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Adidas Rugby Head Guard

adidas rugby head guard

Adidas Rugby Head Guard: The Best Prices For The Best Protection

If you are looking for ADIDAS Rugby Head Guard, can help you find exactly what you need

We have found some amazing offers to suit both your pockets and your head

Here’s just one of them we have found on offer

AdidasCanterburyPRODUCT NAME – ADIDAS Rugby Head Guard

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Introduction to The Adidas Rugby Head Guard

Putting your head on the line in rugby is inevitable that you will suffer with a few head & ear injuries, but not so many with this head guard

Shock dampening brock foam around the ear area of the white adidas head guard
Ear Protection on The Adidas Head Guard

The ADIDAS scrum cap has enhanced air circulation and shock absorbing Brock foam making this head guard comfortable and lightweight

It also features an adjustable chin strap and elasticated laces at the back for a secure fit during games

Who is it For?

Everybody who doesnt want brain damage after going into a big tackle

It’s basically for all the heavy hitters in the forwards or for the rugby players that just love to get stuck in

Just take a quick look at some players who didn’t wear one

Website/Where to Buy? – Amazon

Sizes – S, M, L, XL

If you are not sure what size you need then grab a flexible tape measure or some string and measure around the circumference of of your head just above your eyebrows

Once you have the right measurements then take a look at this rugby head guard size chart to choose your size

Always go for the bigger size if you are in between sizes

Adidas Rugby Head Guard Size Chart


Black rear laces on a white adidas rugby head guard
Comes in Many Colours Including This White One

This particular one is white with a black trim and a black ADIDAS logo but there are many other colours are available

Extra Information

This headguard has been approved by the IRB for added confidence in the way you play

Our Final Thoughts

This Adidas one isn’t the best rugby headguard and wouldn’t be my first choice as I personally think there are better ones out there like the Canterbury Ventilator

It is however a well designed piece of rugby safety equipment and very comfortable

Final Recap

What is it? – ADIDAS rugby head guard

How Much?

Check Exact Price Button

Where from? – Amazon

Our Rating – 7/10

Before You Go…

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If there’s anything else you need to know about this type of rugby protection then please feel free to ask below in the comment section.

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14 comments on “Adidas Rugby Head Guard


A very good review, one that shows all the elements of this safety head guard.

I take it that the price is competitive with similar products but what price safety?

It is an essential piece of equipment for any rugby player I should think and could be used with other sports as well where head safety is paramount.


Of course, theu can be used for a number of physical sports


Great article about the Adidas rugby head guard. It’s vast that kind of injuries this head gear can prevent, a lot of people have suffered brain and head injuries due to ferocious tackles from other players. This is nice because I thought it was made available only to players. I’m definitely going to get one personally. 


You will never know when you might need one, lol


This is a great article! Every game has it danger but rugby is one game I love so much because it is a game for “men”! At every seconds of the game you have a high chance of getting injured especially head injury, from fall, hitting and the rest. So the use of a well-made head guard is good for the players to reduce the risk of getting head injuries. With enhanced air circulation and shock absorbing and lightweight, this is what any rugby player will love.Are they available in local store?


They are available in many places but the best place I have found them is on


Hello Shwni,

Great info on Adidas Rugby Head Guard. The head guard may be very popular in the market but I have to say this is my first time knowing about it. 

The head guard seems sturdy, flexible, and lightweight. It looks great and I think it will do a great job protecting the head. But I’m not sure about a very big blow. The game of rugby isn’t an easy game, so I think material like this should be a good option for many players.

Thanks for sharing this.


This adidas head guard won’t completely protect you but it will reduce the risk of head injuries


Wonderful to the point review of a reliable product.

Its comfortable, stylish head guard that I bought for my cousin. It has worked really well for him, as he used to get repeated stitches in his head. Expensive ones didn’t help him in any way, but this has kept him completely safe for a long time now.


That’s one of the reasons I thing head guards/ scrum caps should be compulsory in rugby, there are way too many head injuries that could have easily bee prevented just by wearing them


It was an honest review and I commend you for that. I was happy when you said that this head guard is not the best head guard out there. This depicts nothing but honesty and honesty will take you far in your business.

However, occupation exposure demands this head guard and this ensures safety and I love it as its light weight even.


If you’re not honest in this business then you don’t get any respect, honesty is the best policy I say

Thanks for your comment 🙂

Md moinul Islam


I have read the whole review about ‘Adidas Rugby Head Guard’ . In any game, the requirements of the head guard are high and if the rugby comes, then its need increases twice. So I will suggest to use the adidas rugby head guard . Its weight is very light and it is very comfortable to wear . If you wear that the fear of injury is very low. I will share this article with my friends. Thanks for sharing it with us . 


Very true 🙂


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