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Adidas Malice Rugby Boots

2019 adidas malice rugby boots review

Adidas Malice Rugby Boots Reviewed

Black and red adidas malice control rugby boot
Breathable & Lightweight Upper Material

Adidas are masters when it comes to creating awesome sports boots

So it is no wonder that the Adidas Malice Rugby Boots have been a favourite pair of a lot of rugby players for a long time now

And that is purely down to the style and comfort that they give you

There are many different variations of these in the Adidas Predator range but for price and durability you will not be disappointed

This quick review of them will help you understand if they are the right rugby boots for you

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The main structure of the Predator Malice is purely based on your kick accuracy with its asymmetric lacing put in place to give you a larger sweet spot for precision kicks

With the new and updated predator technology, it can ensure your kicking has more control, power and swerve in any weather conditions

Side view of an adidas malice control rugby boot
Cool Looking Malice Design on The Side

As an added bonus these boots are made with the non-stop grip tech improving the control of the ball making you able to make that ball fly where you want it to

The underside of the boot involves the sprintframe which will help you with traction and stability whilst keeping the level of your speed and movement to its max

It also has a 10mm raised heel which helps to reduce injuries and starts you off in an aggressive starting position giving you that edge on the opposition

Who Are These Rugby Boots For?

Outsole view of an adidas malice rugby boot
Hybrid Stud Configuration

ClothingIdeal for any of the back players who drive the team on especially for the fly-half looking to kick their team to a glorious victory

If you are that player then they are definitely for you and who knows how much more you will be able to achieve whilst wearing them

Pros & Cons of The Adidas Malice Rugby Boots


  • A stunning looking pair of boots that not only look awesome but feel comfortable every time you wear them like you have been wearing them all your life.
  • The tiny grips all over the front of the boot will mean that you will have accurate and precision kicking which could make all the difference if you are under pressure in your own half.
  • Adidas has always been one of the leaders in creating outstanding rugby boots and these¬†boots are no exception so you can be assured that you are getting a quality pair of rugby boots.
  • The Hybrid stud configuration will give any back player the grip they need to be able to put a few sidesteps around the opposition. see how to make a rugby sidestep in this great explanation from

Or Watch This Short Video by Rugby 7s Magazine


  • As most sporting boots are always a bit overpriced and not affordable for everyone Adidas has done the same with these rugby boots but I can honestly say that they really do give you what you pay for.

Quick Overview

  1. Product: Adidas Predator Malice Control Rugby Boots
  2. Colours: Black/Red
  3. Ideal For: Back Players, Fly-Halves, Kickers
  4. Ground Type: Soft Ground (SG)
  5. My Verdict: 8/10

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Final Thoughts on These Boots

Top view of a black and red adidas malice rugby boot
Asymmetrical Lacing System

I have to say I much prefer the built-in sock version of this boot but they are like wearing slippers as they are so light and comfy

I’ve worn some really great rugby boots in the past but nothing quite like this.


Before You go

Have you had any experience wearing these adidas rugby boots?

Or can you recommend a better pair of soft ground boots which you think should get a mention?

Just let everyone know below in the comment section to see what other options are out there for rugby players

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2 comments on “Adidas Malice Rugby Boots


Awesome boots. I have always liked Adidas. The sock version is so great isn’t it, feels like sitting at home in your slippers.

Thanks for the post.


I love the sock version as it feels much more comfortable


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