Brand Nutrition - Protein, Energy and Weight Loss Supplements

Keep healthy

A well-balanced diet is very important to keep your energy levels up if you are exercising regularly and eating a meal about 1 -2 hours before your workout consisting of complex carbs and fruit will guarantee sustained energy.

There are plenty of other foods that can do the same job but here are some fruit and carbs with high energy levels that are great for you.


  • Oranges
  • PeachesAssorted Fruits
  • Apricots
  • Plums
  • Pineapples
  • Cherries 
  • Bananas
  • Passion Fruit
  • Lemons
  • Dates


  • Rolled oats
  • lentilsJar of Wholewheat Pasta
  • Rice Bran
  • Roasted Chestnuts 
  • Whole wheat pasta
  • Sweet potatoes

Carbs are key foods to anybody’s training regime as they refuel your muscles when they burn out the existing energy they have but the last thing you want to do is go into training with a belly full of pasta.

So what do you do?

You use an energy supplement before and during exercise to help you maintain that much-needed energy that you are burning up on the treadmill or hitting that punchbag thinking it is your boss or an ex-partner….

Don’t pretend you don’t do that?

Energy supplements are not a replacement for food, but they are just as important because they could make the difference between…..An OK result to great results in the accomplishment you want to get.

I get asked a lot….

What is the best energy supplement?

So I tell them what I use which you can read about below.

I have 2 great supplements that I use myself to show you.

Pure Impact+Pure Sustain
Overall Ranking  –  8/10
Price  –  £30 each
Owners  –  PBN Pure Brand Nutrition
Website –

PBN Pure Impact pre-workout supplements

PBN Pure Sustain pre-workout supplement

Check out got testimonials for PBN…. HERE

And check out the ABOUT PBN page….HERE

What are these supplements?

Pure Impact is a pre-workout energy food supplement with a sweetener that you add to water and drink immediately before a workout.  It helps with physical performance, increased alertness, concentration and increases circulation.

750g/30 servings

Comes in both Red Apple and Mixed Berry flavours 

Pure Sustain is a food supplement with a sweetener that you add to water which can be taken before, during or after workouts.  It helps you keep a high level of physical performance and provides the body with an instant hit of dextrose, fructose and I-tyrosine to replenish energy levels

800g/40 servings

Comes in both Blue Raspberry and Red Apple flavours


Pure Impact pro’s 

  • Gives you instant energy
  • Prolongs the build-up of lactic acid
  • Increases circulation
  • With not much needed it can be taken on the go

Pure Impact con’s 

  • The red apple flavour is quite sour

Pure Sustain pro’s 

  • Gives you instant energy
  • Has a slower sustained release of energy making your workouts longer
  • Helps maintain focus
  • With not much needed it can be taken on the go.

Pure Sustain con’s 

  • Can get quite addictive because of the gorgeous flavour.


It can benefit any ADULTS that exercises regularly that want to push themselves a bit more than normal  (but please check with your doctor before taking any supplements to see if they are ok for you to take)

How do you use it?

Well let me show you with the Pure Impact

1.  Pretty standard start to this but I am not sure if any of you have opened a tub of food supplements before. ? Just unscrew the lid and there will be a sealed plastic covering underneath so you will know if it has been tampered with or not and just peels that back and remove the plastic measuring scoop that is inside.Pure Impact Tub with scoop





pre-workout supplement powder with seal removed

2.  Measure out the recommended amount in the plastic scoop and fill a SHAKER CUP or  (I find it easier to use a SHAKER cup) with the recommended amount of water and shake, or blend for 30 seconds.
Shaker Cup with PNB pre-workout supplement powder

3.  Enjoy the drink and……

Get your ass to the gym or for a run!!!

PBN has a wide range of supplements to fill your needs and are always happy to help you with anything you need to know.


I have been taking this energy/food supplement for some time now and I have really felt the benefits whilst exercising, giving me more energy than I normally do.  I am not that keen on the Pure Impact red Apple flavour as it is a bit sharp but has a nice aftertaste.

The Pure Sustain blue raspberry flavour is gorgeous though and I could drink that all day.

Don’t forget to always check with your GP before taking any supplements and never use them as a substitute for food.



Before you go

I hope you have enjoyed this review and that you have learned something today.  All I ask is that if you have any questions about this post or want to comment on any great supplements you have used, I would love to hear from you.


Pure Brand Nutrition - Protein, Energy and Weight Loss Supplementssigniture

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12 comments on “Best Pre workout supplement UK-The PBN way

This article is a really good guide. I’ve been looking for a new supplement to help me with my workouts, I think I will give this a try.


Make sure you check with your doctor before taking anything like this, even though it is safe you may be allergic to something in it


Great review, but I’m not sure if I would switch from MyProtein brand pre-workout. Maybe if I got a sample packet to try…


Which brand do you use might I ask?


Whats crazy is I’ve spent hours inside the gym buy never exactly took the time to understand HOW exercising improved energy levels. WOW.

I’m a hug fan of pre-workouts because of the spike in energy and the prolonged effect. Nothing beats being able to go hard in the gym and keep that momentum going. I’m going to give the Pure Impact a shot.

What can you tell me about the ingredients?


I wouldn’t go to the gym with out pre training supplements inside me, I know I will be getting that extra boost to push even harder.
The ingredients are pretty much all natural but it does contain a lot of sugar


I am considering taking this before a heavy weights workout in the gym. But would I also take it before I go running?


It’s ideal before any exercise giving you that extra something to keep on pushing through the tough times


These supplements look really helpful. I use whey protein milkshakes but I’ve never considered using something to keep me going pre-session. From the sounds of it though, this could be really beneficial. My diet is quite strict, however, so I was just wondering how much of your RDA of sugar these drinks contain?


It has got alot of sugar to be fair which can be about a quarter of your RDA


Greetings For The Day !
Very Good Article.
Thanks for Sharing….. Keep up the Good Work.


No problems, keep coming back 🙂


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