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4-Day Workout Routine

4-day workout routine build muscle fast

4-Day Workout Routine: Bulk up to Play Rugby4-day workout routine to get bigger muscles

4-Day Workout Routine

It can be hard getting into a routine of exercising, can’t it?

The fact that you have come here to find the best 4-day workout routine means that you are serious to get the body you have always dreamed of

And I don’t mean for you to pay for muscle implants to get that extra body mass

Looking at the size of professional rugby players today it’s no wonder the up and coming stars want to bulk up to be able to compete with them

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it takes hard work and dedication to get to the top of your game so eating right and weight training is key to getting you there


Eating SensibleA big red cross over an unhealthy kebab

It’s no good eating junk food to get bigger like pies and burgers and hot dogs

That’s just called getting fat

Get some protein, veg and good carbs down your neck!

Proteins such as fish, lean meats, nuts, eggs and protein powder.

And good carbs such as sweet potatoes, white potatoes, fruits, quinoa and 100% wholemeal bread

And veg such as…..well, you remember vegetables, don’t you?

It’s those green things that your parents used to force you to eat

Anyway, check out how you can eat good and feel great here!

Don’t Just Get Big, Get Fit

I have done a lot of research and found the best 4-day workout routine for beginners so you can build up those muscles fast at home

And as long as you stick to it you will see the improvements in your muscle mass in no time and be halfway to becoming the rugby star you have always wanted to be1.25kg dumbbell

Before I start with the routine I want to give you a few tips on exercising

Because as well as bulking up you still want to keep your fitness levels up to scratch so when you’re on the rugby field looking like a man mountain or a huge freak of nature

You can still keep up with the game without throwing up or passing out.

I have a post all about easy fitness routines where you can incorporate them into this 4-day workout routine however and whenever you would like


Your Own Equipment For The 4-Day Fitness Routine

I know it’s great down your local gym but…

What’s more local than your own home?

All you have to do is get out of bed and your very own gym equipment is there for you to use free of charge

After you have bought it of course…

But then it’s yours for life or until your girlfriend or wife gets pregnant then you have to make room for the babies stuff


Before You Start

Different sized free weights
Choose the right weight for you

You have to make sure you have the correct weights so you can be able to lift them

It’s no good going straight for the weights that you struggle to put on the bar in the first place

Start off with a comfortable weight so you can get into the routine and then progress as you go along.

Do a practice run with light weights and then start your routine

You don’t need much equipment for this routine that I have put together but you will be using it regularly

So make sure it’s good quality exercise equipment

You can, if you want, change a few exercises to suit your capabilities but don’t change them too much

Also, make sure you have everything set up beforehand so you are not trying to do it all during the workout routine


What Equipment You Need to Get Started

  • Dumbbells: With your preferred weight on
  • Kettlebells: The weight you are comfortable with
  • Long barbell: With your preferred weight on
  • A Pull-up Bar: Either fixed or the doorway one is fine

Doing more sets with heavier weights is better than doing more reps


Here we go With The Routine

Day 1. Arms

Man doing bicep curls with dumbbells
Day 1: Arms Muscle Training
  • 4 x 8 Close grip curls with barbell 
  • 4 x 8 Wide grip curls with barbell
  • 4 x 8 curls each arm with dumbbells
  • 4 x 8 behind the head tricep press with dumbbells using both arms

Check out this post by healthyliving on how to properly do a Tricep Curl

Day 2. Shoulders

3 Stages of a shoulder press with a kettle-bell
Day 2: Shoulder Muscle Training
  • 4 x 8 shoulder press with a barbell: hands shoulder-width apart lifting above your head and down to your chest
  • 4 x 8 shoulder press with a barbell: hands wide grip on the bar lifting above your head and down to your chest
  • 4 x 8 kettlebell lifts above the head from your chest: each arm


Day 3. Legs

man doing a lunge with a pair of dumbbells in his hands
Day 3: Leg Muscle Training
  • 4 x 8 Deadlifts With a Barbell – Hold the barbell down by your waist in both hands and slowly drop down by bending your knees until the bar touches your shins while keeping your back straight
  • 4 x 8 Calf Lifts With a Barbell – Stand with the barbell like you would ready to shoulder press with it down by your waist and simply go up onto your tiptoes keeping your body straight
  • 4 x 8 Dumbbell Lunges or Kettlebells – See the image to the right to properly perform a lunge and alternate legs each time you lunge


Day 4. Pull Ups And Chin Ups

man doing pull-ups on a pull-up bar
An alternative way to do a pull-up

I’m not going to tell you how many to do here but I want you to push yourself to see how many you can do

I find doing either the pull-ups or chin-ups is the best form of building muscle mass and strength in your upper body and arms

Pull-Ups – Hands on the bar with the palms facing away from you and slightly wider than your shoulder width

Chin-Ups – Hands on the bar with the palms facing towards you keeping them shoulder width apart

You should be doing this regularly!

Go on, keep trying to beat how many you can do each time

And Repeat

Once you have completed the 4 days and are ready to go round again add a bit more weight and increase your sets by either 1 or 2 sets depending on how you feel

And Relax (or not)

Now you can either have a rest day here or you can use this day to keep fit

Why not have a go at this 5-minute fat-blasting workout by the legend Shaun T

Do you think you could manage it?


Don’t overdo it though, if you need that break just take it and start fresh the next day but make sure you stick to the workout routine and you will soon be taking down the biggest player on the rugby field


☆☆Bonus Work Out Routine With a Medicine Ball☆☆

Medicine Balls

Rugby is a game of endurance, but also bursts and explosive energy

Two people throwing medicine balls above their heads against a brick wall
Medicine Ball Exercises

For that, use a soft medicine ball somewhere like a basketball court, throw it as hard as you can, then sprint right after

You can also use them standing near a doorway and throw them sideways against the wall and catch to work on rotational movement

Similar to the picture on the right but stand still and keep moving your body left and right to catch the ball either side of the doorway

You can do this as well as, or instead of any of the exercise routines show above

I personally would add it to the ones you are doing already


Keep up The Good Work

Always remember that persistence is a virtue, never give up on your dreams of becoming the rugby player that you have always dreamed of being Click To Tweet

This training is more for bulking muscle than anything so if you want a 4-day workout routine to get ripped instead

Start off by using a slightly heavier weight than you normally would at first then finish off your last set with a small amount of weight and double your reps

I hope that you stick to this routine to build muscle fast and let me know how you get on with it or if there’s anything you would add or change

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28 comments on “4-Day Workout Routine


The idea of working out on a regular basis can be daunting.

Your workout seems simple yet challenging.

I am going to seriously give this a try and see what happens.



Great stuff Clyde, let me know how you do 🙂


I LOVED the day-by-day instructions you gave! So simple yet challenging!
I just recently got introduced to a wall ball! Me and a couple of my girlfriends squatted, stood up, tossed it to another friend, catch and repeat…hope that makes sense.
Anyways…I’m definitely not loooking to bulk up, but I loved your article, nonetheless!


Hi renae yes it does make sense, the medicine ball is a really good workout exercise working on both strength and fitness and you should keep it in your routine whenever possible. If you need an alternative though just let me know and I will be glad to help 🙂


I can see how regularly doing these exercises will improve your strength. I do not understand why it is four days. In a seven day week, this would be difficult to keep track. Is there a way to do this 6 days a week with one day off?


Of course Edith, if you left out just one of the sets out of the first 3 days you could do those on the 5th and Utah days with some pull ups or chin ups.
Let me know if that works for you 🙂


Hi, Shwni!

Thanks for this workout routine! I was looking for a workout in order to lose a couple of pounds. I’ll start doing it from tomorrow! Cheers!


My pleasure Andrei hope it works for you


Wow! This is great, thanks for the routine and the advice. I will definitely look into it. I believe you when you say eating is key also. That is a big part. Thanks again.


Your welcome Rob, stick to the routine and you will do great good luck

Manasir Akshan

Shwni – Excellent post and was more rich in content. I always need to build up muscle and this site has given me good tips to get it done at home by saving my gym money. I also liked the foods mentioned for protein on top of the article I will follow those foods and will try to get fit for my play, But is there any particular food that we need to avoid during this phase? Thanks Mana


Foods that are high in fat, salt and sugar aren’t great for you during this process but a small amount is fine, also avoid large consumptions of alcohol if you can and good luck

JR Andrade

Hi Shwni, great and informative article. It was actually a great reminder for me to jumpstart my long-delayed workout routine plan. I used to have a routine before but work and family life took over that I missed taking care of myself. I guess I was brought to your article to make me realize that it’s about time. Great timing. Great article. Thanks for this.


My pleasure, yes family does take over a little but you can always do less of what I have shown when you have some free time. Good luck getting started back

Gary De La Cruz

Hello Mathew

Congratulations on an awesome website, easy to follow, lots of visuals, great content and the visitor can easily see that you know your stuff, well done, I have your website bookmarked.

All the best


Thank you very much Gary for those kind words! I’m really pleased you liked it


Great read and routine! Thank you for sharing this with us.

I believe I will try to implement some of these exercises in to my own routine. However, I did have a question about your thoughts on cardio days? I understand that the medicine ball routine is an explosive source for cardio, but are there any other cardio routines that I could do with the equipment used for your routine? Such as a HIIT weight session? Just to help with burning the excess fat during the bulk so that I can be sure I am only put on lean muscle while keeping my endurance up to par. Any advice would be helpful and I would definitely recommend others to your routine.



Hi Cody I have a post here on my website about easy fitness routines that you can do at home that you might want to take a look at, if it’s not what you were looking for just let me know and I will find an alternative you can use, thanks for your comment and I look forward to hearing back from you. Cheers


This is a great post on exercising with a time budget. I have invested in a “home gym”, a pull-up and dip station, a mat, and an adjustable dumbbell. It is amazing how much you can do with so little. In fact, push-ups are one of my favorite exercises and although I use a mat, you don’t need to invest any money to do them! Kudos mate!


thanks nik, yes you’re right to get fit it doesn’t need to be that expensive that’s all you need is a few pieces of equipment and the drive to keep on doing it regular.

Keep up the good work 


Great post! I love building muscle it makes me feel strong and healthy 🙂 I totally agree with you- master the current weights before moving to higher weights, focus on correct form etc. What I am going to start doing is actually 1 day per week less reps but heavier (so instead of doing 4×15 of 10lb bicep curls I am going to work on doing 3×6 of 25lb bicep curls)… I haven’t actually tried this yet so I will see how it goes!!!


That sounds great! Let me know how you do ok 🙂


Wow, this looks like a great workout routine. I think that I will try it. As an athlete, I am always looking to improve. Above all else, it is critical to challenge yourself. You only grow through throwing out the old and giving your body something new to work with. I am going to add this to my workout routine. Thank you for sharing these exercises.


Glad I could help. If you don’t challenge yourself everyday, how will you get better at life?


lol, the beginning made me laugh because my husband is always trying to say he’s getting ‘buff’ but he’s really getting, well ‘fat’tier. Then my response is always, you’re not getting buff your putting on too much fat and need to exercise, lol. Idk, its a lot of people that think that way though. I’m going to try these. I like a good calisthenic workout too. Do you have any suggestions?

Also, as far as weights go, have you tried…I think it’s Bowflex? The weight system that is just the two barbells and you snap on and off the weights so it’s just the one. If you’ve tried it, what are your thoughts on it?
Thanks for sharing,


I always say that the best exercise for yourself is the one you feel most comfortable with and not what other people prefer to do.


I know you have said this is good for people wanting to bulk up to play rugby. I was wondering if these would be good exercises for me? I am currently losing weight but want to build some muscle to burn calories faster. Would these exercise be ok for me or would they bulk me up – I just want the “fit” look?


If you just lower the reps and use less weight than I have shown then that will be great to tone your muscles rather than bulk up.


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