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Basic Equipment Required for Youth Soccer Training

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5 Items To Make Training Run Smoothly

I can’t tell you how much fun it is if you are ever lucky enough to help out, or be in charge of a Youth Soccer Training Session. You have the chance to improve as a coach, but most importantly, you will have the chance to develop individual players, as well as the soccer team as a whole which is very rewarding, even if you don’t get paid for doing it.

Not only will you have all the children there that you are coaching, you will often have family and friends there to watch, and support the players so it would look more professional if you were to have the 5 BASIC PIECES OF EQUIPMENT FOR YOUTH SOCCER TRAINING to hand at all training sessions.

Balls!2 worn soccer balls

One of the main things you should have with you is a Soccer Ball for every player that attends your training sessions. Make a point of letting everyone know that they can bring their own but there’s no doubt in my mind that there will be a few players that will forget to bring a Soccer Ball with them, some players might not even have a ball so you need to have enough for everybody to have one each.

A little tip though which most players will already be doing is that if they bring their own, make sure they have their name or initials written on there somewhere or there could be a riot on your hands.

Drinks Readytipping water into a cup

Keeping hydrated during training sessions should be very high on your list of things to do. The second thing you should always have in training is either full and clean Water Bottles, or a means of giving the players a drink every so often or every time they might be thirsty. You could get One Big Container with a spout on there to be able to pour it easily, but you are going to need a load of cups…trust me. Rather than a player using just one cup for the whole training session, they like to use them one and just throw them away taking another one every time they take a drink.

A much better idea might be to tell them to bring their own drinks with them, also whit their names or initials on them, but, like the Soccer Balls there will certainly be players that forget to bring one with them to training so it’s better to have plenty of water to give every single player.

Leg Protectionwhite nike shin pads and sleeves

Another important thing that you might not think about as a coach but you should bring Shin Guards for every player to training sessions. I know that the players should have them, but as you guessed it, there might be some that forget them or don’t have them at all and we all know that Shin Guards Are Very Important and essential to be able to take part in any training sessions or games.

The ones you take for the players don’t have to be state of the art, brand new Shin Guards but they do have to have the standard protection that they need for their shins. You are the one that is in charge, and responsible for the safety of the players whilst in training so you need to do everything you can to make sure things go smoothly and without accidents.

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Blow Your WhistleThe Acme Thunderer Whistle

These items are not in order of priority or this next piece of equipment for soccer training sessions would be at the very top. You will need a Whistle for every session otherwise you might as well not turn up at all because this is the only way you can communicate and get the attention of the youth players. To say they are loud is an understatement! Even on a big field, you will still not be able to hear yourself talk. Make all the players aware that when you blow that whistle its time to shut up and listen to you otherwise you will lose your voice in just one training session.

You might want to take a few spare Whistles with you, just in case you lose one or it breaks


Separate The Team

The last piece of soccer training equipment that you will need is either different Coloured T-Shirts or Vests. Most of the drills I have seen or done myself have needed the players to be put into groups so it really does make things easier if you can tell which players are on which team.

A little trick you might want to try to keep the players well-behaved is to get some silly looking vests that you know that nobody would want to wear and threaten them that if they don’t behave and listen to you then they will have to wear those silly vests. You will have a much better-behaved team on your hands in no time at all.

One Last Thing

Are you a soccer coach yourself? Can you suggest any more pieces of Soccer Training Equipment that you will need to help your sessions run smoothly? Let others know in the comment section below, or if you have any questions at all about Soccer Coaching then don’t hesitate to ask.signiture

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Tala Salem

Great tips, Shawn! A friend of mine would need these, since he’s planning of starting a soccer team any time soon!


That sounds great, wish your friend all the best from me


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