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An Easy Guide For Purchasing Shin Guards for Soccer Online

Pad Those Shins Up

If you are taking part in any kind of soccer/football, whether it be training or a game then it is very important to use the correct safety kit and one essential piece of equipment you will need in order to be a bit safer on the field are Shin Pads. I can’t stress enough how much these will help save your football/soccer career and even if you fancy walking again after a bad tackle to the legs.

If you are a player, or a parent of a player then in this post I want to show you An Easy Guide For Purchasing Shin Pads For Soccer Online which I’m certain that you will find very useful and interesting.

Now, as you probably already know that there are many different styles and types of Shin Pads so you really need to do a bit of research to determine which ones will work best for you or the person you are buying them for. Do you want them with ankle sleeves for padding of the ankles, or not? Do you want ones just to slip into your socks or would you prefer to have shin pads with strapping for around the legs? What material do you want? There are many different aspects that you need to consider before choosing the right pair.

Whilst trying out any shin pads you should always try them with your other football/soccer kit like your boots and socks that you will be wearing so you can make sure for certain that they are the right pads.

The Right SizeSlip-in shin pads worn by a soccer player

When deciding to purchase a pair of Shin Pads, the most important thing that you need to get right it the correct fit. If you have a small child that needs them and you give them an adult size shin pad then they are going to be running around the field looking like they have cricket leg pads on. This goes without saying, if an adult needs them you need to buy an adults size, if a child needs them then, ….you guessed it, buy a child’s size. Obviously if you have a child that is bigger than the average child, and vice versa, an adult that needs to eat a bit more protein then use your common sense and try them out.

The Right Fit

Now getting the right size shin pads, doesn’t always mean they fit brilliantly because you might be short with big calves and if you have shin pads with straps they might not fit around your lower legs so you will have to see if you can get shin pads with longer straps or just get ones that you slip into your socks. If the pads are too tight you might not be able to move as well as you should and they can also restrict the circulation through your legs, which isn’t great. On the other hand you don’t want them too loose as they won’t be in the correct potting leaving your shins vulnerable. As a rule, for the perfect fitting shin pad, they should be comfortably fitted around the lower leg and you should be able to fit a fingertip down into the top of them without squeezing it down there.

They also shouldn’t hit the knee either as this could cause serious problems!

The Right Protection

All shin pads will have some sort of padding or cushioning on the insides of them otherwise it’s just hard plastic hitting your shins which as you can imagine is pretty uncomfortable. You can also get them with ankle protection which personally I prefer myself as they feel much more protective and they give you a bit more confidence to keep that ball at your feet even when the opposition slides in with both feet to try and take it off you.

No Broken Bones, Not Guaranteed

Just because you are wearing shin pads it doesn’t mean you are invincible and that they will protect your legs like a tortoise in its shell. Oh no my friend! They will only reduce the risk of injuries so you shouldn’t think that once they are on that you will be able to take any hit to your lower legs and be able to walk away. Use your skills to avoid the tackle and humiliate the opposition as you fly past them unscathed and ready to score.

There are 5 different types of Shin Pads that you can choose from…


  • The Slip-ins
  • The Slip-ins With Sleeves
  • The Full Protector
  • The Strapped
  • The Sleeve

You can see them all here and choose which one you would prefer to wear.

One Last Thing

It’s easier to ask for assistance if you are in a store buying shin pads, they will be able to advise you on the best ones to choose depending on your preferences. This is why I have written this post so it can act as your virtual store assistant to help and guide you to buy the perfect pair of Shin Pads

Of you still need anymore help with which shin pads to get then all you need to do is ask below in the comment section and I will help you as much as I can. Or if you have any advice about shin pads that you would like to share, then please feel free to do so.


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2 comments on “An Easy Guide For Purchasing Shin Guards for Soccer Online

When I was a young and aggressive soccer player, I never had the right shin guards during games, so I always had some pain in my shins after a game. Because of your article, I have realized my mistakes. If I ever have children, I will take advantage of your advice when they play soccer.

I have a question though. Who is the best in person retailer for shin guards? Thank you in advance and I hope you have a great day!


Amazon has the best range of shin guards, in my opinion, there are so many options to choose from


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