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Benefits of Activity-Specific Explosive Strength Training For Rugby

you are stronger than you think you are

Explode Into The Game

If you have ever been involved in a rugby game you will know how physically and mentally fit you need to be, Well, not quite mentally fit as I have met more than a few crazy rugby players in my time than I wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley, but the physical fitness side of things you will need to be on top form if you want to give the best game than you can give and that means both individually and as a team and this is why I want to show you the Benefits Of Activity-Specific Explosive Strength Training For Rugby.

The Foundations

Strength training should be the foundation for any rugby training session, or for the main part of it but you should also work on, and develop Explosive Strength Training involving certain aspects of the are stronger than you think

There are areas or moments in the game when you will be faced with contesting for the ball with the opposition and you might be a big strong rugby player but if you are up against 2 or 3 opposing players then your strength needs to be able to overcome them.

Rugby these days, the “professional” players are fitter than they have ever been before on record and that might be due to the fact that they are constantly working on the fitness and technique side of things and the occasional Weight Training Session but, In my eye’s, they should work on Activity-Specific Explosive Strength much more than they probably do.

I am not saying I could ever compete with the players that are out there today but like any rugby fan, I am entitled to my opinion.

Here are the main areas of a rugby game where Explosive Strength could be very efficient if you regularly work on it in training, individually and as a team.

  1. THE RUCK – After making a tackle in the breakdown you have to contest for the ball that is on the floor so you have the choice to either steal the ball (if your team doesn’t have it) hold onto the player on the floor for dear life to protect the ball (if your team has it) or clean out the opposition, and for you to be able to do that effectively you need to apply all your strength in an Explosive Way.Rugby players jumping for the ball in a lineout
  2. THE LINEOUT – For your team to win the Lineout all depends on 3 things, How high the 2nd row can get in the air, How quickly he gets to the ball, and the lifting support of team-mates. All those things can be worked on which will increase your Explosive Strength.
  3. THE TACKLE – I shouldn’t have to tell you how Explosive Strength can help you here, so let’s just say that the more explosive you are in the tackle the harder they are going to hit the floor…SIMPLES!
  4. THE SCRUM AND MAUL – Now this is where it is going to be the most beneficial to both the individual England rugby union training sessionand the team as a whole, its no good just one or two players trying to push against the opposition because you just won’t get anywhere. Working as a team with Explosive Force will give you a better chance of overpowering the opposition and putting them on the back foot.


Matched Evenly

In addition to those 4 areas of gameplay, having ball-carriers with Explosive Leg Power can give you the edge on the opposition trying to tackle you unless of course, they have read this post then you will be evenly matched.

If both teams are evenly matched in technique, strength, and the mentality to win the game then it’s just a battle of fitness and who will be worn down first. All I ask you to do is if that game ever happens, please film it and send the video in to me as I love watching a game of rugby like that.


If you want to have that competitive edge over your opposition then work on your Explosive Strength but always have that core foundation of basic strength training and you will soon see an improvement in your game, and maybe even win a few more than you do already.


Do you have any rugby training tips that you would like to share with everyone? Or do you have any thoughts on what I have said here? If so just write them below in the comment section and join in on the conversation.

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4 comments on “Benefits of Activity-Specific Explosive Strength Training For Rugby

Explosive strength training is so important for any sport but rugby by far to most beneficial. Just the scrums need intense explosive force.
Great resources and thanks for sharing.


Rugby is very tough so explosive training is very beneficial to any rugby player


Strength training is always a great investment no matter the sport! Just for overall health and wellness, it is sure to add a few years to the longevity of one’s lifespan. This was an insightful article as here in the U.S. rugby is not a very mainstream sport and I know very little about it. Your site certainly has many articles to demystify the sport and answer probably any question I have, so well done sir!


Thank you very much for your kind comment, yes, Rugby isn’t the main sport over in the US but you have a similar sport which is just as physical, American Football. That sport is crazy and the size of the guys that play they must train 24/7


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