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Best Gum Shields For Rugby

Best Rugby Gum Shields 2019

Best Gum Shields For Rugby: Protection For Rugby Players Teeth And Gums

Best Gum Shields For Rugby
This Post Has Been Updated on 20/10/2019 From The Best Gum Shields In 2018 To Looking at The Best Ones For 2019

Looking for the Best Gum Shields For Rugby isn’t as easy as you would think, is it?

You have probably looked at the hundreds, maybe even thousands of choices there are and thought ‘This is going to be a nightmare to choose the best one!

Trust me, I have 4 sons that are rugby mad and I’m also a rugby coach, so I have been where you are many times

To find the right gum shield to suit yourself or somebody you might be buying for needs quite a bit of time and research

So, if you trust our judgement, then I will guarantee that you will find exactly what you need here

If you don’t then just leave a message below and I will do my very best to find the perfect one for you

Here is a Quick Look at What You Are About to See

Not All Gum Shields Work Perfect

There are loads out there that are just not worth paying for, so here we have spent hours searching for the top 10 gum shields

They can either be called Gum Shields, Mouth Guards, or even Mouth Protectors but at the end of the day they all do the same thing

And that reduces the risk of injuries to the mouth area

Do not think that they will protect you from all injuries because that just isn’t the case

They will act as a shock absorber if you get a hard knock to the face or head and greatly reduce the risk

Why Would You Go Onto The Rugby Field Without One?

If You Would Prefer To Go Straight To The Gum Shields In This List Rather Than Read Anything Below Then Just Click On The Links To Go Straight To Them
A clear plastic rugby gum shield











When Where Mouth Guards First Used?

They were first introduced to the sporting world in 1927 after a Boxing Match between Jack Sharkey and Mike McTigue when McTigue got hit and split his lip pretty bad and also chipped a tooth so he had to forfeit the match

That paved the way for Mouth Guards to start being a big part of the sport and over the years, many more sports have followed suit… Including Rugby

Benefits of Mouth Guards For Rugby Players

Gum Shield or Mouth Guards should be an essential part of any rugby players kit but as the rules are today it is totally up to the individual player

Years ago it was very rare to see a player on the field taking it out of their mouth to spit a load of saliva out like they still do today if you have noticed?

Nowadays, there are more and more players opting to use them because of the damage they could get if they had a blow to the face without one in


What do You Think About Gum Shields Being Made Compulsory For All Rugby Players to Wear?

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There is still a debate out whether gum shields reduce the risk of concussion if they are worn

But at the moment there is no hard evidence to say that they do

I say they should be worn until they know for sure, “It’s Better to be Safe Than Sorry” as the saying goes.

Being a rugby player you are inevitably going to take a knock or 2 to the face

And seeing as a full faced plaster cast isn’t allowed to be worn, the next best thing would be to wear a gum shield

Just think how many teeth you could lose if you got trampled on or landed on by a 20 stone centre-forward

You would always be known as “Summer Teeth”… Summer Missing And Summer Left on The Rugby field!

The Famous Rugby Player Badge of Honor

It’s not just about getting hit in the face, it’s when you get tackled you could bang your teeth together and lose them that way, It just doesn’t bear thinking about

So when you think about it, What’s Worse?

An uncomfortable piece of rubber in your mouth protecting your teeth and gums for 80 minutes


A lifetime of none of your own teeth and have to eat soft foods for the rest of your life?

At the end of the day, it’s entirely up to you but I know what I would prefer

The hardest thing about having a gum shield is moulding them into the shape of your teeth.

How to Fit a Gum Shield
A clear plastic rugby gum shield fitted to the top teeth of a boy

Not all of them are the same but for the majority of them it’s basically the same principle

There will be slightly different time variations and methods that have to be done with each one but I have been moulding mouth guards for years now and this is what I do with them all

5 Easy Steps To Moulding a Gum Shield

  1. Firstly you will need to boil some water in a saucepan and take it of the heat, have a jug of cold water ready to cool the shield down
  2. Place the shield into the hot water for around 20 to 30 seconds, Check the instructions to see how long to leave it in there as the times will vary
  3. Carefully remove the shield from the hot water (Try Not to Use Your Hands) and put it straight into the cold water. Don’t leave it in there for too long though, you want to cool it down enough so you can keep it in your mouth to set the shape of your teeth, but not too cold that it will be hard to mould.
  4. Before you bite down on the shield, make sure that it is central to your mouth and in the position that you want it to be.
  5. Now you need to bite down on it for about 30 seconds straight, not too hard though that you break it but enough to make the shape of your teeth. As you are biting down keep your teeth together and every so often suck the air in like you would drink from a straw.
  6. All you have to do now is to put it back into the cold water for about 20 seconds so that it keeps the mould of your teeth it has just made

If after doing that the shield doesn’t stick to your upper teeth without falling and hasn’t formed as much as you want it to then all you do is repeat the steps above

Make sure that you put the gum shield in the exact same position in your mouth as it was before

You might have to remould it every so often to keep its shape but not all of them need it done and you will also have to make sure that you keep them clean

I clean my boys gum shields twice a week even with them being in a case so there are no bacteria growing on them

How to Clean a Gum Shield

There are players that I know that have never cleaned theirs and that is just stupid if you ask me

OK, they are not going to last forever but regular cleaning and general taking care of them will make them last a lot longer than not doing anything at all

3 Simple Ways to Show You How to Clean Your Gum ShieldA blue gum shield and a white gum shield next to each other full of cleaning fluid

1. Toothbrush, Soap & Water

  • Don’t go using the same toothbrush that you use for your teeth but use a hard bristle one.
  • I find that dishwashing soap is best here so put a small amount on the shield and a tiny bit of warm water then slowly brush the dirt and plaque off it making sure you get into all the nooks and crannies.
  • Once it’s cleaned, swill it with warm water to get all the soap off then put it back into its case

2. Denture Cleaner

  • This way is exactly like what you would do with those false teeth you would have if you didn’t wear a gum shield.
  • You can either use a bowl for this or use the denture cleaning container.
  • Use the tablet that you will get with the cleaning kit and put it into cold water with the shield and leave it for 10 minutes.
  • Do not leave it overnight or all day as the cleaning chemicals will damage the material.
  • Remove it from the cleaning solution water and swill with warm water, then put it back in its case.

3. Bleach It

  • I’m not talking about dipping it into bleach them popping it into your mouth so don’t panic, but you must make sure that you use gloves to do this so you don’t get any onto your skin, and also make sure that you are not allergic to bleach.
  • You will need to mix 10 parts water with 1 part bleach in a jug or something like that.
  • Pop the gum shield in for about 10 minutes so that the bleach will kill all the bacteria that’s on there.
  • You will then need to make sure that you rinse all the solution off the shield with warm water, if there is any bleach left on there it might cause problems to your gums and inside your mouth.
  • Last but not least, put it back into the case.


10 Best Gum Shields For Rugby


White SISU Aero 1.6mm Custom Fit Sports Mouthguard
SISU Aero Nextgen

Looking at our number 10 spot you can see that this list is going to be a good one as we are starting off with a mouth guard that is only in this position because it was such a close call between all 10 of them

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This mouth guard is suitable for ages 11 and upwards to adult sizes and gives your teeth the dental protection that they need even though they look quite basic.

They are only 1.6mm thick so they won’t be too bulky sitting in your mouth.

You will find that you will be able to talk better with this guard in because some of them are too big and you have to keep pulling it out of your mouth

And with dirty hands from playing rugby you don’t want to do that very often

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

If you are familiar with the original NextGen gum shields and have used them before then you will be happy to know that they have been improved to make them fit to your teeth and gums better

They have a more rounded edge on them so they feel much more comfortable during a game so you can concentrate on playing rather than feeling it digging into your mouth all the time

They have a bigger bite area so it won’t feel as tight as the original ones and also a much more improved material means that they can be moulded easier than before for a better fit

Pros & Cons of The Sisu Aero


  • They are lightweight and slimline which will help you forget it’s there and focus on the game at hand rather than be constantly thinking about it just stuck there.
  • The improved mouldable rubber material makes it fit to your teeth and gums a lot better than they used to.
  • As it fits very well and is very lightweight you won’t even have to take it out of your mouth to take a drink or to speak to your team-mates
  • You have the choice of 12 colours so you can get the one that goes with your rugby team kit to make them match.


  • A lot of people have been saying that they won’t mould to the shape of your teeth on the first attempt but the instructions are really easy to follow so just make sure you read them properly and you should do OK.

What do you think of the SISU AERO gum shield?

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9. RDX Multi-Sport Mouthguard

5 Different Coloured RDX Gum Shields With a Case
RDX Multi-Sport Mouthguard

This RDX gumshield is new to the 2019 list and is used for multiple sports but I have found it more ideal for playing Rugby

It requires the boil and bite method to mould it to your teeth so when doing so you need to read the instructions carefully and you do t have a problem getting the perfect fit

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Another great thing about them is that they come with an anti-microbial carry case so that you can keep it clean after use and hopefully won’t lose it

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

Looking at the material used to make them, you will be more than happy with how comfy the poly gel latex free rubber feels in your mouth because there’s nothing worse than trying to hold the hard plastic type in your mouth for 80 minutes, is there?

The guard is filled with a gel to give your teeth and gums maximum shock absorption, and also has acrigel padding to help cusion the molars at the back of the mouth


Pros & Cons of The RDX Multi-Sport


  • They have Tri-Flow perforations in the shield that allows the air to escape which makes breathing under pressure so much easier
  • The gel and aerogel padding will keep your gums and teeth fully protected and shock absorbed should you get a big hit to the jaw
  • The Tri-Flow perforations makes it so much easier to breathe whilst wearing it during a tough rugby game
  • You get a free anti-microbial case so you can keep out clean and safe when its not being used
  • Works well for both adults (12+) and children (12-) so you won’t have to keep trying one to fit your younger ones


  • Some people have said the gumsheild has melted in the hot water when they have tried to mould them but if you read the instructions carefully then you shouldn’t have a problem with that

What do you think of the RDX MULTI-SPORT gum shield?

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8. ProDefenda Mouthguard

Black and White ProDefenda Mouthguard
ProDefenda Mouthguard

The Prodefenda gum shied isn’t a brand that I am very familiar with but after the research that I have done, it certainly deserves to be in the top 10.

Just because it’s not a well-known brand it doesn’t mean it won’t give you the protection that you are going to need.

With a double layered shock absorbing frame that has a soft gel inner layer to bite onto and a solid outer shield

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It really will give your teeth and gums the cover from the hard knocks your mouth will no doubt take during a game of rugby.

I don’t know about you but the worst thing about wearing a gum shield for me is not all of them stay put in your mouth

The prodefenda has anti-slip pads built into the teeth area for a much better grip

And when you combine that with the boil and bite method that you used to mould it you can relax in the fact that it will give you a very tight, but comfortable fit

Leaving you to worry about the rough and tumble on the field rather than the rough and tumble in your mouth

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

You can’t quite see them in this photo but it has strategically placed air holes making it easier to breathe and talk, well, shout at your team-mates.

I really like the see-through design of the bottom of the shield, it makes a change from the plain solid colour ones that I have normally bought for my sons to play rugby

It’s not just a design to make it look good though, that see-through bottom that you can see is what I mentioned before about the double layer shock absorber

Pros & Cons of The ProDefender


  • The bite area has anti-slip pads which will give you a much better grip so it shouldn’t keep falling out of your mouth.
  • The shock absorbing double layer will give your teeth and gums that extra protection which will reduce the risk of any injuries.
  • It is designed to be used by any age from 12 years and above (depending on the size of their mouths) so it will work brilliantly for both children and adults.
  • The material that they are made from is free from BPA (bisphenol A) so you won’t have to worry about sucking on a horrible chemical all through the match.
  • Comes in either the Black & White that you see here, or White & Black. I know that might sound confusing, especially if you have taken too many knocks to the head during your rugby career but you will see what I mean when you go to buy it.


  • As I haven’t really heard of this brand (just because I haven’t doesn’t mean that you haven’t) I would be worried that not many people get to see it or trust it and that is why I wanted to show everyone how great this Prodefenda gum shield is. The more I do some research and keep seeing great reviews from buyers, maybe it will rise up this list

What do you think of the PRODEFENDER gum shield?

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7. Venom Challenger

Black and Red Venum Unisex Adult Challenger Mouthguard
Venom Challenger

This tough & durable looking gum shield is made by Venom and used to be a bit higher on the list until they brought out another shield called the Predator which is at my number 2 spot.

Still one of the best mouth guards that I have ever used and I don’t think it will be leaving the top 10 anytime soon.

Built with a Nexfit Gel Frame that can be easily formed to your teeth for a very comfortable fit which is really important to anyone that wears one

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And once it has been properly fitted and you pop it in before the game it should stay put all throughout the time you are on the field.

Like most of the top gum shields the gel bite area has a firm, high density rubber frame built around it and that’s where the protection for your teeth comes in

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

If you can see it has out dented rivets underneath that are points of contact for the lower teeth and are the shock absorbers in a way that keep your teeth from hitting together and breaking.

If you were to buy this, you won’t have to worry about it stopping you speaking or it being difficult to breathe through it as the air holes are placed so that none of these are a problem

If you are looking for a long-lasting gum shield, if you get the moulding right and you don’t keep biting through it then this is the one you want to get

Probably the longest lasting shield that is on this top 10 list.

Pros & Cons of The Venom Challenger


  • One of the toughest and most durable one on the list so you should be using it for quite some time.
  • The Nexfit gel inner bite area and the strong outer teeth covering makes it not only a comfortable fit, but a protection for your teeth that you can trust.
  • The instructions to fit it to your gums and teeth are very easy to follow so you should get it right the first time.
  • You have 13 choices of different colours so you have plenty of options to suit what you wear on the field.


  • Even though it is a tough piece of equipment, it doesn’t cover the back 2 teeth in my mouth and I don’t really have a big mouth (Unless you ask my wife) but the thickness of the guard was enough to stop my back teeth banging together.

What do you think of the VENOM CHALLENGER gum shield?

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6. Shock Doctor Pro

Black and White Shock Doctor Pro Gum Shield
Shock Doctor Pro

If you haven’t heard of the brand Shock Doctor before then you obviously have never searched for a new gum shield before have you.

One of the most trusted brands in sport it was a no-brainer that at least one of their shields were going to make it on the list.

Another boil and bite guard that really does give you the comfort and protection that you are looking for

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You will get the comfort with the gel bite pads and the protection from the tough shock absorbing front bumper if you were to take any knocks to the face or head, and that is pretty inevitable if you play rugby

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

As if knowing how trusted this brand is, when you buy this gum shield you will be getting a $10,000 dental warranty for that much-needed peace of mind if anything ere to go wrong

If you are a Mouth Brace Wearer then don’t worry, these have you covered as they are very flexible and work perfectly with brace’s so you don’t have to miss out on your favourite sport if you have a mouth full of metal

Pros & Cons of The Shock Doctor Pro


  • A brand that can be trusted the world over so you know that you will be getting a quality piece of Rugby Safety Equipment.
  • It’s an easy to fit, boil and bite gum shield that can be moulded to your gums and teeth in a matter of minutes.
  • The gel bite pads are very comfortable and it feels like you haven’t got it fixed which means that you can concentrate on the rugby game you are playing.
  • Don’t forget that $10,000 Dental Warranty that you get if you buy this guard. What a bonus that is!
  • You can get all sizes for all ages.


  • There have been a lot of complaints saying that it was difficult to get it to mould perfectly, but if you take your time and read the instructions then I can’t see you having any problems with it.

What do you think of the SHOC DOCTOR PRO gum shield?

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5. Redline Sportswear

Multiple Coloured Redline Sportswear Custom Fit Mouthguards With a Carabiner And Case
Redline Sportswear

This is a bit of a dark horse in the top 10 best gum shields as last year I hadn’t really heard of Redline (Have You?)

But after so much research, this certain mouth guard by a brand that I am not that familiar with has hit my number spot straight from nowhere

And for very good reasons…

This pretty much has all you need from a gum shield and it is probably the most “Overall” winner of this list but the reason it hasn’t hit number 1 is that it just hasn’t got the credibility from sports people that it certainly deserves

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The dual layer technology material that constructs this shield is just one of its main reasons that it should be something to consider when buying one

I know that others have this type of inner & outer material, but the revolutionary shock resistant design evenly spreads out the impact to your teeth and gums and that will certainly benefit the person that wears it when they will inevitably get hit in the face.

Underneath the gum shield there are some parts of it that protrude out which have a thicker extra protection for the most used teeth, like the front, molars, and the sharp teeth that you have to shred food

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

The best thing about this shield is that the most vulnerable teeth are protected the most with the high quality FDA approved materials which are PVC, Latex, and BPA free so you know you are getting a quality product with this.

The customer support is pretty top-notch as they can guarantee you if you are not totally satisfied with the product, they will do all they can to either let you know how to fix it, or replace it straight away, no questions asked.

Pros & Cons of The Redline


  • You get a free carabiner with the case it comes in so you can clip it to your bag or boot bag that you might be using to go to rugby,
  • It’s made from a dual layer technology material that gives you the comfort and protection that could save you from losing a tooth, or 2.
  • They really do have the best customer support that I have personally ever witnessed in regard to helping the customer with everything that they need help with.
  • The most vulnerable lower teeth have that extra padded protection with the perfectly placed shock absorbing protruding material that could save you from serious injuries.
  • It comes in six great colours giving you a choice that suits you best.


  • The only serious complaints about this gum shield was that the size that they were sent was too small for them. My advice would be to get a size bigger than you think you need.

What do you think of the REDLINE gum shield?

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4. Opro Platinum Level

Red White and Black OPRO Platinum Level Gum Shield for Rugby
Opro Platinum Level

This Opro mouth guard comes with a pretty great extra which I think you are going to love.

And with it looking like you are snarling at the opposition you might be swayed to buy one of these as the price of it is just the icing on top of the cake

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Suitable for ages 10 and over and super easy to mould to your teeth you shouldn’t have any problems with this guard fitting perfectly in your mouth

The great extra that you get with this mouth guard is that will get a $17,500 dental warranty with all the Platinum Self-Fit Guards which covers a wide range of contact sports

And if that doesn’t give you a better peace of mind then I don’t’ know what will.

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

Opro has always been a good make but the platinum version is up there with the best of them. It has 13 anatomical fins on the comfortable bite pad which is made from EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) and, of course, they are all latex-free.

As you already know that if you use a mouth guard often and don’t wash it regularly then it’s going to get a bit rank and smelly

I’m not saying you don’t have to keep this one clean but the material has a Biomaster Antimicrobial protection that prevents it from growing all that harmful bacteria on them as quickly as regular mouth guards

But Please Clean Them After Every Use

Pros & Cons of The Opro Platinum


  • It comes in 3 great designs so you can see which one suits you best and matches your rugby teams kit.
  • The $17,500 dental warranty that you get should make you feel as ease knowing that if anything happens and you get your teeth broken or knocked out then you will be covered for it.
  • Easy to mould to your mouth and teeth so you know they are going to stay put and not keep falling out.
  • There are easy to follow instructions on how to fit & maintain them which is sometimes half the battle with mouth guards, they all have different ways to get them to the shape that you want them to be.


  • A few reviewers of these have said that they are too big to fit into their mouth so I would suggest you make sure that you get the correct size that you need.

What do you think of the OPRO PLATINUM gum shield?

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3. Under Armour Armourfit

Bright Yellow Under Armour ArmourFit Mouthguard With Tether
Under Armour Armourfit

We are up with the big boys now and Under Armour has a reputation for excellent equipment
So putting this guard high up on this list was inevitable really
The soft Armourfit technology material that it is made from is going to fit your teeth and gums perfectly without it feeling tight and restricting

You would swear that it had been fitted by a dentist

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Because it sits so close to the skin in a streamlined fit you won’t even feel like you have it in your mouth
I know it has the tether attached in this image but you can also get the gum shield on its own

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

As they are going to be stuck in your mouth you don’t want it to have any chemicals that can harm you in any way and you get that with this gum shield as it’s BPA free so there’s no need to worry about that.

You will get a $32,000 dental warranty if you purchase it so if anything does go wrong then you will be covered, but it don’t think you will have many problems with it (TOUCH WOOD)

The instructions that come with it for fitting it give you 2 options to choose from which are either the normal boil and bite technique, or you can use the microwave to fit it

I’m not sure how it’s done or how long you have to put it in for but the instructions will explain everything to you

Pros & Cons of The Under Armour


  • Probably the most comfortable gum shield here in this list and that’s a big part in your decision to buy one, that and the safety factor…
  • The $32,000 dental warranty that you get with it has to be a bonus, doesn’t it?
  • The streamline close fit makes it easy to speak, breathe, and even take a drink with it in as it will stay fixed to your upper teeth once fitted
  • You can either fix it with boil and bite, or if you are not comfortable using boiling water to do it then you can use the microwave to mould it, I know which way I would prefer.
  • You have 9 great colours to choose from so you can match it up with your Scrum Cap or Rugby Boots.


  • This gum shield doesn’t come with a case to keep it in once it has been used but there are some great ones out there which don’t cost very much.
  • You might find that you have to keep moulding it again as it loses its shape but that will only take you a few minutes if you do it correctly.

What do you think of the UNDER ARMOUR gum shield?

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2. Venom Predator

Black and White Venum Predator Single Gel Fit Gum Shield With Case
Venom Predator

Another one from Venom here in this list and for very good reasons.

One size fits all with the Predator as whatever the size of your mouth it can be perfectly moulded and adjusted to suit you.

Its made from an inner gel frame for comfort and a rigid outer shell for your teeth and gums protection

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The way the outer shell is shaped it will give you the best breathing experience that you can get with a bit of rubber stuck in your mouth

Speaking of rubber, this super durable rubber shield is made of a very high-density material which gives your mouth an enhanced shock protection leaving you with less of an injury than if you wasn’t wearing any gum shield at all.

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

You are going to get a bit more protection here than with the Challenger as it has more points of contact in the mouth with the rivets that stick down from the underneath

Giving your upper teeth more leeway to bounce off the bottom ones.

The instructions that come with it to follow when you have to mould it to your teeth are very easy to follow

Just make sure that you line up the center of it to the center of your mouth otherwise it might look a bit stupid if it’s not central.

Pros & Cons of The Venom Predator


  • One size fits all even if you think it looks too big, you won’t have to worry about getting the wrong size unless your mouth is freakishly small!
  • The comfortable inner gel mould with the hard rubber outer material is the perfect combination for a mouth guard that you can trust.
  • You will find it really easy to breathe and talk through it because of the way the designers placed the air holes on them.
  • Easy to follow moulding instructions that you shouldn’t really get wrong if you read them correctly in the first place.
  • It comes in 14 different colours so you could match it up with the colour of your boots or scrum cap if you wanted to.


  • The only problem with these, is that they are for adults only so you might have to shop around for the children sizes.

What do you think of the VENOM PREDATOR gum shield?

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1. Shockdoctor Gelmax Flavour

Orange Flavoured Shock Doctor Gel Max Flavour Fusion Mouthguard
Shockdoctor Gelmax Flavour

Still in our number 1 spot from last year is this bad boy

Now, I personally believe that you are not going to find any gum shield better than this shock doctor style.

As you are probably aware that there are many different types made by the famous brand but this youth version and style is going to be hard to beat

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First of all, most gum shields are tasteless bits of rubber in your mouth but these are made with different flavours that never go away

Your child won’t want to take it out after the game has finished

You have the choice of different flavours, this pink one is Bubble Gum but here is the list of them all

  • Bubble Gum
  • Orange
  • Mint
  • Fruit Punch
  • Lemon & Lime

They sound good enough to eat don’t they

Apart from the fact that they taste good, the gel max cushion performance fit on the bite area is like fitting a marshmallow to your teeth

I don’t know if you can notice but this one has triple layers which makes it much more durable and gives your teeth and gums more padding

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

The inner bite area is nice and soft to fit to your upper teeth but the high impact exoskeleton shock frame that covers it will ensure that even if you take a big knock to the jaw or mouth then it will highly reduce the risk of injury

Just remember though, wearing one of these will not completely stop all injuries

As you probably guessed, you have to boil and bite to form it to your teeth and some people have said that it loses a bit of its flavour when you do that but my children didn’t have any problems like that with theirs

Pros & Cons of The Shockdoctor Gelmax


  • A flavoured gum shield might make your children keep it in as in my experience they tend to keep pulling them out and playing with them during a game.
  • The cushioned gel bite area makes it comfortable and it will stay put when it is fixed to your upper teeth.
  • Having the tough and durable exoskeleton frame around the front will reduce the risk on teeth and gum injuries.
  • The very easy to follow instructions to mould it to your teeth will have you wearing it in no time at all.
  • It comes in different flavours so if you don’t fancy this Bubble Gum one then there are other flavours that I’m sure you will love.


  • There have been complaints that it is too small for older youths but I would say they would be perfect for ages 7 and 10 or the adult version would fit someone as young as 14 or 15.

What do you think of the SHOCK DOCTOR GEL MAX FLAVOUR gum shield?

>>> See The Full Review Here <<<


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Final Thoughts

The gum shields that are on this list are just our personal opinions so I would recommend you see which one has what you want first before jumping straight in to buy one

We have done a lot of research on hundreds of mouth guards and these 10 have all the main benefits that any great shield should have

There are obviously a few more that work perfectly but that is another list to think about in the future

What do you look for when you shop for these?

Have you used any of these before, and if so, what did you think about them?

Get involved in the conversation below and let others know your own experiences with them


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Thanks for the post,

I never realized there were SO MANY gum-shield brands. This was quite an eye-opener. I believe that every child who participates in contact sports such as rugby or American football ought to be obligated to wear a gum shield. Perhaps they already are. If that’s the case, then it should be expanded to include basketball and volleyball, among others. Such a simple piece of equipment can go a long way to preventing not just potentially catastrophic tooth or jaw injury, but the accompanying emotional trauma as well. Too bad the Gelmax Flavor doesn’t have a flavored version for adults as well. I got me a sweet tooth. 🙂

Great post!

All the best


There are so many injuries to the mouth area in rugby each year that if they don’t make gum shields compulsory soon I would be worried that one day there will be a fatality. Why can’t the rugby officials see what is happening?

Like you said, it’s such a small piece of safety equipment that it shouldn’t be a problem to wear them, should it? Soccer players are made to wear Shin Guards so whats the difference here?


Should the gum shields be mandatory to wear when playing rugby? The trainer should strongly suggest using them, if it’s not mandatory. Playing sports it’s very important for your health, but also safety is very important. It’s better to prevent today, than cure tomorrow. Thank you for describing different types of gum shields for rugby, now I know which type to buy for my boy.


My opinion is that they should be made compulsory to wear but unfortunately, they aren’t at the moment until there is a huge serious injury.

I’m glad I could help you choose a gum shield for your boy, make sure he wears it at all training and games, lol


My son is only 4.5 and does not play very many organized sports right now, but he has chipped MANY teeth and I’m at the point where I want to put a mouth guard on him anything he does something active. It may be overkill, but I’m shocked at how many chips he has gotten and he don’t even know how. His biggest chip that we actually knew he did was in a bouncey house when he bumped someone. I think one of these is essential in my house!


Of course, they don’t always have to be used in contact sports, sometimes they will be very useful to protect our wild children who have no fear of the things that they do, lol

Otis Dube

Wow for the rugby players there it is this shield or gum as can either be called Gum Shields, Mouth Guards, or even Mouth Protectors but at the end of the day they all do the same thing.when coming to things like playing rugby you definitely have to amour your mouth with one of gum shields and read carefully on the brand descriptions and It’s an easy to fit, boil and bite gum shield that can be molded to your gums and teeth in a matter of minutes. especially for a brand that can be trusted the world over so you know that you will be getting a quality piece of Rugby Safety Equipment.


It certainly is important to protect your gums and teeth in rugby so make sure you do your research first


I played lacrosse in high school. I only ever used cheap mouth guards from Wal-Mart. They were the kind that you boil and then bite to mold to your teeth. I never had any issues with them. They protected my teeth and I even got hit by lacrosse balls straight to the face.

What makes these brands more useful than a Wal-Mart one? The one issue that I guess I did have was if I went to long without wearing the mouth guard or if it was cold when I wasn’t using it them it wouldn’t fit my teeth quite as good anymore. 


I have seen some really great Wallmart gumshields but for this list, I didn’t find any that could beat the ones that I had chosen.

You do need to use them and keep moulding them to your gums and teeth regular as they will lose their shape so don’t forget that 🙂


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