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10 Best Adidas Rugby Boots For Soft Ground

ADIDAS Rugby Boots: Best SG Boots 201910 Pairs of Adidas Rugby Boots Which Are Perfect For Soft Ground

Adidas is one of the leading brands when it comes to brilliant rugby boots

So it was hard to narrow it down to just 10 superb rugby boots

But I got there in the end!

There are so many factors that make a pair of rugby boots stand out above all the others

I really believe that I have got this list pretty much perfect

If you think otherwise then I would love to hear which rugby boots you think should be on this list

So leave a comment after looking through what I consider to be the top 10 Adidas Rugby Boots perfect for soft ground that will help you to improve your game!

Forget about your old rugby boots, these Rugby Boots are the future

Adidas Soft Ground Rugby Boots

What Are Soft Ground Rugby Boots?

There is actually a fine line you have to think about when choosing a new pair of rugby boots and it all boils down to what surface and weather you are going to play rugby onMuddy Rugby Players Fighting For The Ball in a Maul

Soft ground boots tend to be more about being lightweight and usually have longer studs to be able to grip onto the soft ground that you will be playing on

But be prepared to get a little muddy!

They will normally have longer studs to be able to grip the soft ground that you might be playing on

And they really need to be able to support your ankles as the soft ground on the field can sometimes be a bit too soft

Just watch this quick video of some nasty ankle breaking rugby sidesteps and turns

Are Adidas Rugby Boots Too Expensive?

Whether you are a back or a forward position in rugby you always do your best for your team and for yourself

And having the top rugby boots of the year can always benefit you

But are you willing to pay the prices they are these days?

Do you really need them that bad?

If it’s a yes then save a little bit of money each week and you will be able to afford them in no time

I personally would save for a decent pair of rugby boots than buy a pair that isn’t going to last you through the season

I’m not saying that the most expensive pairs are always the best but, “You get what you pay for” as the saying goes

Now I have spent hours looking into what I think are the top 10 rugby boots in 2019 so far basing it on durability and what you get for your money

Have you any idea how many rugby boots are out there?

It’s more than one I can tell you now!

Now if you’re ready to see the boots that have been reviewed then let’s get right to it shall we

Top 10 Soft Ground Adidas Rugby Boots

10. ADIDAS Predator Malice

ADIDAS Predator Malice Soft Ground Rugby BootsAdidas Incurza Rugby Boots ReviewCLOSURE – Lace-Up

STUDS –  6 Removable Metal & 5 Fixed Moulded Rubber
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The predator brand has been the best selling rugby boot on the market for a long time now and its no wonder with this good-looking specimen

Being named as “the kickers choice” the adidas predator malice control SG boot is made of synthetic material with a lace-up front and is a very comfortable fit, even if I do say so myself

Pros & Cons of The Predator Malice


  • They have a SPEEDTRAXION stud alignment which will give you a better traction underneath you making those turns and sidesteps even easier and faster.
  • The tiny grips on the front of the boots will ensure you get a precision kick if you need to kick over the posts or have to kick the rugby ball upfield.
  • The whole construction of these boots are made with comfort in mind and with them being so lightweight you will be flying around the rugby pitch quicker than you ever did before.


  • The boots that were sent to me were the blue ones and not the white and gold ones pictured above but it’s not the colour that makes these a great pair of boots.


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9. Adidas Crazyquick Malice

Green & Black Adidas Crazyquick Malice Soft Ground Rugby BootAdidas Predator Rugby Boots UkBootsRugbyCLOSURE – Lace-Up

STUDS – 6 Removable Metal & 5 Moulded Rubber
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With the lace up front and the comfort of a worn-in slipper, you can guarantee to have a great game with these

These boots are made for agility and speed due to the lightweight synthetic upper material and the SPEEDTRAXION outsole

A great pair of rugby boots for the speedsters on the field

Pros & Cons of The Crazyquick Malice


  • The SPEEDTRAXION outsole has a stud alignment that is built to improve the players turns and quick speed on the field.
  • The midfoot and fore foot both have flex zones which not only supports the feet but you still get the flexibility to be able to move how you want to whilst wearing them.
  • They have a slightly raised heel to give you a better sprinting angle instead of them being flat.


  • I’m not a huge fan of the colour of these but the design and durability of the boot is why they deserve to be here and not the colour.


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8. ADIDAS Adipower Kakari

White & Orange Adidas Adipower Kakari Soft Ground Rugby BootAdidas Rugby Boots CrazyquickCLOSURE – Lace-Up

STUDS – 8 Removable Metal & 3 Fixed Moulded Rubber
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With the low cut collar and the super light upper synthetic leather, this kakari model is a sturdy reliable boot that any rugby forward would be happy to wear during a game

The added heel that they have will create that extra raised area which will give you a faster standing start and extra strength & leverage in the scrum area

The studs are quite long on these rugby boots as well which helps the tight 5 to dig into the ground deep and hold their ground in the scrum, maul or rucking over

Pros & Cons of The Adipower Kakari


  • They have a 10mm raised heel to give you a better running angle for speed and to get a better leverage in the scrum.
  • The soft synthetic leather material will give you the comfort that you deserve during a tough rugby match.
  • Where the stud alignment is placed on the boots changes the whole traction you get underneath your feet and that could mean the difference between standing you ground or taking a tumble.


  • The size that I got should have fitted me perfectly but I thought they were a little too tight around the toe area. I have quite wide feet so it might have been better to go 1 or a half size bigger.

Ideal for – ANY FORWARDS

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7. ADIDAS Kakari X Kevlar

Black Adidas Kakari X Kevlar Soft Ground Rugby BootsAdidas Rugby Boots RedCLOSURE – Lace-Up

STUDS – 8 Removable Metal & 3 Fixed Moulded Rubber
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This flashy looking boot looks like its made for a king not for on a muddy field

It has a genuine premier leather upper for improved scrums and forward play

There are more and more rugby boots being made with the new sock construction and some people hate this design but I personally love it as it keeps the mud from getting into your boots

They also have a Kevlar taping right across the top of the boots which gives them even more strength and will hopefully last you a bit longer

Pros & Cons of The Kakari X Kevlar


  • The Kevlar taping across the front of the boots will give the leather added strength which should make them last you longer.
  • The sock construction material will stop the mud going down inside your boots… That is so annoying when that happens!
  • The genuine premium leather that they are made from will ensure that they will last longer than regular synthetic material rugby boots.


  • I think that the 2 molded studs at the back should be a little longer than they are as the 2 metal studs tend to get into the ground deeper than the front ones but it does help when you are in a scrum.

Ideal for – FORWARDS

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6. ADIDAS Incurza XT

Red, White & Black Adidas Incurza XT Soft Ground Rugby Boot


STUDS – 6 Removable Metal & 5 Moulded Rubber
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Great for the wide feet amongst us with its raised 3D puff print it is an easy boot to break in and great for kicking (the rugby ball not the opposition )

Its thick heel gives your feet an angle for a better running experience and added with the TRAXION 2.0 SG stud configuration you will be able to pick up a decent bit of speed while you are wearing them

Pros & Cons of The Incurza XT


  • They have an asymmetrical lacing on the front which will give you a much larger kicking area.
  • The hybrid TRAXION 2.0 SG stud configuration has both removable metal studs and moulded TPU rubber studs to ensure you have the best traction on the pitch.
  • They are made with a performance synthetic leather material on the upper which is both lightweight and durable.


  • I would prefer them in various colours instead of just red.


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5. ADIDAS Kakari Light

Blue, White & Black Adidas Kakari Light Soft Ground Rugby BootAdidas Rugby Boots Size 12CLOSURE – Lace-Up

STUDS – 6 Removable Metal & 5 Moulded Rubber
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This kakari model is one of the lightest with a super light upper leather and low cut collar it is great for fast-paced positions

They have a 10mm raised heel for a faster acceleration whilst running with the ball which could make all the difference to your overall gameplay

And the genuine leather toe box and the sprintframe sole makes them quite a tough pair of rugby boots and lightweight at the same time

The Kakari Light boots certainly are one of the best pair of rugby boots I have worn to date

Pros & Cons of The Kakari Light


  • The genuine leather and sprintframe sole makes they both durable and lightweight so they should last you quite a while.
  • They have a raised heel to improve your sprinting speed with the angle that they will create for you.
  • The low cut collar gives your ankles more freedom to move which should make those sidesteps even easier.


  • I genuinely couldn’t find any issues with these rugby boots apart from one of the metal studs kept coming out but I must have had a faulty pair.


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4. ADIDAS Predator Flare

Purple Adidas Predator Flare Soft Ground Rugby BootAdidas High Top Rugby BootsCLOSURE – Lace-Up

STUDS – 11 Moulded Rubber
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This high sock boot helps you maintain control in the rain and mud and delivers speed and lightweight stability

The synthetic upper material is flexible and comfortable which makes it feel like you are just wearing a pair of slippers

If you are a fan of rugby boots with ankle support like these predator flare then these are going to be the best choice for you

Pros & Cons of The Predator Flare


  • The flexible and comfortable upper material will ensure that you play every rugby game like you are playing in a pair of slippers.
  • They have a thin layer of tiny dots on the upper material for a better grip when you have to kick the ball away from danger.
  • They have support tapes across the front of them which will give you the extra support whilst playing a tough game of rugby.


  • Not many people are fans of rugby boots with the sock support as they feel like they are going to fall off easily, this isn’t the case at all

Ideal for – BACKS

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3. ADIDAS Kakari Force

Green & Black Adidas Kakari Force Soft Ground Rugby BootAdidas Malice Elite Rugby BootsCLOSURE – Lace-Up

STUDS – 8 Removable Metal & 3 Moulded Rubber
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The big brother of the adipower, it has all the benefits that the adipower has

But with the added bonus of a sock-like fit and a guaranteed no slip in scrums with the long studs that they have

If there’s 1 pair of rugby boots with long studs that you have to get, let it be the Adidas Kakari Force today

Pros & Cons of The Kakari Force


  • The longer studs means that if you are in the front row of a scrum you will be able to get a bigger grip on the ground and hopefully win the scrum.
  • They have a sock like fit to stop any mud and dirt getting into your boots which can be quite annoying during gameplay.
  • The tough genuine leather upper is surprisingly flexible and very durable so that if anyone steps on your feet during a scrum your feet will be more than protected.


  • The green solar system looking colours of these boots isn’t really my cup of tea but I suppose you will stand out more.

Ideal for – FRONT ROW

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2. ADIDAS AW16 Crazyquick Malice

Red Adidas AW16 Crazyquick Malice Soft Ground Rugby BootCLOSURE – Lace-Up

STUDS – 6 Removable Metal & 5 Moulded Rubber
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A stunning looking boot I personally think and it does what it says on the tin

With its flexible front foot, it is made for the speedsters of the team as it is lightweight and flexible to make running with the ball so much easier

You can get this with either a low collar or a sock fit in this style of boots whatever works best for you then you won’t be disappointed with the overall performance of these AW16 Crazyquick Malice Rugby Boots

Pros & Cons of The AW16 Crazyquick Malice


  • You have a choice between the low cut or sock liner boot which gives everyone options as to what they prefer to wear.
  • They have small dotted grips all over the upper for a better traction whilst kicking the rugby ball.
  • The durable and flexible upper material will both keep you light on your feet and be able to take a beating on the pitch.


  • There have been complaints about how the rubber moulded studs wear down to easily but after wearing them myself for over a year I haven’t come across that problem.


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1. ADIDAS FF80 Pro 2.0 XTRX

Yellow & Black Adidas FF80 Pro 2.0 XTRX Soft Ground Rugby Boot


STUDS – 7 Removable Metal
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And now to what I would recommend as the best soft ground rugby boots that are going to improve your game tremendously

Unlike most boots here they only have a small amount of removable metal studs but what they lack in studs they make up with the HybridTouch synthetic leather upper material which is flexible, durable, comfortable and lightweight

And like a few rugby boots here, they also have a 10 mm raised heel on them so that they will give you a better angle when you want to start a sprint holding that ball

Pros & Cons of The FF80 Pro 2.0 XTRX


  • If you play as a back-row forward in rugby then you are going to get a pair of rugby boots that will suit every need that you have whilst playing in that position with these boots.
  • The HybridTouch synthetic leather upper will give you a comfortable and flexible feel with your feet in these boots.
  • They only have a few screw-in studs but you will be surprised how much control the outsole will give you and still feel like a natural fitted rugby boot.


  • There is only 7 metal studs but that doesn’t mean you won’t get a great traction beneath your feet.


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Final Conclusion

I have only given you the 10 that I think make the cut

It doesn’t mean that they are definitely the best there is so don’t quote me on this

Do you have a favourite Adidas Rugby Boot?

I would love to know what you think so please feel free to join in the conversation below if there are any Adidas rugby boots that you think that should be in the top 10

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25 comments on “Adidas Rugby Boots

Really helpful and thorough review. Thanks for sharing. I like the idea of personalised boots – my son is already nagging me now that he’s seen that! Thanks again. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to reviewing your other posts.


Thanks buddy, yes personalized boots just give it that edge on other boots, it certainly adds charecter to them that’s for sure!


Hey interesting review! I do have a pair of old predators which are my pride and joy but they’re getting old and could do with an upgrade! I really like the look of the Adidas karaki light, it looks fantastic and I like it when the boots that lightweight that it feels like I am floating!


I used to love my predators aswel but they have long gone to the boot


I appreciate how you broke down the types of rugby shoe by position played. My nephew is starting high school and is trying out for Rugby, never played before. Will share your article so they have some more knowledge about the important shoe buying research. They’ll be excited to know that they can personalize their shoe too!


Your nephew is going to love playing rugby, I know my 4 boys do.
Make sure you take a look at what rugby equipment they will need here in one of my other posts and wish your nephew the very best of luck from me 🙂

michel repluk

Wow what an amazing breakdown of some fantastic Rugby shoes. I actually stumbled on your post by accident and as coincidence would have it my Nephew is highly interested ion the sport.

I will discuss with his mother and save your article for her.



Hello shwni ,No doubt Adidas is a popular brand and widely known by almost all and sundry for quality and good will.I salute your effort at reviewing Adidas SG rugby boots- top 10 of 2017.Your post just unearth the appropriate models for different purposes


I must admit, Matt, my son played a bit of rugby in his early senior school years, but he hasn’t pursuit this sport as he opted for boxing instead. But, oh my goodness, call me out of touch, but I never realised rugby boots could be this expensive!
I expect your review will turn very handy to proud parents of committed rugby players, with the option of cheaper deals for each model you suggest. Excellent idea, well done!


This is great I have a family member who plans on playing rugby when he comes back from the army. I will be sure to bookmark and send this link to him when I get the chance. Thanks so much for this top ten.

Juan Zayas

Excellent review and breakdown of the shoes Shwni. I don’t watch rugby, but I can see your love and passion for the game. American football is my favorite sport but I would never argue that rugby is a more physical sport than American football. Those guys are tough as nails. Nothing for respect for those guys.


I have never watched a game of american football but i think ill take a look to see what all the fuss is about

Shane Fegan

The options for sporting attire, whether it be boots, rugby uniforms, etc.

It is important to source correctly fitting boots where possible as the contour they provide to your feet can prevent injury and assist athletic performance.

I am a fan of the Kakari lights personally, but a lot depends on the weather conditions that prevail as well, long vs short stud, etc.


The Kakari Light rugby boots are a great choice 


Thanks for sharing this blog about the best rugby boots in the market. I just knew what rugby boots are but am not aware of the types until I read your blog. It’s a good detailed review that is useful in guiding your readers to decide which one is best suited depending on style and ground they will be playing. Sometimes it’s not about the price but it’s about the quality.


Spot on Gillian 🙂


Hi Shwni, my little brother is super into rugby. He’s only 12 but it would mean a world to his to get Adidas Rugby boots he can train in and flash them around.

Do these boots come in smaller sizes as well? And if they do, which one would you recommend for an enthusiastic boy who plays rugby in and after school?




Yes, you can get all these boots in different sizes and I would recommend the Adidas Adipower Kakari for your 12 year old brother,  he would love them


It’s a thorough list of top 10 you’ve created here. It will be handy for me when I need to get new shoes for my kid. I bought cheaper ones last season, so this year I’ll have to get more expensive ones to make sure they last and fit well. I didn’t realise some were made for soft ground and others hard ground. Thanks for pointing that out to us novice footy mums that still have to learn more and get our heads around the finer details of the shoes. They are super important after all! I appreciate that you’ve also listed which position each shoe would suit. I also hadn’t thought of that, so again, thanks for educating me. My kid should be better equipped with a more appropriate show now! 


My pleasure, these Adidas Rugby Boots will actually work to play Football / Soccer also so your son will love any of these


I live and come from a rugby crazed country and every child born here has this in their dna lol. We take credit for having ‘the’ best all time rugby team in the world and other countries dream to play them one day hahaha! Here’s a hint as to who they are… they were ‘black’ on the field and have a silver fern on their jersey!!! Now that I have had my day … what a great article! Who doesn’t love adidas. Such quality, longevity and style. Every kid in the country wants to own a pair of adidas sport shoes. The soft ground boots sound like the perfect boot type for our grounds here in Aotearoa as rugby season here is usually very wet and the grounds are always soft as a result. I’m going to bookmark this site for next year. The rugby season here is almost over but will needs boots for 3 rugby playing grandsons for next year of course.


There’s only one greatest rugby team ever in my eyes… Wales, lol but the All Black’s are a rugby team that has inspired the whole world with their talents on the field

I’m sure your grandson’s will love any of these boots ready for their next season


Rugby is a sport similar to soccer or even football, like here in America. I’m thinking Rugby is a sport popular in England, right? I see the special cleated shoes, and boots on your site and other sportswear tied to the game. I need to understand the rules of Rugby. I see a lot of mud is splashed everywhere on the players.

I’d love to sit in the stadium in Liverpool and watch the players. All the arguing and fighting, the players roughing it up with each other and just players having fun. There should be more games played like this in the mud and dirt.


There is hardly any fighting at rugby games, you are thinking about football or soccer if you are from the US 


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